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Why all of the fighting over Wii U vs. Playstation? If you don't like Playstation then stop going to Playstation stories to criticize it, and if you don't like Nintendo and the Wii U then good for you I didn't realize it was brought up in the video. Get over yourselves your all big boys, stop the stupid school yard fights because you all sound like morons.

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Even if they do, which I don't see happening, the day tablets beat out consoles all of the console makers will make Wii Tablets, Playstation Tablets, and Xbox Tablets. While consoles could die I don't think companies like Nintendo will stop making hardware, they'll make whatever is profitable for them.

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I dont see everybodies problem with their pricing. On my Vita games arent tht much cheaper if you download them. Is everybody really going to complain about the $40 price tag? It's still cheaper than most games available. While it would make more sense for them to make it cheaper since they're saving money on packaging, booklets, and cartridges I don't really care enough to complain about the $5 that I could have saved.

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The major thing I picked up from this? The 3DS needs Twitter and Facebook. I love my 3DS, but if Nintendo wants to compete with Apple and Android and everything else they need to convince parents why their kids dont need an iPod Touch because the 3DS does everything that does and more. I want to see some social apps.

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The man clearly wants to play the Wii U, so why try to convince somebody that clearly prefers Nintendo to buy Sony instead? I play both so I don't care, but unless you work for Sony I don't see why you feel the need to convince people to buy a certain product.

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I would LOVE this! I never finished this game even though it's one of my favorites. Something always came up, got further every time but never finished it. Hopefully it's true.

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Okay NOT a trilogy, there are four games. Which is why I can't believe that for $40 dollars they aren't at least including all of the games. But yeah, who would pay that much for a free game?

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I'd like the idea better if it was made into a $10 eShop download. Or, better yet, just port the same exact games to the 3DS for the same $1 price tag. I'd buy that if I could play it in 3D on my 3DS. But not for $30, I'll stick to my iPhone to play them. PLUS, no Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds isn't a trilogy! There are four games! So give us the four! Or at least make that game a download!

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By "pulled a ps3" I mean that they launched a system that was while extremely powerful nobodyy is willing to pay that much for it. On top of the $250-300 you have to pay another at least $20 for a memory card and if you go and get a cheap memory card it will fill up fast. On top of that games (and [portable games at that) are $50. While someone like me is willing to pay that I don't see many other people doing the same. I said "I'm not getting my hopes u...

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Well the shoulder buttons are more like the PS3's or 360's trigger buttons good for driving games. And the two sticks are not only in completely different locations but they dont have those little indents in the surrounding plastic that lock them into only eight real movements, I always hated that about that controller. They have full 360 degree movement.

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Games come not only in episodes but in seasons now? WHAAAAT?!?!?

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Don't see the point in it unless they're going to try to cut costs. The current PS3 works just fine and I don't see it as big in any way. I just hope it involves a price drop if they're cutting costs. It seems shady to make a new cheaper model, yet price it the same. I was actually kinda pissed when Nintendo did that with the Wii and I'm a BIG Nintendo fan.

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Couldn't agree more besides Miiverse and ZombiU not feeling fresh. The whole concept of being any survivor in the city and just coming back as a new survivor has never been done before and the game just seems next gen. And while the things being put in Miiverse like text and video chatting aren't new the way Nintendo is doing it feels more like a social network than anything else. It seems to have a more Facebook feel than PSN or Xbox Live which I think is unique and will resonate wel...

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Sadly true.. they've flat out said it and I'm not getting my hopes up for any lessons learned on Sony's part. They pulled a PS3 with the Vita, while not as drastically,and they'll probably pull the same thing with the PS4 and to an even worse level.

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I think I just died. XD Why would they play that at E3? Do they really think the kind of people that watch E3 will be the same people that listen to that song on their iPods? I hope not because if so they have no clue what's going on...

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Yeah but whose to say they'll be successful. The Kinect has been successful as far as I know yet I still know more people with a Wii. And then there's the PS Move. They can try to copy it and they may get results but besides the fact that people gravitate toward the Nintendo brand like the Apple brand, they'll have an advantage of at least a year. And if Microsoft's only solution will be Project Glass then they won't win. The Wii U conveniently combines the tablet and cont...

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Exactly, I don't know too many people that don't have a Wii in their living room and a DS in their kids room. Just like how most people have an Apple product. People will always gravitate towards the Nintendo brand just like they do the Apple brand.

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Yes and no. It has it's Zelda and Mario but for the most part it was watered down third party ports or casual games. Now don't get me wrong! Nintendo is my favorite of the big three by far but the Wii's strategy was completely different then the Wii U. Wii U is saying, "You get your favorite Nintendo franchises, you get all of the casual games that expand the gaming demographic, and hey BONUS you even get all the great third party support the other systems get!" Now that...

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I totally agree. That's what I was trying to say. All I was saying is that it's not just the 360. EVERYTHING! People don't quit no matter what it is people aren't happy. They always expect that they deserve more. I was looking at my platinum awards I could get free for earning 600 coins on Club Nintendo today for being a loyal customer and read how people were pissed. They were pissed because they didn't think the FREE THINGS they were getting were GOD ...

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Of course the next system will have it. Nintendo probably had that planned the moment they realized they had to make the circle pad pro. It's just common sense. Why wouldn't it have one?

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