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"If you are a fan of Sony's PlayStation Vita check out for news and reviews!"


The eight ways were meant to be good for everyone, and while cheaper memory cards are good for us they aren't so great for PlayStation.

I wanted the list to be reasonable, not outrageous or demanding. ^_^ #1.1
Looks like fun. :) #1
Such an awesome month. :) #1
As the review states, this game spoils bits from both other games - so you're going to want to play them first. ;) #3.1
Good idea. ;) #2.1
Pfft, screw the norm. Let your otaku flag fly!

I play my Vita anywhere and everywhere. #1
Such a good episode, was a blast to record. :) #1
There's been a lot of "so hard, but so good" games on Vita lately, but this one looks unique enough to warrant a buy. :) #1
I'll admit it... I'm addicted (and I suck at it). #1
Guess who's back in charge... ;) #1
Far more than 100 games are coming; #26
...did you even read anything in the article?

These sales are unadvertised, which happens to make this the exact opposite of what you're accusing them of.

Good job. #1.1.1
Technically two - this and Ronin are the only fresh Vita announcements from the conference (Crossing Souls and the end montage games were already known). #7.1
Vita games aren't generally announced at conferences - they're announced every day.

Here's a list of coming games;

You can't really say the Vita doesn't get love, but you can sure say it doesn't get much at these big events (or from Sony in the West). #3.2
I've got well over 100 friends, and multiplayer works fine. :) #1.1.2
I tested 'er thoroughly, and couldn't find a single thing wrong other than that occasional startup hang. Whatever problems there were with the PS4 version have (thankfully) not made the jump to Vita. :) #1.1
Thanks, Nonscpo! :) #1.1
It's the Vita Cast, aside from Tyler's bitching it's always awesome. haha. #1.1
Great article. :) #1
Do you not remember the PSP? PSP games didn't top out at $40 and went all the way to $60 on a regular basis. There have been less than 5 single release Vita games launched at over $40 in the US. #3.1.2
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