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I agree. The Vita has some great games. But I don't really count PSP and Mini games. If I wanted to play those I'd get a cheap PSP used at Gamestop for half the price of a Vita. And that's too bad about your 3DS, I love mine. Castlevania actually looks really fun, like 2D God of War almost. On top of that I love Splinter Cell, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Resi: Mercenaries, Resi: Revelations, Street Fighter 4, and more. But on the other hand Uncharted was AMAZING and ...

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Yes, the resolution is the same but ballooned up. It will prbably look awful. But I could be completely wrong seeing as how I haven't actually put one in my hands. I think they should have taken the Apple route. Make the difference between the 3DS and 3DS XL like the difference between an iPod and iPad. Give it a slightly better resolution, different OS, apps changed around to fit a bigger screen, 3G support, don't make it like an upgrade but a different piece of tech like what Apple ...

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Now not knowing you I would assume your a Microsoft fanboy by mentioning the 360. Yet it's ALL the systems. If there was a good comparison for fanboys and this website I'd say it was fruit flies and week old trash. That'c actually a perfect comparison, all fanboys do is swarm this site defending their favorite system like it's their job because for some reason they take it personally that everyone doesn't like their system. This article is even biased. It's all fanboyi...

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Well that's kind of depressing...

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It wasn't saying that they'll drop out of making consoles all together, but was explaining how 1)Nintendo has way too much money and are too smart to go broke with the Wii U. 2)Sony could use cloud streaming that they just accuired to use the PS3 as technically a PS4 (it can play games as powerful as the need be). 3)Microsoft will probably add so many features that it won't be so muchh a games console anymore but a monsterous Smart TV Box that happens to play games. Obviouslly all...

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The first paragraph sums up the problem with the whole industry as it stands. The two ideas that I personally thought felt fresh? ZombiU and Miiverse. But I guess that's what a whole new generation is about. I'm praying the next Playstation and Xbox come out in 2013 or the games industry as a whole will suffer. We need more innovation, period. Two fresh ideas to me this year and they're for one company.

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I agree. Casual games are killing them, but not for the reason you think. Casual gamers are people that will go out and buy the latest iPad or BluRay player. They go out and get the latest things that will keep them busy. They don't know much about the industry but they won't sit around waiting for the new. They'll move on to something different. Apple and other companies offer something new every year with tablets and smart phones while game consoles take a while to cycle and eve...

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That's because for some reason peopel will buy anything Call of Duty. I could box up human feces and slap a Modern Warfare 4 sticker on it and people would buy it up like weapons in the apocalypse. I don't get it. Personally I HATE those games, don't find them fun in any way, I'd rather be playing Zelda or Uncharted any day.

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Seriously though. Everybody I know is getting bored with the current systems. Nothing feels new it's just more of the same. While games are looking better graphics wise and only getting even higher in quality gameplay mechanics are at a hault. A new generation with new innovations needs to come which is why Nintendo is keeping close to five years with a new console this year. Probably because they're the ones hurting the most. We need new systems that do something different, and I'...

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No $H!T! Not just about the Vita, but about everything! All gamers do now is complain about everything. All fans do now is whine. Before the Vita, it was the 3DS for it's whole first year. Right now Resident Evil is popular to bash, while games like Call of Duty and Sonic the Hedgehog seem to be popular topics. Years ago it was the Wii's kiddy controls and graphics and the 360s red ring of death. Does the Vita need better support? I think so, not neccessarily guantity wise but quality...

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Not as impressed as I usually am. But I do like the posters, don't really care for the cards.

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Yes but I didn't buy the Vita to play games I could play on the PSP. Same goes for PS1 Classics which I can play RIGHT NOW on my old PSP or my PS3. I wasn't aware Playstation Suite worked on PS Vita, I thought it WAS on smartphones. But having said that I do agree with everything else. Sequels and spin offs like Uncharted Golden Abyss were really fun and I can't wait for the new Assassin's Creed. And the new IP is great. I've never really cared about free to play games tho...

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Maybe I'm thinking of this wrong, but Call of Duty went portable before and nobody cared, I'm sure it wasn't a system seller that's for sure. So why do people think it's going to sell millions of Vitas? I won't be convinced it's a quality title until I actually see the game which they showed nothing at E3. A logo won't impress me. And I think that's all they showed at the conference due to a lack of conference. But maybe I'm wrong.

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Not really, while the launch and launch window were full of ports or remakes it's not so much anymore. Original Mario, Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil(s), Paper Mario, Dead or Alive, Epic Mickey, Frogger, etc. Not to mention completely new IPs like Heros of Ruin or Pushmo. Definately not Nintendo's strategy. At least not now that they learned that wouldn't work.

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Yes, but that's the launch games. I can't see into the future to see if they're telling the truth but Nintendo did say eventually games will run at 1080p not 720p. And some games are already running at 60fps.

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Until it's proven I'm not going to believe it. Right now it may seem that way because the majority of it's games are ports from PS3 and 360 but I'm sure it will get cleared up in the fall when they do their conference. Taking it with a grain of salt though, could be setting myself up for dissapointment. I'll get it either way though because it's Nintendo :)

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The menu in the preview image is the coolest thing I've ever seen! It's perfect looking! If you see this Nintendo then go and copy that!

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ALL of these need to go onto the Virtual Console so I can play the ones I missed. :)

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Of course, as soon as I saw they put zombies in Red Dead Redemption I could only imagine all of Liberty City infected with zombies. I think a replica New York City full of zombies is far more exciting than barren spaces with some hordes every so often. But I didn't really like Red Dead Redemption.

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Except for some reason you can't use more than one in a message. -_-

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