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It has ties to the older one though.

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Regenerative health could be a shot of adrenaline or a foam that keeps you from bleeding out so technically he isn't wrong.

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My friends and I have been playing a lot of Overwatch but after a few games it turns into work more than fun and we have more fun on Halo right now.

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He did disclose it when others didn't. If people would only read an article they would know. It's sad to see this mob mentality when nobody does their homework. It wasn't illegal when the video was released to disclose payments and yet he still did. He is just the biggest name so they use it.

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He did disclose it. But like most people on here let's jump to conclusions and run his name into the ground.

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I get to eat my came because they said these games are coming out in a year. Don't get upset that you have to wait 2-3 years to play the games shown. Microsoft it's trying to change that while Sony adds to the problem.

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Like Microsoft's response to Sony when they showed games coming out within a year when Sony showed games that are 2-3 years out. Didn't Sony buy rights to No Man's Sky and COD DLC? What about ea access? Backwards compatibility? Ridiculous amounts of dedicated servers?

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That would be a huge surprise from Nintendo is this was true.

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We are talking about Ubisoft right? It's just going to be downgraded anyways. No point in pointing it out.

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Some people won't be able to afford the Scorpio. Plus all games are still coming to it and it has 4k output for video. Some people will use it as their media box sadly.

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Hmm. That's probably why everything is still in development.....

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Fallout 4 in VR on Xbox. Hype train!

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I'm with you. I loved Oblivion. The story grabbed me more than Skyrim.

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When they have a team that talented and a group of writers that strong it should be hard to mess up. They are pumping out nothing but quality so good on them.

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I would have rather had Oblivion or Morrowind. It's going to have to have some sort of exponential upgrade for me to even want to play it.

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There have been some weird opinion pieces about fallout 4 lately.

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Would you say it's bigger than Skyrim or Vegas?

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This really means nothing until people run across the map and see how long it takes.

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Game companies don't owe you anything. Bethesda would have delayed it if they thought it was broken and would turn into Skyrim again. I like that they were going to keep a ton of content from us to be surprised by.

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