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I didn't mean it like that, I mean that once the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out, no matter how powerful the Wii U is it won't be as powerful as them. I based it off of the fact that Nintendo tends to go for cheaper hardware (which I actually prefer because it's cheaper to buy and the games are fun) than other competitors. Plus once Sony and Microsoft see the Wii U they will be able to make their systems even better than it since they won't be releasing a system for a while after co...

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As long as the games look like the Zelda tech demo I don't care if it's two gameboys taped together.

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I can see paying $300 for it. That's only $50 more dollars then the Wii started at. A 3G Vita right now costs the same so it sounds like a deal to me. And If the controllers cost is only $50 to make why are they saying it's too expensive to sell more than one per system? I'd be willing to buy one or two extra for $60-70 a piece. I've probably spent more on the Wii with Wii remotes, nunchucks, classic controllers, steering wheels, zappers, motion plus, anything i'm missing....

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Even with the added action as long as they can balance in horror I'm good. I'm trying to think posotive about it until they show me another Operation Raccoon City. Now that was a sad attempt at the COD audience.

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They already got a head start in 2011 with the 3DS. The eShop has had a good start and when they add DLC and full game downloads it will be up to par with most other shopping services. I really hope they add a movie section like on the Playstation Store. Those movies from Dreamworks got me thinking about that. Or even a whole different shop for it, or support digital copies. This plus the Nintendo Network coming to games this year will make it one of my favorite platforms to play on. I hope t...

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I'm not saying they're not very different pieces of technology but my point was that they are both the next generation of handheld consoles and they are going to be compared. Their pricing, games, features and everything else is going to be compared. And a step back in time? I didn't realise 3D worked without glasses in the past. You saying it's a step back in time and garbage shows how much of a moron and a fanboy you are. You defend the Vita because it's different yet be...

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I don't think it will be as successful as Nintendo thinks. I think releasing their system early is going to screw them over. Sony and Microsoft are going to turn around the year later and announce a system with a similar controller and all of the same features plus some. And then Nintendo's system will look dumb to everyone. But having said that the Nintendo loyal will keep the Wii U and Nintendo afloat. I think the hardcore and third party games that are finally coming to Nintendo sy...

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Little Big Planet
Modnation Racers
Rayman: Origins
And that's thinking off of the top of my head. If those don't count as AAA titles I don't know what do, and I don't even own the Vita yet. Do agree with price cut though. By Christmas I think it will have one.

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The only reason people are complaining now is because it's a MUCH different market now with smart phones and everything else. People don't want to spend that much anymore. And I think the memory cards and $50 games hurt it even worse. Although with the quality of the games I can see what they were thinking.

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I was comparing the value of the two because the 3DS comes with more, not like I'm saying they're the same thing. They're both the next generations of portable consoles and that's what people do is compare them. Sorry, but someone who's only argument is that the PS Vita is NOT the 3DS shouldn't be talking. I don't care if they're not the same thing. If they're both game consoles of the same generation they're gonna be compared so get over yourself. That...

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As soon as the price is cut by $50, i'll run down and buy it. Right now, an initial investment would total $315 with a Wifi system, 4GB memory card, and a cheaper game. And I'm not getting a free cradle or any pack in games like I did with my 3DS. There's another $20 leading to $335. I really want a Vita especially after playing one at Gamestop, but t took alot to convince myself to buy a 3DS and after spending on that $335 is way too much.

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While I doubt it will be as powerful as the next Playstation or Xbox, I'm sure that the Wii U will be at least slightly more powerful than this current generation. Even if by a little. There is no way that Nintendo is making a system that still isn't up to the current generations standards for the next generation. This is the dumbest rumor I've ever heard.

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April Fools! Really people, when you hear stupid news like this on April 1 it's typically not true.

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I can't wait for Assassins's Creed on WiiU!!! This will be my first game for it! :)

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Did any of you read the title? The one with analogue sticks is the original concept and the E3 one is the newest version we know of. You have it backwards.

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I don't see it. Guess I'm blind.

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I think that this game should have been Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 6 should be Resident Evil 8 because in a perfect world Code: Veronica was the REAL last numbered title of it's play style. This makes Veronica>4 4>5 and 5>6 Revelations>7 and 6>8. (Those are arrows.)

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Well I could have told you that myself after watching Leon's part of the trailer.

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I see what you mean. Resident Evil had it's moments. If the indoor areas were all dark like in the 2007 trailers then it would have been SCARY. But the moments you explained were more SUSPENSEFUL then scary. There's a BIG difference between the two.

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Not really, Code Veronica had dual wielding too and I doubt that it will affect the controls that much.

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