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It seems petty to Xbox gamers but people that grew up with it on playstation did just get a big middle finger thrown at them. For the fan base it just isn't particularly logical. It's like Sony announcing Call of Duty exclusive to their platforms, clearly the popular console to play that game is Xbox so you'd have an uprising. I still don't think it will stay exclusive anyway. I can see this going the way of Rayman Legends even though that would probably hurt the game even mor... #19
Not even just that. It's the fact that it is exclusively on last gen hardware. On twitter every time I see Ubisoft promoting the game almost every tweet in reply to it is "Why no PC?" Or "Why no Wii U?" Or "Why no PS4 and Xbox One?". If you need to put it on last gen hardware then fine I'm sure plenty of people still only use those systems but the millions of people that did upgrade don't want to dig out an old system they just put away to play a new... #2
That's what I think the biggest problem with the Wii U is, missed opportunities like this. The gamepad will never be a full blown tablet but with the tablet-like interface the ability to use entertainment apps on the thing is way underutilized. The two screen interface would make apps seemless while Nintendo TVii integration could leave them all with a slick unified interface. Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, HBO Go, Beats Music, Twitch, Crackle, Max Go, Redbox Instant; the list is endless. Wh... #4
My point wasn't to make it not feel Japanese or drastically change it but simple things to make it more mainstream. Skyward Sword was already a big step forward story wise. It was the most cinematic Zelda yet and if they could build on that they could make it a bigger, more epic Zelda that fans craze and mainstream gamers love. This doesn't mean changing the game. Neither does voice acting. Do I want Link to talk? If he did I would be furious. But I don't want to have to read what... #4.1.1
If Nintendo plans on Zelda being a system seller they need to westernize and modernize the Zelda series. I could live with more games just as they've been but if they want to expand the Zelda audience and make it a modern gaming giant it needs some updates. It should be a bigger open world and less linear first of all in the same way as Link Between Worlds was. Secondly voice acting is a must. A game with as deep as a story as a Zelda title with HD graphics and no voice overs is just sill... #4
I think this price is fine. It comes with a $50 game inside so really your system comes out to be $250. You can get either Nintendo Land or Zelda bundled with your system so you even have a selection now to pick from whether you want a casual game or true Nintendo game. Would the system being $250 help it even more? Sure, of course. But so would making the system $50. They're already selling the system at a loss as is and they won't go further for awhile. Price will probably remain th... #22.1.1
Am I not understanding the logic behind half of you? Somebody please explain to me how they think that $300 is too expensive? I mean I completely understand if you don't like the games coming out and don't see it being worth the $300; but when I see people saying "Drop the price another $50 and add in more memory." What planet do you live on? They are a COMPANY. And companies need this crazy thing called money to survive. They're already selling this thing at a loss. It... #31
As much as I would love for this to be true it's not exactly the case. Yes games like Need for Speed were better on Wii U. For a fact. I even liked having the second screen map on Assassin's Creed to have a larger view. But then there were sloppy games like Madden that were inferior to other versions. Third parties have the tools to make better games but then again like smashcrashbash said above me when the PS4 and Xbox One come out this fall I don't know how it will compare. I... #4
It'd be great on Vita just don't see it happening unfortunately. But I'd love ANYTHING right now for my Vita. Last year I played my Vita more than my 3DS with Assassin's Creed and Little Big Planet AND Battle Royale but this year there is NOTHING that I would want to play or really nothing in general. I was disappointed with it this E3. #6.1.1
I REALLY hope this is true. The original was such a great game and if they took some of the ideas they had especially from the teaser trailer with the Chris clone looking thing? It could be AMAZING. And if they stayed on the 3DS then that's really cool too. It seems that Resident Evil does the best when it's on Nintendo consoles. I mean look at RE0, RE Remake, RE4 and RE Revelations. Then look at RE5, RE6, Operation Raccoon City, Gun Survivor, etc. Although if they are going to hypoth... #8
I would agree if they weren't in such a tough spot right now. Why was this E3 so safe and disappointing feeling? Because they did it on purpose. They're pushing out games that have proven time and time again that they sell systems. Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda and Smash Bros. Every single one of these games will keep Nintendo fans coming back to buy and even some casual players like Reggie said in interviews can be persuaded to buy one for the new Mario Kart or 3D Mar... #11.3
I don't see why everyone thinks that the answer is a price drop. The basic model with a console and controller is $100 cheaper than a PS4 and $200 cheaper than an Xbox One. If you want Nintendo Land, the Gamepad stands and the Deluxe Digital Account then pay the extra $50 because the added value from the Basic Set is about $80 saving you thirty. What I think they really need to do is make a great game to bundle in the Deluxe Set that isn't Nintendo Land because clearly it doesn't... #14
Should that live tv demo have impressed me more? The Kinect integration was kinda cool but I was expecting a few mort features than something like Nintendo TVii; and it takes up space on the one screen. Weird. #217
I feel like Sonic is more successful on Nintendo systems anyway. I mean at the start of the last generation which game was better, Sonic 2006 or Sonic and the Secret Rings? Which version of Sonic Generations got better reviews? Which series was better, Sonic Rush or Sonic Rivals? I mean I could keep going. Sonic has better ties to Nintendo and the Nintendo fanbase so it makes sense to release these games for the Wii U and 3DS. People who play games like Mario and Donkey Kong are probably more... #2
I think it's ironic that just two years ago EA was all for the Wii U going on stage at E3 and everything announcing their support. Shows how bad of a position the Wii U is in right now, I hope Nintendo know how to turn it around and fast. Although if the Worst Company in America vote for the past two years means anything its probably that EA isn't known for making the best choices. #18
I wonder if the Wii U version is considered a next-gen version by Ubisoft or not. If all they're doing is adding the connected features and new controller features then the Wii U could clearly handle that with Miiverse and the GamePad. And if the graphics aren't improved to the level of what we saw at the PS4 press conference I don't see any reason why the Wii U wouldn't get the better version. But then again they could be going crazy with the PS4 and third Xbox editions. #27
I hope the final one has a few cosmetic changes if this is the real deal, which I think it is. Sony will probably make the new Dualshock or whatever they call it to resemble the Vita's controls a little more like this prototype. The dpad and the control sticks resemble the Vita's. Move integration is interesting but not sure how it would be implemented into a two handed controller, and I'm curious about the supposed touch pad that is like two inches big. I feel like it has to be a... #102
Does anyone see a connection between this and the rumor that a Resident Evil Mercenaries game was coming to the Wii U eShop? I think that's what we're going to finally see some bargain HD upgrade like Revelations with maybe new characters and locations, but it would have to be cheap like thirty MAYBE forty bucks for anybody to want to buy it. This could be what Capcom was saying they're announcing for the Wii U really soon. #3
While it kind of sucks yeah and I'd definitely prefer to get them for free I see what they're doing. You can play you're old Wii Virtual Console games on your Wii U already, just in Wii mode. If you want the Miiverse, game saves, and control options then you have to pay the dollar. I don't think it's that bad of a deal. What does suck is that you can't do the same if you own them on the 3DS. If I own a Virtual Console game on my 3DS too I don't see why I should pay... #10
Even if they didn't save any new games, which I'm sure there's SOMETHING at least on the 3DS showing off the new Smash Bros. is enough to make every Nintendo fan go nuts. They know what they're doing. Even if we know what we're going to see it doesn't make seeing it any less awesome. New 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, third party games, 3DS games, actual footage of Wind Waker HD. #5.1.1
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