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Is the Virtual Console only for Wii Mode of something? I like the look of the eShop so far but I don't like how the Wii Ware and Virtual Console games are disconnected, left in the Wii Shop Channel. And if they're only going to have Virtual Console through the Shop Channel then I'm not going to be happy. Not that big a problem but it's just odd how it's setup. #7
Seeing as how the Wii will officially be dog crap in two days, they should have taken the effort and made this for the 3DS. Seeing how the Wii U and now apparently the Wii both have Youtube I'd assume the 3DS will get it at some point, at least I hope #3
well it wouldnt work anyway as Neonridr said because of the NOT FOR RESALE but if you go to walmart and say it was a present, they could care less if it came from a dumpster #2.2.1
Oh, never payed attention I guess, thanks for letting me know :P #2.1.1
I wonder if Nintendo Land is the reasoning or not. I mean in reality, because Nintendo Land comes in a real game case, people could buy the deluxe bundle and then return Nintendo Land separately making it $10 cheaper than the basic set for all of the stands and the online discount, plus the much needed storage. I'm getting the Basic Version anyway because I don't see the point in the hassle but I have a feeling others are willing to do that. #2
I never saw the point in them really, on my PS3 at least they don't do anything and I could care less about them, don't know if it's different on the 360 but I could care less how many trophies I have. #7
Okay, let me explain something. Either we need to stop acting like non-gamers are just stupid or they really all are the dumbest group of people in the world. If they didn't catch onto the whole "brand new Wii U", "new way to play" then the picture clearly depicting a system that isn't the original Wii along with a picture of a game case that does not resemble a Wii case should have given it away. They couldn't have been any clearer about it without writing out... #2
Beyond the fact that aren't they revealing more news soon where they could in fact announce, "Hey, it's coming to Wii U too!" since they've done nothing but release some pictures and a trailer so far, if I was making GTA V I would think to myself, if people want to buy GTA V wouldn't they already have owned a PS3 or Xbox 360 to play GTA IV? I mean while it would be good for Nintendo and I really hope it is released for the Wii U because Nintendo has to be my favorite... #5
Are you kidding? Is this really supposed to be news? It's not like the picture was hidden back in September, so why are you counting this as news when everybody already knows this? #1
Well since they've been using it on 3DS games already since before the summer I think that would be a yes. All of the features might not be ready for the Wii U's store and everything, but the Nintendo Network itself has been up yes. #3.2
Agreed, while it's certainly NOT right developers have done this for awhile now, your just catching on? What about the Sonic 4 games? You could pay over ten dollars on systems or pay what was it two? (correct me if I'm wrong) for the iOS version. The same with the Assassin's Creed games for DS that were ported to iOS for like five bucks compared to thirty five (once again correct me if I'm wrong). #2.1
I don't see why anybody thinks it's an issue. I understand what you don't like is that they lied and I agree with that it's just dumb that they lied if it turns out to be Britain is the enemy. But the whole "Why are the British being attacked?" Because a story where you're fighting for your country's freedom is alot better than a story of fighting to keep a country under your control and then losing. If America lost then people would probably choose to portra... #2.1
While Desmond himself isn't the most exciting character I always thought it was interesting that the true story took place in the future. And some scenes with Desmond (begining and ending of AC2) I've found fun to play. I hope they go more in depth with him this game. #5
Why did they put the sync button right there on the face of the system. It should be hidden behind the door. It's like an ugly red zit on what is really a nice and sleek looking system. #5
Really, it started back with the Game Boy Advance, just not very well. I was dissapointed with the PSP's remote play feature I thought it was such a good idea but nothing was done with it. Looks like the Vita's fixing it though. #3.1.1
I just hope that the new Little Big Planet and Assassin's Creed (and other games I may not know of) help sell more Vita's because this looks really cool, keep it up! But I guess if it doesn't end up being utilized alot then I'm getting a Wii U anyway. Best of both worlds <3 #12
Is this a new game? All I've seen so far is this trailer and it seems like a port of the original Black Ops (with BIG hits in graphics) so is it? #41
Why all of the fighting over Wii U vs. Playstation? If you don't like Playstation then stop going to Playstation stories to criticize it, and if you don't like Nintendo and the Wii U then good for you I didn't realize it was brought up in the video. Get over yourselves your all big boys, stop the stupid school yard fights because you all sound like morons. #10
Even if they do, which I don't see happening, the day tablets beat out consoles all of the console makers will make Wii Tablets, Playstation Tablets, and Xbox Tablets. While consoles could die I don't think companies like Nintendo will stop making hardware, they'll make whatever is profitable for them. #25
I dont see everybodies problem with their pricing. On my Vita games arent tht much cheaper if you download them. Is everybody really going to complain about the $40 price tag? It's still cheaper than most games available. While it would make more sense for them to make it cheaper since they're saving money on packaging, booklets, and cartridges I don't really care enough to complain about the $5 that I could have saved. #1
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