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The whole point of the link was that they partnered with oculus.

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"PlayStation is a business that is known to iterate and to evolve hardware products." This means the first version of this will be useless in the next 2-3 years probably. He would have talked about updating the software otherwise.

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I'll get the switch for Zelda alone. Xbox is going to have to blow me away for me to buy the Scorpio this year since I already own a One.

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I just don't understand why they don't make a console and a handheld. It's so simple but they need their gimmick. So annoying.

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You're an idiot if you think GOW, Ni No Kuni 2, Death Stranding, or The Last of Us are coming out in 2017.

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Why is this conversation still a thing?

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I work 3-12 hour days and 1-4hr day so I have plenty of free time. Git Gud.

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I don't buy games based on reviews. I feel people should go in blind and experience and form their own opinions. I get some people like to read and get the general consensus on how it plays. If I do this I usually end up fixating on a problem that stood out to them and I don't enjoy it that much.

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I'm hyped for Agony. It looks so interesting. Not an instant buy but I can't wait to see where it goes.

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On the website it says 117 for xbox and 38 for PS4. I think people are just recycling stories for clicks.

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Only if you cum with me baby

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If they advertise, plaster their name, and buy the rights to play exclusively on their console then they should take at least 10%. Just saying pal

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Our love

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Yep. Remastered games are tough. Thanks for the reply boo

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Love you dad.

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Slaying it like that superior mod support and taking the blame for no man's sky. Oh wait...

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