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Got mine through Amazon (that should out within 15 minutes).

It will be interesting to see how the portable nature of the switch is received. Plenty of Japanese commute for a long time (mine is about 1 hour) so it's easy to see the appeal.

Also tomorrow Nintendo is launching its own Hardware online store with a new wave of preorders.

Also the only place that lets you pick 2 blue/2 orange joycons!

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I reserved mine!

I wouldn't be surprised if it is successful in Japan. People love portable machines and the Vita and 3ds are getting old.

Also the concept of a "hybrid" might work here since many people are not really buying dedicated home consoles anymore.

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Got to play Zelda last week in Tokyo on the Switch.

The graphics were great for a handheld, pretty good for a console....The fact that some people are complaining about Ps3 graphics (or better) on a mobile console shows how far we've come.

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I will probably reserve on Saturday (preorders open in Japan).

I just wish they shared more details on how Virtual Console will work.

There's not much to play on March 3rd and this would help.

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Xbox gamers really need to buy these games.

Microsoft will suddenly justify cancelling Scalebound by looking at the disappointing sales of Dead rising, sunset overdrive and Quantum break.

Meanwhile The Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank and even Uncharted 4 sold more than expected.

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There is one MASSIVE difference.

Sony dropped first party for the Vita quite early....Unless the Switch is the new Dreamcast, I can't imagine Nintendo leaving without putting up a fight.

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That's just ridiculous and always the same.

Developers release crap on Nintendo systems...After it flops, they use it as an excuse to not release more games.

Ubisoft and EA in particular.

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Really poor article but the reality is that the Switch is a big challenge for Nintendo at $300 with very limited launch titles.

I would hate them to go software only as it would mean that mobile gaming with surrender to mobile.

However, it is hard to argue that Nintendo software on PlayStation and Xbox would sell INSANE numbers.

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Something is truly wrong with Nintendo.

That is one WEAK lineup (coming from someone who hasn't owned a Nintendo system since the SNES and will probably preorder the Switch).

Where is the Virtual console support?! I would be a LOT more forgiving if they gave me access to a ton of N64, GameCube And even Wii games.

"Mario Odyssey will take a while...But until then, launch units will come with a code to download Mario Sunshine fo...

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Just yes.

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Sony just released The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2 with Horizon coming soon....The first two are niche / artistic titles that while not massive sellers, are very refreshing and welcome additions.

I was very looking forward to Scalebound (just like Sunset Overdrive)...But seems like Microsoft no longer believed in the project...Like Fable and so many others before.

How can we believe what Microsoft is promising with Scorpio? And whatever happened with...

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Before the Switch was announced there were a few times when i actually wanyted a Wii U mostly because of Mario 3D World and maybe Pikmin. I always found it hard to justify the price of entry....

Now hoping the Switch doesnt make the same mistake and that it has access to Nintendos AMAZING back catalog.

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I'm so sold on this as long as they have realistic price expectations.

$20 and I'm there!

Sadly that's a big problem with VR games so far...Many feel overprices for what they offer. Like Robinson.

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Sometimes it is HARD being a Nintendo fan D:

You accept lack of third party support because you expect Nintendo to excel.

This is just not acceptable (if true) as a Wii U owner :'(

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Absolutely disagree.

Rez Infinite's Area X is really spectacular and easily my favorite VR moment yet.

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It's like acting surprised that more people go to football matches than museums (-___-);

Loving every minute of the Last Guardian. I have a pug, so I'm used to stubborn majestic creatures.

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I was quote concerned before the game played about 5 hours and loving it.

Not rushing to finish.

Waited years, so I'm taking my time. Beautiful and emotional game.

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Better than the 7 IGN gave the game. I really don't understand the people who gave the game less than an 8.

Played about 4 hours so least +8.5 imo.

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I've played about 4 hours and loved every minute.

Trico IS stubborn because he ACTS like a real animal! I am starting to get mad at people who complain about it.

This is NOT call of is not about shooting things....or collecting coins. It's an experience....A peaceful, sparse experience.

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If marketed correctly I could see it selling MILLIONS of units.

It looks amazing, it is nostalgic and it's only $39.

They must announce some epic limited edition to go with it 😍

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