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I really love my vita but I think the lack of microsd was a mistake. I have a 64gb card and I paid $100 for it.

I think piracy was with the risk for bigger markets share andvi still don't understand why are the cards so expensive :/

Wonderful system. #6
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I had no problems with the game being 30fps....but I just didn't really like it :/

I think they spent too much time/resources making the game extremely pretty (because it is) but ended up just not being fun.

The boss battles (or lack of) were the biggest letdown for me :( #12
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I bought it in Japan where it dropped to $20 shortly after launch....personally I didn't like the game.

I kinda struggled to finish it mostly cause I lost interest. I still can not explain why so many sections don't let you run (to extend play time?).

Also amazing how some chapters are just cinematics :/

To me is worth a rent, not a buy. #16
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That's still a lot specially for a Japanese developer now that they have mostly moved to mobile.
I guess it's good or bad depending on how much they end up using the Fox Engine (as I imagine that took a bunch of money).

This might be the first Metal gear I don't buy at launch :/ not happy with the way Konami is treating Kojima Productions.

I'll probably just buy it second hand (but would never skip it!) #3
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I think they are in a very tricky situation....kill the WiiU early to promote the NX (making early adopters angry) or keep pushing a polemic device (with some potential)?

Nintendo has done it before (the Wii took everyone by storm!!!)

I'm just so curious about their future hardware plans! #4
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Because it might sell extra copies and that's exactly what they are trying to avoid (or so it seems). #10
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DQ heroes is surprisingly good! Bought for PS4 and can't wait to see how it plays on Vita!

Announce a true DQXI and break the internets! (No online MMO please!) #6
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Just when you think Square Enix is finally listenig....really curious about sales!

Pretty sure it will be a fraction of the last game.

One year late? Maybe as a budget release but not full price. #128
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Mmmm...Microsoft is doing OK but PS4 is killing it.

Still more expensive with no free games and selling almost double every week worldwide.

I'm glad that MS managed to make a comeback! Competition is good for everyone :)

This Christmas they have the best exclusives but 2016 looks strong for Sony.

Only time will tell!

(Happy Ps4 owner since launch here) #4
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If it is like Burnout 3...day one for me.

I really missed slipt screen wand didn't really enjoy the open world of Paradise nearly as much :/ #10
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Didn't they announce FFVII for PS4 recently?

A port of the PC version....nailed it.

Not. #3
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Yes!!!!! This is easily on my top 3 most anticipated games!

Day one for me! Long live R&C.

Please bring me back some Jak&D...even though the sequels were a bit too action heavy for my taste. #32
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I can only think "fuck you" Konami.

I can only hope that MGSV is epic as it might be the last one I'll ever play. #20
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I hope it's Ni no Kuni 2!!! Is the PS4 the official console for JRPG's?!?

With Star Ocean, Persona, FFXV, Kingdom Hearts....seems like it! #14
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Microsoft dropping a ton of cash to prevent other gamers from playing a multiplatform game???

Sounds familiar #tombraider

It is different sponsoring a project (bayonetta 2...maybe street fighter 5) and cockblocking people. #5
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Just bought it and I gotta say its pretty good. I hated the whole "Dinasty Warriors" thing as I find it very repetitive.

The art direction is fantastic and the bosses are super fun to beat!

Really excited about 2 on Vita! #1.2.1
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Haven't played the game but it makes me wonder if it was possible on "last-gen" hardware".

Nothing I've seen about it seems impossible on PS3 (will lower res graphics). #17
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Easily in my top 3 anticipated PS4 games! I really miss ambitious AAA platform games :'(

Knack was OK....but hardly great. #31
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Late 2016 release? How many years have we been waiting now?

Don't want to imagine how far off Kingdom Hearts 3 is :'( #8
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I'm totally happy with 8's and around 10 hours of gameplay.

I love single player games with a hood stoey and nice graphics (Heavy Rain comes to mind). #7
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