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Is Lola based on Summer Altice?
The first thing that struck me when I saw Lola was that she reminded me of Summer Altice, Playboy Miss August 2000!

Perhaps someone at Rockstar has a certain admiration for miss Altice!? #9
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Sound great!
I must admit that I were a bit afraid that the PS3 version would be plagued by the same problems as all those crapy ports made by EA.

I never understood why Valve would trust EA with Half-Life 2 - The Orange Box. Since I only own a PS3 and never played it on PC I decided to get the PS3 version.

Don't get me wrong, I still consider it a great game which for the most part looks stunningly, but there are still issues that has been left unresolved. On a AAA title li... #18
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HD-DVD stinks!
Toshiba, we never wanted your f*cking war!

Blu-Ray always had superior storage capabilities, and Toshibas lower cost argument - everyone knows its much cheeper to release every single title in 2 rather than 1 format!!!! #11.1
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LOL #9.3
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I didn't know we in Europe had a 80 GB SKU! #1
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Because Sony needs to get rid of all SixAxis!
Thats why Sony continues to include 2 controllers! #17.1
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Not any time soon...
My advice, don't hold your breath! #5.1
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I agree, but it also touch on another important subject!
Why does the rest of the world always subsides US irresponsible fiscal policies.

The US Dollar has depreciated significantly over the past years, but few companies are willing to increase their prices to compensated for this since they are afraid of lower sales. #12
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Yes it does! #3.1
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I would say that the article about the Xbox 360 Elite did not get much chance of getting approved since it was shot down in minutes by reports from N4G Editors who classified it as OLD.

Apparently, it automatically gets a "failed to get approved" after a couple of reports, therefore those interested in the article never have a chance of approving it! #22.2
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This article is a year old and still get approved and a high degree of interest
When I then attempt to publish the same type of article concerning the Xbox 360 Elite from the same site published last month, it fails to get approved since its “OLD”.

This site is ridiculous since a year old article is considered news and gets more than 350 degrees, while a less than a month old article is kicked out because it’s old.

Could someone please explain the rules!!! #22
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I've found this article when I follow the link from "Hot and Naked, behind the doors of a PS3" which is currently gracing the front page of the PS3 section.

That piece was published 2007-01-31, almost a year ago and apparently not to old. When look at other articles on that page I stumbled across this and as a very loyal N4G reader I've could not remember ever seeing this news before. #1
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I'd rather pay!
I would not have any problem with paying say $20 extra for my console and have a complete media center solution.

This would mean that I wouldn't have to care about HDMI, Vista Home Premium and audio outputs when I'm looking for a cheap new laptop.

Today, a computer with these feature cost almost twice as much! #13.1
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What other popular formats besides MKV are left unsupported by the PS3 & 360? #12
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Why can't Sony and Microsoft do what VLC has done?
VLC media player takes approx. 6 MB and handles almost every format except for Real.

Therefore I'm just wondering why Sony and Microsoft with their billions are unable to accomplish this. It would be great to not have to worry about what format the file is in. #11
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I'm just hoping that support for Matroska will be included in the next update! #10
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They will both be great!
I voted yes since I believe that GTA4 will outsell Saints Row 2, but I still think that both games have their place.

I've been a huge GTA fan since GTAIII was released, but I'm also a big fan of the concept of so called "sandbox games".

The new GTA will have a greater focus on realism (which is a good thing) and it is therefore great that another company can pick up the torch of a more flamboyant and over the top game style! #2.1
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Yes, this works like TiVo!
First of all PlayTV will initially not be released in the US, just so we're clear on that!

PlayTV will allow you to select which programs that will be recorded by selecting the through the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). The EPG is automatically updated and broadcast along with the channels.

According to Sony you just have to mark a program in the EPG and instruct the PS3 to record it. Hopefully these things will work as simple as Sony says (fingers crossed). #13.1
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Depends on what country you're in! #8.2
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PlayTV - more of a HD recorder than a standard set top box!
PlayTV also provides you with the option of recording TV shows in high or standard definition for later viewing.

It is also possible to transcode the file into a different format. For now only the PSP format has been confirmed, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for DivX. #2.1
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