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@Ju Wow, the Wii U can do alot of that, and more, it has 2 times more ram memory, and it has a much more powerful GPU man it is sad to see blind fans who will not even look at hard evidence. Just complain about a machine they have not played, nor will they play. Evidence means nothing right?

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What? They show video, they compared them, and should have done it at launch? Do we remember the ps3, and 360 launch games? Any new machine will look better as they use newer tech. And how was NSMB, and Nintendo land overpriced? And Pikmin is not even out yet? Oh give me a break.

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Yeah, but a lot of you where saying that the Wii U did not look better, and isn't that the point? To look better no matter how old the hardware is? LOL The Wii U version looks as good as the PC version the LAST GEN versions do not. Get over it, Wii U like the ps4, and 720 is next gen.

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Thank you Criterion, the Wii U is more powerful than the ps3, and 360, again none of the machines will look much better, but need for speed does look better, so that there proves the power of the Wii U.

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@ShinMaster so he tells you a fact, and you want him to ask for help? That is when you can tell people have been beaten in a argument is when they resort to this kind of behaviour, even sony, and microsoft who admit to financial troubles, are trying to tell you all to brace yourselves that their new machines will not be as powerful as you think, you will just not listen, it is like common sense does not compute, enjoy the games, the graphics will look better than ps3, and 360, and there will...

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You love nintendo LOL What a joke. Troll folks, nope the only thing that is gonna happen is reality will hit you in the face, and you will not know what to think, the PS4, and 720 will look better than the ps3, and 360 but not by a lot, they will look like the wii u, and if we go by you, the PS4 will have to cost 600 to just keep from losing a whole lot of money, sorry wake up, ps4 is not gonna beat a super computer, it will be like the Wii U, then you fan boy dream will come crashing down so...

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LOL Oh brother no, it is just a reality check, sony is losing money, lots of it, and they have laid people off, a lot of them, so please tell me how they are gonna be in better shape? They lost 5 billion on the ps3. Yes spending money and losing more in this unstable economy is so smart :P lol

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True that man. Or maybe the Wii u would have fit better cause i have seen PC ports come to the Wii U, nothing beats PC, but the wii u is more powerful than the PS3, and 360.

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@NathanExplosion So, sony which has uncharted, killzone, ratchet and clank. What new have they come up with? Well the last of us, but nintendo does innovation with games like Mario Galaxy, Metriod Prime, wonderful 101, pikmin, also the new monolith game on Wii U, Nintendo innovates, sony, and microsoft go for brand names as well, gee COD, GTA, so give me a break, a lot of gamers are still stuck in 1993, Mortal Kombat is over people, sure Nintendo does need more games, which if you want to mak...

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With a lot of people laid off at Sony Computer Entertainment, Naughty Dog lost a lot of developers to Retro Studios, and with only Killzone, which is hardly a Halo size hit, coming out, i would not be so confident, and the price will be at least 400 or 500. The economy is worse nowadays, and with a lot of big titles coming to the wii u, sony better have some big games, if not why buy one? This time there is no blu ray exclusive, and now they are a year behind nintendo, and it takes more peopl...

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Yeah it is next gen, like Need for Speed which unlike the ps3, and 360 versions it is based on the PC version cause th 360, and PS3 are not next gen, Wii U is, and when you see the PS4 which even sony said was not gonna be more powerful than the Wii U your delusional fan boy world will come crashing down.

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yes the game does look awesome and again. when the ps4 and 720 come out, expect the exact same thing, a small difference, it will be a little better, but the graphics WILL NOT BLOW AWAY THE NEXT GEN WII U OR THE CURRENT GEN PS3 OR 360!! just a fact, wait until tomorrow when the ps4 is shown, I will laugh my butt off, when fanboys pass out from heart failure, when not if but when the ps4's in game graphics, NOT TECH DEMOS OR PRERENDERED FULL MOTION VIDEO, shows that the graphics are not be...

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LOL Troll. Eveyone who has played the Wii U version has said it was the best version. I smell a troll ladies and gentlemen.

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Looks awesome, I loved the one on the wii, and i cannot wait to play this one :)

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You mean like Bayonetta 2? Yeah

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So says a troll. Hey look at need for speed, the wii u version looks as good as the PC version, wow can't say that about the current gen now can we?

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Uh huh. Where we in this bad of an economy then? Times have changed, and if the ps4 is 400 or 500 with no big games, it will not sale that well. And the wii u, you can use used games on the machine, ps4 if the rumor is true, you cannot. And also no excuse, the ps3 got off to a slow start, for upper middle class people who are the playstation's big audience, they should have bought it no excuses. It like the wii u, and 3ds got off to a slow start, deal with it.

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Live in dream land kid. Nintendo wil be around, and their line up will be so good that the ps4, and 720 will not be albe to compete. And Nintendo will be cheaper, sony too powerful oh yeah the ps3 really destroyed them in the sales. And microsoft lost 10 billion in the last year, they do not have as much as before, so you might want to worry about them.

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What slump? The Wii u sales are not far off from what the wii u was doing. And 360, and ps3 got off to really mediocre starts, yet no one paniced. Also sony, and microsoft have lost billions, so they do need to worry. Nintendo will always have the loyal franchise fans, and their portable, not so much for sony, and microsoft. And if their machines will not meet high exspectations, one of them might be the one to go under. Let's see if either one can match the line up Nintendo is going to h...

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And no ther current gen consoles can use pc textures only next gen can. wii u is next gen, sorry get over it.

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