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"If you are a fan of Sony's PlayStation Vita check out thevitalounge.net for news and reviews!"


Poor Liam... haha #1
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Pfft, that's not a list of Vita games...

This is;
http://thevitalounge.net/fo... #5
Time to try the demo, 'cause I was kind of interested in this 'til I read the review. #5
Very clever with that title, Paul. ;) #1
February is looking like a pretty stacked month already, and that's not even looking at stealth releases we're sure to get. #1
Very well said! #7
It may be misogynistic, but it's fun as fuck!

Now where's my bubble gum... #1
58 and counting, and my backlog is probably the same! lol #1
This is old news, they've been selling "second hand" 64 GB memory cards for a while via importing. They do it here in Canada at EBGames too. #2

Love OlliOlli and can't wait for this! #1
I agree, January's usually pretty dim but this one looks pretty enticing overall.

You also have to remember we're only looking at the "knowns" here - everyone who pays attention knows that PSVita games like to play it stealth with announcements the month, week, or even day of release. #4.1
Oh buddy, this will likely be my next rhythm purchase. :)

(After I finish PDf, that is) #1
AKA; the "misleading title of the year" award winner. #1
Old news is old. #1
Good thing Arc System Works always neglects to release their Vita titles in Canada or I might have picked this up. Thanks for warning me, Brad. :) #2
Damn, that audio quality went way up this time. :) #1
It's my primary console, so no - it's not. #4
That's it Sony, make the kids want it and the parent buy it...<<tents fingers like Mr. Burns>> Excellent. #6
Yep, I got excited and then let down hard. :( #1.1
Driveclub isn't a bad game either.

It was feature-incomplete at launch due to the online additions being broken, but even as an offline racing sim it's fantastic. #2
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