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Personally I would like to see them develop new IP's and go back to their experimental days.

They found some success with games like Jet Set Radio and Rez....they were cool, different, exciting and probably not THAT expensive to make.

Maybe focus on high quality $39 games? The AAA market is insanely competitive/risky.

I really don't think they can do much with the Sonic formula without alienating long time fans.

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Street Fighter should have been a $19 release...not $39.

But then again...Capcom.

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Recently upgraded to a PS4 Pro and playing Horizon.

Extremely beautiful game but for some reason, I really LOVED everything about Zelda on Switch. The art direction, the characters, the music...

More importantly, I loved that I could just take it on the train and keep playing.

For my lifestyle, portability really matters more than resolution. Can't wait to Mario Odyssey and hopefully Pikmin!

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I wonder how much more advanced Scorpio is....technically it will definitely be the most powerful console.

However, "higher resolution" is hardly a mainstream selling point. Look at iPhones with their 720p/1080p displays!

Depending on the price, Sony could drop the price of the PS4 Pro making it even harder for people to justify getting a Scorpio.

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I don't doubt their press conference....

However promising and delivering is not the same. What happened to Project Spark? Or Scalebound? Or Fable? And let's not get started with the power of the cloud!!!

I doubt Scorpio is enough to fix Microsoft's problems....specially if priced $499-599 as expected.

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I would be willing if they make the gameplay less repetitive (maybe God of war style combos?) and release it for $40 (like Ratchet and Clank).

I got it the first free with my launch PS4 and was quote enjoyable if a little bland.

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1-2 switch was a biiiig disappointment....I sold it after a few days.

Snipperclips deserves every sale.

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It is priced higher than the PS2 so it would be understandable....

And let's not forget that the PSN is a MASSIVE cash cow for Sony that wasn't there during the PS2 days.

Even if it peaked at 80 million, it's still a huge success.

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Stop Overhyping and cancelling games.

What happened to the power of the cloud? Or Kinect as an integral part of Xbox? Milo?

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As expected Nintendo is keeping the Switch.

Zelda is unbelievable, Mario Kart 8 is fun, Splatoon might be a worthy sequel and Mario Odyssey might be epic.

Other games seem to be having a problem similar to VR: value perception.

I got 1-2 Switch and it is NOT a $49 game...Also Street Fighter II Ultra feels overpriced at $39.

We need more Snipperclips between big releases!

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I agree.

Playing Zelda on the go was an amazing experience...By far the most complete portable experience out today.

I have big hands and I found it way more comfortable than the 3DS.

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Will definitely outsell FFXV in Japan...Not so sure about Pokemon. They are probably counting DQ on both PS4 and 3DS but still...

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I'm hardly a Nintendo fanboy...The switch is my first Nintendo system in 20 years and Breath fo the Wild is my first Zelda game.

Everything under 9 is trying to go against the tide. The game is a masterpiece.

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I agree and hoping for the same.

I sold my New 3DS XL and got a Switch. So far really impressed by Zelda on the go!

However, the PS4's library can NOT be beat right now....Happy owning both.

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Always the obscure website looking for a few hits.

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Hoping for a June release or something like that.

I just can NOT wait for this collection!

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This being Nintendo I believe it.

They probably thought it was too cheap to access their back catalog....That most people will get through emulation.

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My first year living in Tokyo I attended Tokyo Game show....And never went back.

It's cool to experience it once, but the lines to play anything are insane and many things require previous online reservations and lottery systems to play the most popular games.

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I think I will stick to Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, The Last Guardian, Persona 5, Horizon and Yakuza....

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I preordered the switch and own a PS4 so I'm considering my options.

I wish we had a clearer idea of when it will release on the switch....I'm NOT waiting for months!

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