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"If you are a fan of Sony's PlayStation Vita check out thevitalounge.net for news and reviews!"


Of course, there'll be an update to this list periodically - new games are still coming out you know ;) #1.1.1
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A great list, but I have a feeling it's going to change a bit next round. =J #1
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Still a better controller than a DS3. #3.1.2
You can already use a DS4 with PlayStation TV, you just can't buy them together at the moment. #3.1
This was a good episode. :) #1
Oh man, I'd play it! This game was awesome when I was younger. =) #2
Wow, was that an article about a spoiled child who wants everything for free after paying $50 a year (14 cents a day), and wants it right now or what? I think that's called a temper tantrum, but I can't be sure. ;)

While PlayStation Plus could certainly be better (what service couldn't?), it's more than worth the $50 a year for anyone with half a brain and a few minutes to spare. Hell, you could take any 30 day period from the last year and I've probably s... #1
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A 4.5? Wow, I guess I'm going to have to tag this one for later! #1
Like anything, it'll probably be down to preference. #1.1
Awesome review! #1
You do know you can send a signal around the ENTIRE Earth (following the equator all the way around to the same point) in 0.13* seconds right?

How much lag do you think there'll be when the server farms are in your own country? An imperceptible amount if your internet connection can keep up. #2.1.1
I'm thinking the writer of the story doesn't know how much about tech.

A properly set up PSVita and router/connection combo does perfect remote play over long distances, which is the same thing as PlayStation Now only you're using their servers instead of your own PS3/PS4.

I hope you have a good quality knife and fork for that hat - then again he'll probably just set it up wrong and write another story about how "right" he is. #2
Whichever mod/admin edited my post, you've just cut out half the information... #7
Great Episode. #2
Some kid pokes another kid's eye out in 3...2...1... #2
FIFA 15: Cutoffyourownleg-acy Edition. #2
What is this, tag everything Vita day? Second post I've seen with an improper Vita tag in the last 5 minutes of browsing. #1
Why is there a Vita tag on this? The content referenced (and the game) are strictly PS4. #1
Answer to the title of the article; because it's awesome.

Any negatives you can find regarding the Vita are overpowered by the positives, it's just a great console with great games. #1
All of the boob physics attempts shown here are horrible. #6
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