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Or all Virtual Console games, they should be able to be played on both like Playstation Classics on PS3 ans PSP were (also soon to be on PS Vita). Hopefully this means messaging, video calling, mii verse, and all of the Wii U's Nintendo Network features will also be compatible with the 3DS so they truly work together.

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Not terrible but personally the health should move the opposite direction when hurt. If you get hit your health should deplete not regenerate.

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I don't mean a copied game. I mean Nintendo's next best thing. Something the truely defines the Wii U and Nintendo. Something new and fresh from Nintendo. I don't mean an Uncharted clone. If I want Uncharted I'll actually play Uncharted, not a copy.

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While I agree that the Vita has a fair price, not so much witht he 3DS XL. Adds nothing to the value? Not exactly NOTHING. In it, comes an extra 2GB on the SD Card, larger screens, and better 3D depth. While not ALOT it adds to the value, and I think an extra $30 is a fair price.

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Agreed. While compared to what the 3DS is now it may seem expensive, but especially with the 3DS XL it's only $50 more. If Sony marketed it as a device that does everything like an iPad (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Games, Minis, Flickr, Full PSN, Netflix, and more) then people would buy it seeing that it's a cheaper tablet-like device. But it's also a great games machine (although I'm still waiting for more games). But they need to step up their advertising game. If they show ...

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Well yeah, and Nintendo being my favorite of the big three I have to agree. But that being said I've been looking for Nintendo to make a new BIG franchise. While some small games on the 3DS are good and all I want something Zelda sized, but completely fresh. I want Nintendo's Uncharted. I want something huge and vast that isn't a new Mario. (I still want Mario though :D)

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Multiple bundles is all this will be. Some will have different games or extra controllers (Wiimotes, Pro Controllers, etc.) but Nintendo has already said no on hard drives so it's a no. I don't see something like that happening just so they can keep costs of the system down. I don't have a problem buying SD cards or USB drives for extra memory. Fine by me.

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i dont see them adding a bundle with a second gamepad yet seeing as how they havent even shown games to use two yet (they obviously added the ability recently since they had nothing to show of it). But they will probably do that with an extra Pro Controller since that will probably be what developers of core games lean towards for multiplayer instead of making others use Wiimotes.

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That should be Kinects new slogan. "You look so stupid." - Conan O'Brien

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Personally I don't find it a problem but I guess it just makes sense. It is a little strange that they're so cut off from each other. Even on the 3DS, the apps don't seem so cut off from each other. But I guess that's what the Live Area is for. That's really where everything connects.

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I barely noticed the difference in the box arts. It's like they purposely made them close so that no matter what we picked they pretty much had the say over it.

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While I agree it's too much Mario at once, I'm not at all concerned about the quality. But I see why they did this. I'm sure they can make a quality 2D Mario games ALOT faster than a 3D Mario game with amazing graphics, a whole new location, and new mechanics. So To finally satisfy fans they make a Mario game for launch (which everyone wanted). And New Super Mario Bros 2 is a way to keep the sales of the 3DS going strong throughout the year. It's known to sell big and it's...

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I think the Wii has some of the best games on it without HD, of course they are, but please don't remake everything in HD. I want NEW games not tons of HD ports. At least not until the Wii U hits it's dry spell years from now like the Wii currently.

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Who cares that it doesn't have one? Would it have made sense to add one? Yes. But the XL definately isn't an upgrade it's just the same system with a bigger screen. If they ever add one it will be a complete revision not an XL edition. Personally the of games that come to the 3DS(Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Epic Mickey, etc.) don't really need them. they control just fine without it. Meanwhile, I can't imagine playing Call of Dut...

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I don't think they're copying N64 controls, but Nintendo has a history of not having or using two sticks. Almost none of their first party games use two sticks besides the fact that the Wii had one, the N64 had one, the Gamecube had one that was barely used, so why would they think it was neccesary. Although if they were going to be adding it to the Wii U it doesn't make sense to not do that on the 3DS when there's clearly room for one. But for games like Mario...

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yeah, they made it sound like something big was going to happen at the end and then it was like twenty seconds of boring fireworks.

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Besides the fact that news sites never have as much knowledge about things like E3 as legitamite games sites like GameTrailers or IGN, that's what people said about thsi generation of handhelds. And it sounds like Nintendo doesn't plan on quiting on that market either. Game consoles and handhelds aren't going anywhere.

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"ABC News has learned that there are no brightness controls for the touch screen Wii U GamePad controller, which might have been a good option for saving batteries. This is in line with how other Nintendo handhelds operate; the Nintendo 3DS offers no control over screen brightness."
-How dumb are these people? Have you noticed the sun shine icon on the 3DS Menu the changes the brightness? Or how Nintendo has said TODAY that the controllers charge lasts for different times ba...

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I think project glass is just dumb. While something like the Wii U has the touch screen as it's central controller using the controller and touchscreen in one and the PS3 with Vita is basically the same idea using a tablet requires a hefty price tag for those without one plus having to use two devices for control. A tablet AND the controller. It won't work too well unless it's being used for stupid things.

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Sony did the same thing with the PSP...
PSP 2000
PSP 3000
PSP E-1000

Compared to Nintendo...
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi XL

So ACTUALLY, Nintendo made less DS' than Sony made PSPs.

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