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I just spent all day playing PSVR and I gotta say this is an amazing deal!

It already has a pretty solid selection of games (Rez Infinite, Farpoint, RE7, Thumper, Superhot VR, etc) with more to come like Doom, Ace Combat and Gran Turismo.

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Good luck Gran Turismo Sport 😅

As a former fan of the franchise, I hate to say it's really fallen behind Project Cars and Forza in many ways and early previews haven't been all that positive.

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If only Nintendo would release this on Switch.

Tons of gamers never owned a GC and would be HAPPY to buy this....but then again....Nintendo.

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I'd probably buy it. I already own it on PS3 but never have the time to play it when I'm home.

I'd love to play it on the train every day.

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Sonic Mania is surprisingly excellent 😍

For YEARS I wondered if I liked Sonic in the past only because I was a kid.

I played parts of Sonic 4 and the 2D levels of the PS3 games and they always felt messy and uncontrollable.

Mania is different. It always throws something different at me and the controls are TIGHT.

12d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment's not like the PS4 Pro is selling like crazy.

As a Pro owner I think it is nice, but not really necessary...original, harcore Xbox One owners might be a lot more tempted with the X.

They suddenly went from owning the weakest system this gen to the most powerful (without mentioning the Wii).

The question is...after almost 4 years, does it really matter?

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This is the perfect example of Microsoft's problems with the One X.

The main purpose of their new system is to grow their install base...and I really struggle to see how a higher resolution patch for a game that pretty much flopped (commercially and with critics) will sell Xboxes.

Stop investing in Hardware and get some proper exclusives.

The PS4 (not even the Pro) and the Switch will own Microsoft this holiday.

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While I mostly agree....was Crackdown 3 ever really considered a system seller?

Seems like only Microsoft believes that 🤔

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And price? And lack of popularity outside America? And multiplayer with your PS4 owning friends? And disliking Microsoft's policies? Their past hardware quality problems?

They really think that launching a more powerful console will fix anything don't they?

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I have to agree.

I've played many amazing games this year...Horizon, Hellblade, Ratchet and Clank...but none were as enjoyable as BOTW.

I literally couldn't put it down.....for 80 hours.

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At this stage nobody believes them.

They are the new Peter Molynewux....all hype and empty promises.

Whatever happened to Project Spark? And the REAL Phantom Dust remake? And Crackdown 3/the power of the cloud? Scalebound?

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This could be huge if true!

I mean...we eventually got Final Fantasy vs XIII (in the form of FFXV) and The Last Guardian.

Agent has been MIA for way too long!

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Mmmmm.....maybe stop hyping it?

I backed the project, so I will get it day one no matter what.

But so far, it seems like they are REALLY behind schedule....I doubt this will come out in 2018.

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I hope the fighting is similar to Hellblade (but with more variety)....the first trailers point to a similar system.

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At some point they need to stop asking people to believe and actually deliver.

The Xbox One has been a mess from a first party software perspective and there's little reason to believe things have changed.

And whatever happened to the cloud?

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Not surprised. The first one was amazing.

Level 5 is a great developer so I'm not really worried....however, do we have confirmation that Ghibli is working on this one too or are they officially out?

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So the first game sold 1.7 million units 10 years ago.

The sequel sold 1.1 million 7 years ago.

I think the mistake was hyping it as THE game to get with your brand new Xbox One X and delaying it last minute.

I will honestly be extremely surprised if this game is a commercial/financial or +80% metacritic.

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And Trump's inauguration was the biggest ever.

Release numbers and then we will see....they don't even discuss regular Xbox sales anymore due to damage control.

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Is he trolling us now?

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