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Alot of people don't want the physical media so boohoo for you. And why would you buy a game for $3 for an old gameboy when you can as a download for the same price with a backlight, circle pad and save function?

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Yeah but why would Nintendo do that? That's why people like Nintendo because they do things differently. They always have and always will. Making a PSVita clone or a new Gameboy wouldn't change anything besides making boring games that are all the same. With the PSVita what have we seen in the way of innovation? The touch pad. Wow. A touch screen. Wait a second... Motion control. That sounds familiar... Oh yeah it's all been done except the touch pad which really is cut and paste ...

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Yeah but it's still pointless. He complains about it having a clamshell design? Is that really a good reason to make another system? And because the DS had four redesigns it's name was trashed? What?!? That's like saying Apple trashed the iPhone's name with a new one every year. And two screens? He's mad because it's a resistive touch screen? And the fact that it's used for maps and item storage makes it extremely useful to keep the top screen clear except for the ...

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This has to be fake. Most all developers are saying how easy it has been to develop for, even claiming the PS3 is more difficult than the WiiU. And I'll believe a release date when I see it come out of Nintendo's mouths.

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The fact that it's a Gameboy doesn't matter. If they slapped the Gameboy name on the original DS would that have made you happier for some reason? It's a name so everybody get over it. Bringing back the name doesn't mean the quality would be any better. This is the most pointless thing I've ever seen.

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I don't think it's so much they're worried but they're just too confident in it. They just assumed they stamp DS in the name throw in some Nintendogs and people would eat it like lunch at fat camp. But they didn't realise they actually needed to make an effort for sales to happen. They're just too confident now that the Wii and DS had gotten where they are today.

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Yes but we're talking about the DS, not 3DS. And that was important. The original DS looked like a Game Boy Advance on crack. And the DS Lite looked dumb next to the PSP without a real menu, a store or any sort of downloads. The XL was dumb but so was the iPad(different topic). DS is the only one to have this many changes so far for Nintendo. The 3DS will definately have a new model at some point. But it's too early for Nintendo to do that. All I want is for them to sell a replacement...

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Really? I don't think so. Sales have already picked up according to the empty shelves at the malls I go to and you haven't even seen what happens this holiday when this magical thing called Christmas happens. Do you know what happens on Christmas? People give people presents. How many kids do you think look at the 3DS and put ti at the top of their list? I'm sure a good amount. So calm down untill it happens. And this is only a rumor. Someone could have just as easily written this...

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Exactly, Nintendo already made mistakes they don't need to shoot themselves in the foot twice.

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Let me explain why this is the fakest thing I've ever heard.

1. If they add an extention and just an extention for a second circle pad then developers will ignore it because not everyone is going to have it so how would it benefit them?

2. They clearly stated that they aren't coming out with a new model within the next year or so. It doesn't make sense. The current system is fine for right now.

3. New name and less emphysis on 3D?...

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What are you talking about? Resistance changes completely every time. What does Call of Duty do? The same thing it did back when it was started.

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There have been instances like this on other systems so people know. Just because it happens on the most hated system on the planet doesn't mean it's big news or that the eShop is bad. It means that Capcom is obviously dumb.

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Seriously............ someone write one more article about the 3DS being doomed. One more. And just see what happens. I will personally hunt you down and attack you. I don't even care if it is doomed and does bomb. I'm just tired of seeing it on every page I open online. Can't people find something that is actually news? I'm so sick of hearing about it people just give up on it.

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I'm sorry I didn't want to waste an hour and a half of my life listening to something I already read almost every day. Something saying Nintendo is dead, or we need old Nintendo, or the 3DS is doomed, or something stupid. I'm just saying people need to stop bringing it up. Wait it out to see what happens with the 3DS and then if it does fail for whatever reason than write whatever you want. Throw a parade for all I care. But why don't people just wait it out instead of trying ...

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Nobody worried about the 3DS' future? Are you insane? Every page online about gaming has some sort of doom story for the 3DS. I agree people need to realise gaming handhelds and phones/tablets are different things. But don't act like the 3DS is getting it easy because I see more hate on the 3DS than the Vita everyday. Plus, I don't think the 3DS is that underpowered. Add an HD screen and nobody would care now would they. But I don't care if my 3" screen is HD or not perso...

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Stop talking about the 3DS!! Really people we get that for some reason everyone in the world thinks it's doomed. Wait untill the price drop and new games come. Then if it's still a failure you have as much reason as the next guy to complain about it for whatever reason. Why does everyone think the 3DS will fail over the DS? It's really not in any different of a spot than the DS. The price drop changes things but the only way can be a good way. Sales will at least increase a little...

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Umm mabey that's because neither of them have actually come out yet. Wait for the new price to kick in and all of the new games to come out this November and December. Then lets talk about the 3DS. Untill then stop trying to come up with a quick article by writing more BS about the 3DS. Obviously you have nothing to write about if your still writing about the 3DS being doomed. Look for real news.

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Of course, i don't know why people are compaining about 3DS's graphics compared to Vita. First off compare SSF4 to SFXT on Vita they both look amazing. And a system never shows the true power of it's graphics within the first year.

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Have you seen Super Street Fighter 4? Console ports don't turn out bad for the 3DS. Graphics aren't HD but still pretty good and SSF4 managed to keep all stages and characters. It's not an FPS but I'd imagine most things could be kept intact if they downscaled in the proper places.

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It's only been out a few months. Did you see a DS in everybodies pockets four months after it's release?

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