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This review is completely irrelevant.

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This ^

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The original point of PS+ while it was FREE was for free games and discounts.

Now they force you to pay for it. Not sure why that should curb our expectations.

With that said, because we have to have PS+ to play online, they have less incentive to give us these free games. They don't have to sell the PS+ service anymore because it is required.

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I would, but the PS+ version they promised last year isn't out...

Good thing those mirages look great!

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It typical fanboy love/hate. The game was over hyped and didn't live up to it, so you have one side still calling it a masterpiece and the other side who will say the opposite. In reality, it is probably somewhere in the middle.

I am a Sony first gamer, but with that said, It is kinda scary to see people completely ignoring the promises made to us loyal Sony fans with the complete fuck up the PS+ version of the game. Now you have them releasin...

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Kinda a slap in the face.

PSN goes down over Christmas, so what does Sony do....runs a promotional sale that will make them more money.

You are correct, they didn't have to do this. But if you are only going to give 10% off, might as well not give anything at all.

Not to mention if this was XBL, you along with 90% of everyone else here would be demanding this.

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Uhh.... all over the place.

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As a PS4 only owner (thinking about getting XBone though), I think that Sony needs to step it up. I am ok with waiting on exclusives, as I know they will come. They need to step up everything else. PS+ offerings, apps, features are all lacking after a year.

The lack of all this plus the lack of games at the moment makes Sony look stagnant.

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I love the improved ergonomics of the controller.

My only problems are:

- The brightness on LED lights (which im assuming will be fixed through software)

- The shorter battery life. If the main contributor to the shorter battery life is the LED lighting, than I think they really need to get that fixed.

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I have no reason to be happy with MS buying minecraft since I only own a PS4 on next gen, but I have been around this site long enough (5+ years) to know that there is an obvious bias towards Sony (warranted or not).

Cruzngta isn't too far by saying that if Sony bought Minecraft, it would be looked at as a good thing on this site and another reason why "Sony is killing it and will continue to outpace MS."


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You cannot realistically leave out the effect that the words "Naughty Dog" has on the popularity of this game.

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I am a huge UC and ND fan and I didn't even finish UC3.

It was unfortunately just not as good as the previous 2 for me.

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I politely disagree.

I think TLoU became popular directly because of the success of UC and the ability of ND to tell a great story. The post apocalyptic setting and the infected we really just a small piece of popularity that this game garnered pre-release.

I think TWD is a good comparison but in a different way. TWD has been very successful (although not quite as good as the first season) because it is not about zombies and the post apocalyptic world, but in...

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The One version doesn't look as good as the PS4 version, but you are blind if you can't tell that it is looks closer to the PS4 version than last gen.

You can also look at the high res version of this comparison for more proof.

Using Youtube for this type of comparison is a joke.

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I love trophies...but i hate how they are implemented.

It was a little more acceptable when you could view them offline, but you are telling me I have to sync for 20-30 seconds everytime I earn one if I want to look at them?

There had to be a reason they made them online only, but I really have no idea.

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LULZ.....Both services have been out how long?

Give me a break.

And you wanna talk about fanboys...its pretty obvious that the people most pissed about XBL charging (**most** not all) don't have an xbox, never had an xbox, and will never get an xbox.

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No it hasn't. If it is up to the same standard then why aren't people switching.

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Why don't you blame Sony for not being able to deliver a service equivalent to what other people are willing to pay money for.

And intead of blaming Sony, you blame the people who recognize the difference in quality and MS just because they aren't Sony.

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I have both and can tell you that PSN is where it is today because of XBL. I actually prefer my PS3 over my 360 for multiplats, but besides the fee (which is still not a big deal), XBL was the model that Sony followed to better PSN. Its really as simple as that.

PSN would look very different if XBL did not come first and I really don't think anyone can argue.

With that said, XBL never stopped being the "gold standard." XBL doesn't stop being...

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"The whole "If you can't afford it..." thing gets really old."

What gets really old is PS3ers telling 360 players what they should and shouldn't purchase and what they should and shouldn't be mad at MS for.

Bottom line...MS is providing a service for a VERY low price and the demand for that service is there.

"Everybody knows you have to draw the line somewhere. $5 here and $5 there adds up. If I bought e...

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