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This game looks horrible. The graphics look like they ported a DS game to the 3DS. Why do they even bother??

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Jill's eyes are too far apart in this game her face doesn't look right.

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Who cares? World of Warcraft is gay! And if you don't agree then go backm to your mom's basement and start playing then you losers! You don't have to read this. Not trying to be mean or anything but seriously. Go outside and get some friends and get a job. It does alot more for your life then it does to sit there and build an imaginary life for yourself on a computer.

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Sounds like someone hates the 3DS. Actually, if I'm right, Nintendo is going to have their Coins system for achievements. And you don't even know what kinds of games will be available for download besides Virtual Console. They could be high quality games. And if you don't recall, when the PSP came out they didn't give out large memory cards with it either. The pack Sony sold at first came with a 32MB card. Nintendo isn't going to give someone a 16GB SD Card. If you want to...

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Why does everyone want an NGP right now. They're so worried about defending it as the best portable system while they haven't even touched it and don't know a whole lot about it. They don't even know the more than a couple games WITHOUT release dates. Get a grip people.

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What's childish about the DS? It has GTA, Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, BloodStone 007, Goldeneye 007, Assassin's Creed I and II, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty 4, and more. There's nothing childish about a system that beat the adult oriented PSP with barely any games anyway.

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DS isn't all Mario games and actually the only Mario games announced for the 3DS this YEAR are Paper Mario and Mario Kart. There's alot of third party titles too, and you don't really even know what's coming out for NGP yet besides a few games with no release date.

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Well said. Can't people get over it and stop trying to prove something is dominate that they didn't make. It's not their job! Let someone else do it ya crazies. Most if not all of you haven't actually even seen one in person. Just stop and get both ya fruit loops! XD

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Intead of actually wasting brain power on it why don't people just wait to see the price and the games of the NGP. Then if they still can't decide then why not buy both? Oh, light bulb! XD

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Yeah, but it could have been a little smaller. I at least want something to put in my pocket and not look like I'm hiding an iPad on me.

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Read it again and then see if I don't know what I'm talking about alphakennybody.

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For sure. Nintendo needs something amazing if they want to destroy NGP. It won't have to worry about beating the NGP, but if they don't want to lose some of their share they need to whip some a$$. haha!

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Like I said to Jio they didn't say it was a failure. Read again.

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It didn't say that. It said it had the best graphics for a portable system so far. And then said,"(untill NGP)".

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Learn to read. It said, "The PSP was, while not the worst portable system, pretty much a failure. Well, not a failure. But not as big a success as it could have been, especially in the US." And it didn't say anything about a price point. It predicted that it will be around or higher than the 3DS' price. READ THE WORDS!!!!

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i agree but it's not that innovative. I mean yes, they have 3G and HD graphics and tons of power, but that's what happened the last time Sony and Nintendo released portable systems. Nintendo didn't have the bet graphics but they had tons of innovation. And this time they have 3D and an impressive online system. But I guess Sony has better chances then they did with the original PSP with it's TWO touchpads and all of it's other features. I guess the deciding factor will be ...

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The NGP looks really cool. But has anyone else noticed that it's kind of huge and a little ugly? It's not horrible looking but it's not really that good looking. If it was smaller it would already have me sold but I don't know. I hope it isn't the final system and Sony makes some changes. Bubble up if you agree.

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I don't understand why people care that much about achievements. They don't even unlock anything. They're just there. They do nothing people and if you get some sense of pride from getting all of the trophies in a game than you need to go outside and get a life. No offense.

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SEGA's too stupid to ever do something like that.

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Actually I would never buy a Windows 7 phone in my life and I would only buy a PSP phone if it was cheeper than the iPhone.

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