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The point of waiting is that after playing the game you've got your own hands on expirience to support your opinion. Then you can give feedback so the next game can improve on it's predessecors* downfalls.

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If you're turned off by RE6 because it's too full of action, then why do you want Operation Raccoon City instead? That is supposed to be an action game making it even further from what it sounds like you want. And RE6 has me excited. All of Leon's sections looked like a mix between RE2 and RE5 which is fine by me. I can't say as much for Chris's segments and the other guy's weird segments because I don't know what happened there. And do you re...

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Thats the craziest idea I've ever heard.. and I love it! That would be the greatest plot in a Resident Evil game ever. First off if he was Alex Wesker it means that Chris will probably be coming after him trying to kill him making conflict between the main characters. And it makes sense that the guy is HUNK anyway because the guy fits the description, and the game gives hints at Resident Evil 2. Bot only that but HUNK seems to have never really cared about anything but the paycheck.

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I didn't see Leon's partner for most of the time actually which I think was weird. And we'll have to wait and see. Co-op could mean a Raid Mode like in Revelations with your AI partner in Story Mode being literally something to look at. I'm just thinking good thoughts untill they officially confirm things at E3.

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I like the idea of scanning and using a flashlight by looking through the controller, and using the touch screen for inventory or puzzles like in Revelations is obvious. But actually hiding myself behind the controller or moving around in circles is a no. I can't see it happening anyway and if it did then I would get it for the PS3. But I guess I would still get it for Wii U if it came out (which I have a feeling it will and probably at launch) because it would probably support multiple c...

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Didn't even notice untill you said something XD

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There is no reason it needs to go to retail besides they probably think that people are bigger fans then they really are. It sold so well they probably think that they have die hard fans that will buy up anything Angry Birds, including a $15 dollar 3DS Game Card. But really, there is no reason it shouldn't be on Xbox Live, PSN, and Nintendo eShop instead of retail.

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Someone please explain if I'm wrong but people have me confused. Resident Evil 6 takes place ten years after Raccoon City which in the story took place in 1996. That would make Resident Evil 6 in 2006, and Resident Evil 5 took place in 2009. So wouldn't Wesker be alive? Maybe I'm wrong because I'm the only person I've seen say this but I don't know. Somebody help please!!!

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First of all, they all look like completely different games when you split them up. Leon looks like a true mix of RE2 and RE4, Chris looks like a revamped RE5, and the Mercenary looks like Uncharted on steroids. Second of all I feel like Leon's section reminds me of the original trailers for RE4 with it's darker tone and the way Leon looks. Maybe it's just me but for some reason it reminds me of it. Anyways I couldn't be more excited about this game!

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Umm yeah if the DS sold 500,000 units it would be a failure but probably because it's been out for what, 7 years now? The 3DS hasn't even been through a year so calm down. And the fact that your five sentence article looks like something a seven year old could write and the fact that you never heard the NGP is actually called the Vita shows you know nothing about whats been going on. Mabey if you need an article you should write something that shows you have a brain.

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I don't know. It will definately have the battery and brighter backlight. But the analogue stick depends on the success of the accessory. If it isn't used or bought then why would they bother? So I doubt it.

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I don't think they need to be the same size but the bottom screen definately needs to be closer to the size of the DSi's bottom screen. The touch screen is tiny on the 3DS and the resolution on the top screen makes the bottom screen look sad. They need to at least bring them up to the same level with resolution before anything else though.

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Europe's ads for 3DS have been strange. First they said "This is not Nintendo DS.... this is Nintendo 3DS" and now they're advertising that it is infact 2D. It's sad how stupid people are that they are this confused about the 3DS. People weren't confused about the Game Boy Advance when it came out so why are they confused? I don't get it.

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Kinect gaming in general is a bad idea...

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That was a really jumbled up Nintendo rant right there. XD but even though they won't be even close to number one this gen. I highly doubt they'll meet their end is all I'm saying.

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Unless this articles from the future I'm pretty sure a system can't be struggling if it hasn't been released yet. And people need to hold off and give the 3DS at least a full year untill they can determine it'sa failure. I don't see them being number one this generation but I don't think they're meeting their downfall. Nintendo is definately in a rut but at most they're revisiting their Gamecube days. They're trying to bring out advanced hardware like the W...

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I want Lost Winds to be put on the 3DS. I've finished the first two and think a portable one would be cool especially in 3D.

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Here are five reasons this article is stupid.
1). Every company puts out new iterations of hardware. How many PSP's were there last generation? How many iPod's are there by now? Exactly. And has it not crossed anybodies mind that the Vita will probably be in the same situation by having tons of hardware updates? Use your brains people.
2). The fact that he's mad because it lasts 4 hours with 3D on anyway is stupid. How many people are going to use 3D when they...

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I belive the first set of rumors. We already knew demos would come at some point anyway, they already said that. Capcom always supports Nintendo systems so Monster Hunter 3DS doesn't suprise me. Wario Ware is a no brainer in 3D and side scrollers are Nintendo's biggest thing. A new color isn't a big deal either especially since we saw a bunch of them at E3 '10.

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No it's not the same. The eShop actually works alot better anyway besides a lack of new games. Wii Shop Channel is so bad I've passed on games I've actually really wanted just so I didn't have to deal with it. And I'm sure the 3DS could handle that horrible shop anyway even though nobody would want it to.

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