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"If you are a fan of Sony's PlayStation Vita check out thevitalounge.net for news and reviews!"


Old news is old. #1
Good thing Arc System Works always neglects to release their Vita titles in Canada or I might have picked this up. Thanks for warning me, Brad. :) #2
Damn, that audio quality went way up this time. :) #1
It's my primary console, so no - it's not. #4
That's it Sony, make the kids want it and the parent buy it...<<tents fingers like Mr. Burns>> Excellent. #6
Yep, I got excited and then let down hard. :( #1.1
Driveclub isn't a bad game either.

It was feature-incomplete at launch due to the online additions being broken, but even as an offline racing sim it's fantastic. #2
Woo! Reviews-a-palooza! :) #1
Man, I really need to play this game more... #1
Best listener mail ever. #1
Thanks, Ty! #1.1
Looks like I'll be looking for this one on sale. #4
Oh look, a very late click-bait article. #11
You definitely should, I've spent $58 with tax on the physical edition and another $18 on DLC - and I couldn't be happier with what I've got out of it so far in fun. =) #1.1
ADIDAS; All day I dream about sinning. ;) #1
What a liar, you're totally a tire. =D #1
Despite the issues, I still want one. =P #4
Of course, there'll be an update to this list periodically - new games are still coming out you know ;) #1.1.1
A great list, but I have a feeling it's going to change a bit next round. =J #1
Still a better controller than a DS3. #3.1.2
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