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there are free to play games that are FAR better than any multiplayer naughty dog has ever, or will ever create, stick to single player dudes, its what you do best

btw, StarCraft 2 is by the best multiplayer game ever created

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hope it goes back to hardcore roots, before the dumbed down Vegas games

Rainbow Six 3 was the last great one

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game was awesome, epic fun with a few friends/family

so sick of these dorks who think they are somehow owed 5000 hours of gameplay

the game is great fun, takes a good 25-30 hours to beat and is pretty good for a second run through.....notice all the crybabies are the losers who have played the game 9 times through and are mad they don't get enough drops

move on to another game nerd

or go play some lame console game like vanquish w...

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starcraft 2 is about 1,000,000 times better and deeper

infinitely more strategy, infinitely better

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diablo 3 is a great game, not perfect, but very good, I'm glad ps3/4 is getting it, ps3 has a severe lack of dungeon crawling/loot hording/co-op goodness

I cannot fathom why there has not been another champions of norrath game

that said, path of exile, which is free to play, is a much better looking, playing, running game, much deeper, much longer, and way more replayability

check it out;

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fxaa explains all the jaggies, too bad more rams not gonna help with anti aliasing and in the end the game will still probably have annoying jaggies everywhere

should have spent less money on ram (not that its expensive) and more money on a WAY better gpu and cpu!

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better graphics than ps4 on a handheld, and a library of games larger than ps3/360/ps4/nextbox combined!! count me in!!

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here's hoping the next xbox has way more power than the ps4

we need something on the console side that can at least compete with a 2 year old gaming pc

and the ps4's 1.6 ghz cpu and laptop gpu are NOT going to cut it

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the console versions run in sub hd, the pc versions can run in ultra high hd resolutions, there is no video player in the world that can even come close to showing you how amazing this game looks running on a high end pc, and youtube or whatever player makes the xbox360/ps3 version look way better by compressing the horribly low res, jaggie covered nightmare that is every console game down

pc games from 2004 look better than 99% of ps3/360 games ever created, don't delude...

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ahhhh e3.....where fake trailers and bullshots are shown, and the gullible gobble it up

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not trying to be a jerk, but I think the word you are looking for is direct "sequel"

though to be honest sequence is quite close and does mean something following another and really does makes sense, it just sounds different the way you were wording your question, not trying to pick on you.....just thought you may like to know.

on topic, cannot freaking wait for metro ll

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path of exile

planetside 2

blacklight retribution

team fortress 2


there are so many amazing free to play games on pc, hope my ps4 gets the same love!

1597d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment much as I want a ps4, and as happy I am that the consoles are FINALLY getting a refresh, (was needed 3 years ago), these screens literally have nothing on pc from years ago even , and that just blows everything ps4 will ever do away

ps4 will be about on par with a 3 year old gaming pc, not a bad thing mind you, still 10x more powerful than ps3

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pc version ftw!

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the ps4/nextbox version will look like the pc version on medium at best, anti aliasing an AF will be Dramatically decreased, there will be FAR more pop-in, less detailed textures, shorter draw distance, much slower performance, etc.

if you want the best version, obviously it will be on pc, but the ps4 and nextbox versions will certainly be much better than the ps3/360 versions

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this is going to be so funny

you guys are not even going to get native 1920x1080 in ps4 and nextbox games

there's going to be tons of weird resolutions because the tech is weak



lol.....sure they'll put 1080p on the box, they did that all last gen too and yet alan wake was 940x540

they love to lie to you kiddies, and you guys love to lap it u...

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pc has about 200x the exclusives, 20x the power, 500,000,000,000 times the mods, 100x the sales/deals/crazy cheap games, 1000x better online with dedicated servers and 50 different chat options, 30x the multitasking and backwards compatibility going back to the 80's

have fun re-buying all your old games again like you did last gen, I'll just be emulating ps3 games on my pc like I did with all my ps2 games in 1080p at 60 frames with 8x anti aliasing.


1598d ago 6 agree20 disagreeView comment're a funny kid, this game on pc already smashes everything the ps4 will EVER do

man these console only kids, so deluded

ps4 cannot even compete with a high end gaming rig from 2011, don't fool yourself

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that's some tasty pc graphics right there

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lol...these guys love selling rich women their own fat asses back to them

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