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We weren't reviewing it on VR - as our reviewer didn't have access to the PSVR and the game is supposed to be playable both with and without VR.

As for what a 5 means to us, it is an average game that does some things well, and some things poorly. It does not mean it's a title to avoid there. If you want to look at how we try to score - this might explain it: 176d ago 0 agree2 disagreeView comment

No - the game is still going, especially since they dropped the Subscription model. PC makes up about a third of their playerbase - with another third on each of the major two consoles.

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Alexandria did play it - I believe this refers to most of the ones where that might happen you end up as Queen there.

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That's an unofficial fan translation fo it there - there was no official English release of the game.

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The area calls itself the Pokemon Capital of the Netherlands - having signs and such to that effect.

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We bring that up - basically they removed it because other hosts had been hit with take down notices and they decided to preemptively take it down essentially.

Its why the title doesn't say Nintendo took it down - although essentially they caused the same impact and would have hit it pretty quickly based on what was going on.

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It is - what they are doing basically is pre-launch letting people play Blast Ball as a demo. Online modes will be taken offline in the demo generally speaking once the full game launches.

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Potential issue there still will be that those who preordered it on Humble will be waiting for a time as its been changed to be releasing on the Oculus store first with the timed exclusivity

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From what I've seen, a decent number were. Especially those who preordered it coming to Vive

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That is a fantastic question! It's fully possible this creates the problem it seeks to contain. However, even in that case, the game still functions in a way that would be inadvertently apropos, as part of its message is that the Bucca internment camp hoped to contain what it instead created: dangerous, angry people.

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Link seems to be dead

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Probably will be back by Gearbox, but they haven't been moving quick on stuff given that they took down the other Duke games off GOG at the end of December and they aren't back up.

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They have a legal and moral duty to inform their customers about the information leak there which has some potentially serious consequences.

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Tell people that it happened so that there is information and not try to hush it up. Right now a lot of people aren't really sure what happened if they weren't paying attention because of the lack of official information, and the lack of communication through official channels - not one post, email, tweet or anything from them officially aside from a statement to the media that was a short paragraph.

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Indeed, it is currently one of the top selling games on Steam right now which is especially troublesome given all the issues it's still having.

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Was wondering this as well. We're waiting til 3 AM to publish ours as we promised 343.

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Or, for NBA2K15, waiting on the park court while dozens of guys randomly run around you while you are hoping they actually join in!

Jason - TR

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I find it hard for myself at least, to get into MUT. I get too invested in my online CFM's that they end up taking majority of my time!

But yes, McCourty is definitely a solid Safety. His coverage skills are bar none compared to the rest.

Jason - TR

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Lee has always been a solid player, but like you said.. He just cant stay healthy. I do believe, from the last I heard at least that he was moving to OLB to reduce the wear and tear on his body.

Jason - TR

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Totally agree! I liked the park feature, but it felt a little stale and took too long to get a matchup going. Very excited for this.

Jason - TR

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