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Great review Charlie, very well written and informative. :) #1
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I'm a bit skeptical about the spawn fixes, but anything's got to be better than what we had. #1
A quick look at The Vita Lounge will tell you it isn't. #5
How did this one slip by? #2
It starts in July, but yes. #1.2.1
Yes, they did. #8.1
That's the way to be - you'll never run out of games to play! #4.1
I want it all, an endless stream of smaller games is only a piece of the puzzle. #21
Yeah, it's super "indie" how I'm playing Monster Monpiece, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Killzone Mercenary and Hot Shots Golf daily...

People who don't have a Vita are real butt-hurt. At least I have a 3DS - it just sits in the corner 'til another decent Pokemon or Mario comes out while I play my 65+ Vita games. #20.1.1
Sorry, I can't hear you over all these games I'm playing on Vita. #20
Thank you Milestone/Bandai Namco! #2
I tend to agree ruefrak, it's likely the PS4 version was simply easier to get working properly and therefore it got finished first.

Shahid simply thought the Vita announcement was early (especially since it was so brief) and went along with the announcement. Then whoever wrote the post backstepped and fixed the post, and he had to retract.

This is all speculation mind you, but makes sense given that Shahid would almost certainly know if the game was com... #9.1
It's too bad that you think that way, and I feel bad you're not going to enjoy your Vita any more. Do the people who will enjoy it a favour and sell it for cheap on the internet, so someone who isn't a "give me AAA exclusives" gamer can enjoy it and you can get some of your investment back for whatever else you want to do with your time instead.

There's well over 100 games in the pipeline that we /know/ about (I've got a list) and more than enoug... #1.1.3
I'd buy a Vita phone in a minute. #2.3
Thank you for writing this Brad, so much out of context hate going on right now! #1
How can you not love Atlus, especially if you're a Vita owner. They're just the best =D #1.2
I was glad to see they added release windows for the other regions, now they don't have to sit and wonder if it's even coming. #1.1
BigFest looks really good. :) #1
To be fair, it was pretty brief - however I think that it's easier to ignore these quick announcements and complain than to acknowledge them and keep quiet. #2.1
I completely agree - now if only they'd advertise the games and system... #1.1
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