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What is news is the developers who have previously stuck to 'we won't sell anything that affects gameplay' have now in a lawsuit said that the clothes affect gameplay.

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Generally (P.T. is the only exception I really know of) if you've bought it you are fine to download it again as long as the shop is up there. So you can delete it and redownload in the future. No one, however, can buy it from the PSN now.

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I don't think that really.

I think it might be more a chance trying to give it a shot because it was really overshadowed at release by Assassin's Creed Unity and it was only on the older generation of consoles.

Could be priced nicer and they think it likely will turn a profit on relatively light work while they work on the next AC game for 2019 but there is a legitimate reason to do this here.
- Don

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Only in a handful of victory poses is the Parrot visible in game along with the hero select screen, but not in play.

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It isn't usable for Xbox Players - and for PC players it was only usable on the original Skyrim, not the 64bit Special Edition. SkyUI requires the Script Extender which makes it a PC only affair

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It will slow down some - it's doing exceptionally well though. The point I make in the article is that, barring mobile devices or free to play, no game has ever reached that 100m target in total sales. The other major way you get larger numbers there is being a first part exclusive pack-in which... it also is not. So, its best case target is Grand Theft Auto V... which after over 4 years hasn't sold 100m units total, let alone active users monthly. Hell, Minecraft only has 55m users m...

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Well I think its clear they need to hire people to write better netcode, online features and bugs stuff given the number of issues around their online games

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It got a short mention at the end - one of the rules I set for myself there was it had to have more then one game in the series.

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The only issue there is Parody is typically tightly defined - so it's not anywhere close to a guarantee that the Kit Kat commercial would fall there and not under something like derivative works.

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Motive is a new studio created by Jade Raymond there working on the Battlefront 2 campaign and a new star wars game with Visceral. Jade's best known for creating Assassin's Creed while with Ubisoft (she founded Ubisoft Toronto as well )

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I think it has to do with the fact that most people didn't know the series history very well up until that point - VII was the mainstream breakthrough for it. Thus people in general were surprised to find that it was so different from the only entry in the series many of them knew

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If you look - they aren't doing any App there - it's a storefront with some exclusive offerings for Techland games right now. The sales for it give keys for steam or GOG

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We weren't reviewing it on VR - as our reviewer didn't have access to the PSVR and the game is supposed to be playable both with and without VR.

As for what a 5 means to us, it is an average game that does some things well, and some things poorly. It does not mean it's a title to avoid there. If you want to look at how we try to score - this might explain it: 536d ago 0 agree2 disagreeView comment

No - the game is still going, especially since they dropped the Subscription model. PC makes up about a third of their playerbase - with another third on each of the major two consoles.

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Alexandria did play it - I believe this refers to most of the ones where that might happen you end up as Queen there.

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That's an unofficial fan translation fo it there - there was no official English release of the game.

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The area calls itself the Pokemon Capital of the Netherlands - having signs and such to that effect.

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We bring that up - basically they removed it because other hosts had been hit with take down notices and they decided to preemptively take it down essentially.

Its why the title doesn't say Nintendo took it down - although essentially they caused the same impact and would have hit it pretty quickly based on what was going on.

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It is - what they are doing basically is pre-launch letting people play Blast Ball as a demo. Online modes will be taken offline in the demo generally speaking once the full game launches.

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Potential issue there still will be that those who preordered it on Humble will be waiting for a time as its been changed to be releasing on the Oculus store first with the timed exclusivity

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