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Obviously this is coming from someone who hates Nintendo so it's no different than Nintendo Fans so be quiet. And what makes you think the Vita will dominate? The fact that the PSP destoryed the DS? Oh wait a minute....... Chances are now the Vita will do even better than the PSP but I don't see Nintendo being toppled by a portable Sony.

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The only reason people think the 3DS will fail is because for some reason everyone wants it too. How many 3DS articles do you read that say, "3DS Predicted Top Seller," or ,"3DS Will Beat Vita," because I doubt it. Everyone is writing doom stories and only about this system. The DS didn't have this much attention to it's sales. Have you checked where the sales were for both systems a few months into launch? Didn't think so.

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Why is everyone so concerned about this one save thing? It's not that big a deal. the fact that it's a game where you try to get a highscore especially. And I'm sure they let you replay levels just like Resi Evil 3D. Why does everyone complain about it?

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Could you think of dumber things to compain about?

Region Locking? The DSi actually does the same thing along with the 360 like you said. Niether of the two have problems selling to others. Just wait to play your games and get over it!
Delays? This one I can kind of understand because some great games are being delayed but that isn't the fault of Nintendo and it actually makes zero sense since some of them are still coming out this year in Japan.
Too many ...

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I doubt it will bomb. There are so many people that buy Nintendo systems just for Mario and Zelda. Ocarina was a remake which I think shook away some people that didn't feel the need to play it again. But just wait for Kid Icarus and Mario to start polluting the system with tons of games. It will sell just fine. Not polluting but that's the only word I could think of.

And even if it does bomb for some crazy reason. Nintendo has had failures before. Everybody acts lik...

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Have you played a DS??? Alot of the original DS games have this same problem. This is a dumb example but Sonic Rush on the DS does this.

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If they made a controller how many people would make games that use it? Most people that aren't gamers and just want an iPad won't buy it because they don't care enough to get something like that. And most gamers, at least on N4G don't like to use their iPad or iPhone to play video games. Oh and also, an extra controller to carry gets rid of any portability for any of them. Carryig around two different devices is a hassle. I'll stick to my 3DS untill it's built in with...

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It's not Kirby Wii anymore anyway it's Kirby Returns to Dreamland I think.

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Not really, it should be more like Resident Evil Revelations. Revelations is gonna be alot more scary than Resi4. It looks like it will be alot better. We don't want the same thing because that's pretty much what they did with Resident Evil 5. Except for the exclusion of any scary moments at all, at least Resident Evil 4 could be Scary when it wanted to be. Thee castle area was my favorite spot because of that.

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Of course they'll be good. They aren't any different. Yes they tweaked some things and a few small features were added but they're always the same. I don't understand why people keep buying them they just don't excite me.

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Not all of these are that big of a problem and some Capcom isn't alone on. Nintendo has more localization issues than them. DR 2 Lite, if you didn't want to pay for it than don't, why does it matter to you? They could of just not had a demo. Killing off a character? Every series does it at some point and he'll probably come back. Rehash? Have you played Call of Duty? Erasing a save? A ton of games do that so why are people complaining now? The only big problem I see is the two...

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Well duh!!!! Thanks for spreadign your wisdom with us, we never would have known. XD But really? who wants to wear glasses to watch a movie? Not me. That's why I love my 3DS. I just can't wait untill they have glasses free TV's. The 3D is good enough and will be better than you think blown up on a big screen. The 3DS and 3D phones probably have limited 3D. If they had things floating in the air and coming really far out it would be really straining and too much.

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Is it just me or am I the only one that realises that the Wii version has local splitscreen that I play almost every day?

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these updates are getting worse. I want original games!!!! Virtual Console would be cool if it had more games and better games from more systems. GBA, GBC, GB, Game Gear, and there are so many more that I'm not remembering. Nintendo! Sign some contracts and make some deals to get better software to download. For the summer that's what will save the 3DS untill the holidays.

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I would love to hear about my grammatical errors. Did you even read my comment? It said nothing about why she played an Ocarina, obviously it's because of a video game. But that's what I'm saying. It's like posting a video with a professional guitar player because you can play the guitar in Rock Band. Really, just don't comment anymore.

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As cool as this is why is it being posted on N4G? Yes Zelda has an Ocarina in it and it's a main item. Aren't you smart. But posting this is like posting about Scott the professional gun sword guy because Assassin's Creed has a sword. If we're going that far lets get crazy. How about the man that runs because Sonic runs fast? lol!

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Yeah but is it really a gaming expirience? Mabey you see different but I don't consider it to be that. Bejewled and generic tetris games don't excite me. Just my opinion but they don't even compare to iPhone apps. And I don't consider many iPhone apps to be games.

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Didn't mean it by screen size but I just mean that I'd prefer to watch it on my 3DS than my iPhone. Mabey I'm just crazy but I don't see my phone as the device I want to do everything on. It's a phone. Nothing more. And the fact that Netflix says that it will start bringing 3D content to Nintendo 3DS is really cool.

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Do you realise how much a PS3/Vita combo would be? Obviously not. How much would they really knock of the price? Knowing Sony probably not even anything. I'm getting a Vita anyway so it doesn't matter to me because I'll have both. I just don't see how they can convince people that don't care as much to buy both to play games. And by innovative I mean that Nintendo is usually better on that side of things. Yes, Sony has motion control and all of the other new stuff coming ...

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Stop comparing Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 to each other!!! Why do people think they're so similar?? It's like comparing Tomb Raider to Resistance! And who cares how much the game sells anyway. You should just worry about playing it and leave the people behind it to worry about sales.

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