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There have been some weird opinion pieces about fallout 4 lately.

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Would you say it's bigger than Skyrim or Vegas?

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This really means nothing until people run across the map and see how long it takes.

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Game companies don't owe you anything. Bethesda would have delayed it if they thought it was broken and would turn into Skyrim again. I like that they were going to keep a ton of content from us to be surprised by.

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I quit a match. Nothing happened.

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I love Halos story. I know the books and lore though. That may be the difference though.

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Wendigo Hunter. Sounds do dumb. Lolz

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Why don't we just wait till the end of the year?

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This makes me worry about what they are going to do with Mass Effect Andromeda. 60 bucks for every piece of content is so stupid.

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I can't imagine the anxiety of opening a door and bring chased.

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If that's how people want to spend their money why not?

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I can't wait till the same article from a different website comes out next week

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My friend and I are a little disappointed also. We feel like it is too easy. The missions are so short that is no fun. We also average 30 kills and 13 deaths in multiplayer.

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I think all he wants is the graphics to match how beautiful he thinks the story will be. I don't think that is a bad thing. Asking for money after raising a lot isn't a great idea but I think he is justified.

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Does Dogmeat have to follow you or can I kill him and go at it alone?

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Did I watch the wrong video? Looked like the fight from E3

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They bought him therapy sessions.

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Nvidia had no where near the capital to hammer it away from Microsoft. Apple realized that they can't escape then so they partenered with the new iPad.

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There is no way an in-house Nintendo game should have those textures that are that bad. Other Nintendo games have looked really great on the Wii u

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