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I think it has some serious potential. I'd just like to hear more about it first before forming an opinion.

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I don't like playing cage games because of the menial tasks that are built into the game. I do however love too watch people play his games. Usually very entertaining.

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I thought E3 in general was a huge let down. Microsoft had some cool indie games but I feel that AAA games were a let down in every big conference.

Edit: Nintendo was good for it's amount of time.

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I actually don't know. But thanks for assuming.

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Does anyone know if it's the special edition?

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Can't wait to how much then new GOW has improved.

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4k is great and all but I like HDR a lot more. TVs should try to perfect that and by that time more games will be able to run at 4k.

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It also says Halo 6

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Rockstar vs Ubisoft does not equal fierce.

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It lasted 2 hours. How is this an article?

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$500 seems reasonable to me.

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Windows 10 and gaming is becoming ridiculously good. I don't see why anyone wouldn't try to upgrade. So many benefits.

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Such hate lately. I get this is mostly a sony site but damn. E3 is so close. People have been begging for this.

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This would be bad for gaming all around. In no way should a consoles capability be hindered by exclusive rights.

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So disappointed. lololol

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A couple of the Devs actually posted the link on twitter saying they appreciated the perspective.

Edit: Link to one of them.

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Why is he so angry? It's like he is trying to be negative.

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I always thought they should buy the Turok license and revamp that into an open world game like Far cry.

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No one else thinks it looks a little empty? Things also break before the animations start. Needs some polish. Looks like it has promise.

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Because ugly people exist?

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