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Interested to see how it sells. WiiU people have to vote with their wallets!!! Bayonetta 2 will be an interesting experiment for many publishers. #11
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Well.. living in Japan I can tell you that for them....its not stranger than being black or being a foreigner.

They see gay as one of those mysterious things foreigners do...since most Japanese gay men marry (a woman) anyway.

Nintendo is still a company (whose goal is to make money) and I'm sure more people would complain if it was included. #1
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How many years have we waited for the definitive kinect experience? Not saying it won't come...but asking consumers to keep waiting and forcing them to buy it seems a bit much... #2
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That awkward moment when a game releasing on many plarfforms is big news on WiiU :'( #2
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"Partnering" is sugarcoating "try to monopolize"....it was just so refreshing to see a company like Oculus do well....

I guess 2 billion "likes" are hard to decline. #4
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I hope they will. I absolutely love my Vita but it is kinda disappointing to see ports like the Jak & Daxter collection :( #3
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Sounds like the husband that beats you up repeatedly and says: "but I can change!!!".

Actions Microsoft. #6
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I have So-net in Japan....supposed to be the fastest internet you can get and speeds from PSN are INSANE. It took like 3 minutes to download and install Killzone.

All for 50 dollars a month with no data cap :) #9
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From my own experience living in Japan for years, price is not so important here. It is all about convincing them that THEY want if and specially that their circle of friends wants it too.

Shaving 20 dollars will do next to nothing IMO. #5
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Such a stereotypical and ignorant article.

Having lived in Japan for more than 5years I can tell you that people DO buy many foreign products....Louis Vuitton bags, iPhone, McDonalds....its not the place it was 20 years ago.

Microsoft is also a very respected company (believe it or not). But their gaming machines have never been designed for the Japanese market.

They are huge systems,rely onTV too much, Kinect is barely usable in tiny rooms,... #10
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If someone had told me two years ago "Microsoft's flagship title for the next Xbox will run 720p" I would have NEVER believed it.

I know resolution isn't everything but this is all kinda shocking... #30
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I think in Japan even more so than other countries...people follow specific games and new IPs are not as popular.

The moment games like FFXV, MGSV or GT7 release, sales will take huge spikes for a few weeks.

Japan has always been like that. Just look at the Monster Hunter releases! #14
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Well, I got mine on Saturday and bought no physycal games.

-Got Killzone from the US PSN (Amazon deal for 40bucks).
-Knack is a free download for launch units in Japan.
-Resogun is free on PSN.

There's not a lot out to be honest...the one game Japanese might like is Yakuza (selling quite well apparently)and the beta for FFXIV (the servers are packed).

It will be a while before a game for the Japanese market comes out... #8
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Got one day one in Japan and dont regret it!!! It is such an incredible handheld...I just wish people could see the value and quality it packs.

I really hope sales get better to get more third party support.....though I doubt it given the stupidity of most Japanese companies lately....I mean, Capcom and Square Enix. #12
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You seem to be stereotyping Gaga fans as gay.

Suddenly I think you are fat, fugly and ignorant...did I get 3\3 right? #1.2
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I'm currently playing both :\ they are great games...specially Tearaway.

I'm not sure how much they are selling, but I know that many of those must be from PSN, therefore hard to track.

Marketing can be blamed a little....but a market that relies on sequels and shooters can be blamed a lot. #4
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Im not concerned just yet. I sold my fat PS3 to buy a limited edition blue slim with GT5.

I will not buy GT6, but I sure will be there for anything on PS4 or even Vita.

I just cannot justify buying another one on PS3. #28
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I was also disappointed with the OLED change.

However, having played demos on the 2000 demo stations I can tell that the difference is minimal unless you put them next to each other.

The new model feels so much sleeker and the colors are really cool :( still deciding if I will upgrade :/

But you can't really go wrong with the new model. #8
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Got mine preordered at the Sony Building. It was kinda strange because they made me pay in full already. They guaranteed delivery by post on launch day.

I also got my limited edition Blue PS3 there while it sold out everywhere else.

Funny how people NEVER check the Sony Building to buy Sony products. #11
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Gonna wait until I play it before I decide how I feel about Knack.

I live in Japan and I have decided not to import an American system since Knack will come bundled here for free.

I like the character but the gameplay videos I've seen so far look way too basic :/ as in...enemies...next room...enemies...open door.

Maybe there is more they haven't shown? One can only hope. #6
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