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This review coming from a website that has "we recommend: Kate Middleton topless photos" as a link at the bottom.

And they called BL2 crude?

Love the irony of this pretty lame review.

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This game is incredible. So effing addicting.

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Halo 4 on election day is pure genius since an embarrassingly low % of the US actually bothers to vote during elections.

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Love him or hate him, I think he is 100% right with his comments.

I think A vocal minority is pushing their agenda and Bioware/EA "giving in" will just fuel future vocal minorities trying to change various aspects of games they don't like.

I am all for making better games, I am all for giving constructive feedback and criticism, and for listening to fan feedback (Bioware leads the way here), but it is a slippery slope.

Fans of ...

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Never buy another Bioware title again? Didn;t all the Bioware fans say that after they bought Dragon Age 2? I am sure you will say the same thing again after Mass Effect 4.

The funny thing is, isn;t the point of people like you speaking up against the ending a way to get Bioware to MAKE BETTER GAMES. Why give feedback if you never plan to buy another Bioware game again?

Stop being silly.

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If that is the writer (or not), I pretty much agree with everything he said. The ending was not so bad (I like the intellectual ending), but instead the lack of personalization to your actual choices made it lack.

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The ending was TERRIBLE. It ruined my my entire mass effect experience with over 15 playthroughs of ME1 and ME2. That is lost time that is dead to me and I now have PTSD from playing the first games... because the end of ME3 was so bad.

I returned my game because the ending was so bad.

Oh wait... they are now going to fix the ending. But I sold my copy. Now I need to buy ANOTHER copy. EA/Bioware MUST give me a new copy for FREE because it was their fault...

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Agreed 100%

I felt the ending was fine.

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I want a refund on life. Why couldn't I be born into riches? Screw working for a living!!!

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I sunk countless hours into ME and ME2. 7 playthroughs between the two games.

The ending to ME3 was so bad I cried. Last night I burned my copy of Mass Effect, ME2, and ME3. I also gave away my 360 and vowed to never play a game again. You should too so that Bioware will listen.

I just punched my puppy thinking about how bad the ending was.

The ME3 ending made me hate life.

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ME2's story is pretty light, but the intention was always to focus on the squadmates and their stories and relationships. I thought it was an interesting change for gaming.

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You have to admit though, sheppard getting shot out of the sky at the start of the game would be realistic... but make for a crappy story and game.

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I agree with your suspension of disbelief point.

I went through a phase where I criticised the plot of every movie I watched... nothing made logical sense. I did not enjoy watching those movies. When I turned my brain off and just went for the ride, I again started to enjoy movies.

The crew leaving the Normandy was simply a plot point to make the story work. Just like when characters decide to split up in horror movies.

"It is d...

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I would argue that both games and music albums are economic commodities. Make a bad game or a bad album, and fans will leave you in droves.

I also agree that a good ending is key, as it is the last impression. ME3 could have been spectacular had the ending been better. I remember being so pumped up with the ME2 ending that I immediately started my second playthrough when I finished just to experience it again. The start of ME2 was equally am...

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The ending is part of the journey, but no matter how terrible, it does not totally delete any enjoyment prior to that point.

"For those claiming that their 100+ hours of enjoyment from ME1 and ME2 and ME3 were ruined by the last moments of ME3... get over yourself." You may call me childish for saying that, but I would say these people claiming the above are childish. One person even said the ending was so bad that they would stop playing ALL games altogether. T...

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@ LightofDarkness

I can understand your frustration regarding day 1 DLC, map packs, and subscription fees, but sadly the industry is going in that direction and the popularity of COD elite and the From Ashes attachment rate proves it. I don't like it either, and I am all for people fighting this kind of thing.

But this article is not about that. It is about the ending of ME3, not DLC or money grab strategies of the gaming industry.


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This is the problem with the internet... it allows an often idiotic vocal minority to dictate things. Today's internet generation is far too entitled.

So the ending is changed to something warm and fuzzy with a Tali-dry-hump mini game at the end... but then just as many people will want to puke over that ending... and more complaints and petitions... and on and on.

Bioware needs to remember that you can't please everyone. If Bioware produced a new &...

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It is exaggerated by far. Most people I have talked to in ME3 multiplayer think the ending is fine and that people are overreacting.

Vocal minority.

Besides, I blame gamers for this... they leaked the original ending to ME3 last fall. I also blame Bioware for listening to fans in the past... now fans think that if they cry hard enough, Bioware will listen.

If Bioware forum types had their way, the ME3 ending would be some sort of Tali-...

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"This is why a long, detailed, celebratory happy ending was required for Mass Effect 3." - Author


ARE YOU KIDDING? When has the Mass Effect series been about EASY choices, Kaiden vs Ash, Krogans vs Salarians, Geth vs Quarians, etc?

Do you seriously think that a game that thrived on tough decisions and morally gray ground would let you off easy with a "happy" ending?

Thank god Bioware ...

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The thing is... like you, everyone has created their own personal ending for ME3 that THEY want. Bioware can't produce every possible ending. No matter what the ending there would be a large group of upset people that wanted something different.

Cheers to Bioware for a great series that got people so passionate. Cheers to them for ending it their way.

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