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Great article. :) #1
Do you not remember the PSP? PSP games didn't top out at $40 and went all the way to $60 on a regular basis. There have been less than 5 single release Vita games launched at over $40 in the US. #3.1.2
Memory card prices are a necessary evil as they take on nearly the full cost of Sony's DRM solution. Basically, instead of offering hardcore unique DRM on every title you download to your Vita, they've gone for a hardware option - reducing game prices (that why they cap around $40) but making the memory card more expensive as it's custom.

While memory card prices do "suck" from a buyer standpoint, I'd much rather an $80 purchase of a 64GB once than... #3.1
Well it IS a modified USB connector, so I don't know why anyone would think it was for anything but plugging in cables/accessories - you know, like it's labelled as in the manual (look for the words "accessory port"). #6
I've just finished this on Vita, and though I enjoyed a lot of the systems and little things you had to figure out along the way, it seemed like it either ran too long or (on the flip side) didn't have enough elements to keep me from getting bored between the introduction of new mechanics.

I'd have probably given it a 7-7.5, but that's just me. #4
Liam is the worst. #1
Time to jump back in! #1
Put away your children, The Vita Cast episode 69 is here! #1
Finally! I remember when TVL posted the teaser trailer, lol. #2
Just waiting for Bamco to announce the localization - it's pretty much a guarantee we'll see it over here and has been for a while.

Put your feet up guys; if you wait, it will come. #3
I know whatever they do, it'll be fantastic; this is one team I trust not to eff up. :) #2
The Roll 7 guys are awesome, I've had talks with quite a few of them and they're ridiculously down to earth and approachable. Great team of people. #2
It's all about timing, Paul! Train yourself to have faster reflexes ;) #2.1
Yes, you do. Come at my scores! :) #1.1
I was expecting a score like this after watching Tyler stream it the other day. :) #1
Poor Liam... haha #1
Pfft, that's not a list of Vita games...

This is;
http://thevitalounge.net/fo... #5
Time to try the demo, 'cause I was kind of interested in this 'til I read the review. #5
Very clever with that title, Paul. ;) #1
February is looking like a pretty stacked month already, and that's not even looking at stealth releases we're sure to get. #1
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