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It's the focus on the large fake boobs that make it seem sexualized. There's no head, no face, no limbs. Just a torso with two great big melons right in the center of it.

Why not give her smaller boobs? Or give her a one piece bathing suit? Or make a male torso instead? Because they wouldn't sell as well as a big breasted female.

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Yes, but it isn't a bloody male torso that's being mass marketed to the gamer crowd. It's a female torso. And not only a female torso, but one with enlarged boobs and a bikini top. Which brings up all sorts of unfortunate implications about the gaming industry.

I'm not offended by it. But the concept itself makes me side eye the developers. It's not the torso part that bothers me, however. But the large breasts that seem to be there to titilate the audie...

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I don't mean to sound like a feminazi but are they serious with this??? It quite literally reduces a woman to her "sexy parts". (and of course they're not coming out with a severed male torso because everyone knows women don't play games - they just get cut up in them)

No wonder we gamers get branded as sexists or juvenile basement dwellers. Shit like this just makes me embarassed to be a gamer.

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Except we sadly don't live in a world where things like gender or race or religion don't matter to people. Yes it isn't the 1940s any more and thankfully our society has come very far since then. But that doesn't mean people aren't discriminated against nowadays. Especially if those people are a minority in their field of work.
I don't mean to sound like an ass but how can you read an article liek this that has FIRST HAND EXPERIENCES of women in the industry b...

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1. Seriously? You're defending the discrimination and harassment of women who work in the games industry because "it's a boy's club"? Yes there are going to be drawbacks for women in gaming because it is a male-dominated field, but that doesn't mean they should just shut up and expect to be treated like crap because of it. Good on them for standing up to it. If the games industry is as bad as these women say, then how could speaking up about it be a bad thing?

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Maybe I'm strange but I'm not even looking at her boobs in most of thise pics. It's her face that caught my eye. She's absolutely gorgeous!

The girl dressed as Aveline ain't half bad either.

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And Leon isn't? They're both different versions of the typical Hollywood Action Hero, with Chris being the gung-ho all-American-hero Rambo cliche, while Leon is the quiet-and-brooding-yet-deadly Clint Eastwood cliche.

Not that I don't like either character but one is hardly less cliche than another.

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This game getting some average reviews....

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I'm not a fan of J-POP but I do like this guy.

He has a really nice voice. Its better than most mainstream crap.

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Is it really a double standard though? Unless a girl is unsually strong or big, men generally have the advantage of being able to walk away or physically move the offending girl away. But I've been to clubs and seen instances where girls get physically dragged away from their friends or groped by someone without their permission. And they don't have the physical advantage that guys do, so there's not much they can do about it if the guy doesn't want to let them go. So I guess ...

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It might be an impossibility, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth fighting for. I'd rather prod at the bees nest than completely ignore the bees that are going to sting me anyway.

I don't want to make assumptions about your race or gender, but are you a white man by any chance? I'm only asking because I've never heard a minority person say that they "see hardly any prejudice". Prejudice is everywhere and it is something that many minority...

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" If sexism still exists, it's simply because we can't stop debating whether it does or doesn't matter."

That doesn't make any sense. Sexist people are still going to be sexist even if people suddenly stopped debating the existence of sexism. Just like racist people are still going to be racist even if people suddenly stopped bringing attention to racism. In fact, bringing attention to it is a good thing IMO. Because if it's ignored or pushed u...

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Because gays and black people are still considered a minority in the US and are usually just told to "shut up" or "deal with it" when they want to discuss the representation of their race or sexuality in the media. There are still a lot of issues in the gaming industry regarding the characterizations and representations of minority people in gaming (actually in all media) and conventions like this are a good way to discuss those issues and ideas without being told to "...

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You do realize N4G is not a 'positive thoughts only' site right? Members are allowed to discuss games in a negative manner as much as they are allowed to discuss games in a positive manner. So you really have no say in whether or not they 'shut the fuck up'

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The difference is that the muscle bound hulks are rarely created to appeal to women. They are created to appeal to male gamers. They're represented as the "ideal male", not the ideal sexual fantasy for a woman. Let's face it, characters like Marcus Fenix or Kratos aren't exactly the gaming equivalent of Brad Pitt or George Clooney or (forgive the example) Edward Cullen. The sexiest examples of male characters I can think of in mainstream games are either Solid Snake or ...

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Hmmmm I would not be surprised if this is some form of viral marketing. The vid looks a tad too professional to be done by some random gamer.

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I've explained my opinion and you're still not getting it (like, AT ALL) so I'm not going to bother replying any more. Try re-reading my comments before attempting to rebuff them with questions I have already answered.

And if you seriously cannot see the difference between male characters like Kratos and Voldo and female characters like Ivy and Juliet Starling......well I don't know what to say to that. And if you think I'm dirty minded because I think f...

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I liked FF13 to an extent but it was certainly missing something that other final fantasy games had:

1. The characters felt like anime or JRPG stereotypes instead of real people. It didn't help that they all had a similar facial features and body shapes too. I missed the team having diversity and meeting interesting non playable characters through out the game with varying personalities and stories to tell.

2. The world was boring to look at and was i...

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5. That still doesn't make it a scam. She can use that money for whatever methods of "research" she wants. The point is that the people who gave her their money know where it is going. Therefore it is not a scam. Spending money on something that other people find stupid doesn't mean you were scammed. Why? Because you KNOW what your money is going to......regardless of whether others think it is a waste of cash.

Now if she said she was using people's m...

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