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Ok....Now THAT was a stupid comment.

You can NOT dismiss games like MGSV, FFXV, Nier, Persona 5, The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3....most of my favorite games are Japanese!

And that's whitout even mentioning Nintendo.

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Well deserved.

Just yesterday I finished Horizon and I'm amazed by how much better than their previous work it is.

They really proved that they can go head to head with any studio in the industry.

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Haters gonna hate.

Had mine since launch and some games are experiences are certainly worth the price.

Really enjoyed Farpoint with the Aim Controller and looking forward to Superhot VR.

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I doubt it but could happen after a price drop.

Let's not forget that:
A) The difference in power to the original Xbox is way bigger than PS4 vs more people might upgrade.
B) Many people might buy it for the 4K Blu-ray Drive
C) Microsoft fans might be more welcoming of a PC business model where hardware is upgraded more regularly.

Still, a PS4 Pro price drop would destroy the Xbox One X sales wise...$100 is alread...

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Honestly I'm loving the games on Switch.

I own a PS4 Pro and love it, but it is also really refreshing to get games like Zelda, Mario Kart 8 or even Arms.

There's just something fun about Nintendo games that can't be ignored.

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Remember when games released with tons of game modes and characters.

Now if often feels they are holding contents for later DLC.

I will pick up Tekken 7 when I can get it for $39 or less.

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I would buy this.

The first Bayonetta got a horrible port for PS3 and the second one was a WiiU exclusive.

Dual release for Switch and I'm there!

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Rez for PSVR is by far the best experience I've had with the hardware.

Super immersive, zero motion sickness, amazing visuals.

Mission X is something every gamer should experience.

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Most people love Sony's systems for their exclusives. And those are getting PRO love.

Horizon, Spiderman, God of War, GT Sport...they will all benefit from the improved hardware.

It is probably not so easy to force 3rd parties to improve their games for PRO.

And Microsoft is promising as usual....let's wait until they actually deliver. Whatever happened to the power of the cloud?

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Everybody loves crash, the price was right, it is the kind of remake most of us wanted.

Waiting for my copy to arrive!

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This must be compatible with the aim controller!

Just started playing Farpoint and having a blast with it. Played for 2 hours with ZERO motion sickness 😍

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Is the game still releasing this year?!

As a backer I'm getting nervous...I'm starting to think this could even miss 2018.

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People hace more faith in it than I do.

No shade, but I think it is hard to match the regular Xbox One...specially at $500 and with no real exclusives (the few exclusives it has are also coming to PC).

It would sell at $300....but buy then we will probably be talking PS5.

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Future proof? That's until Sony announces a PS5.
2019 at the latest...

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Aren't we still waiting for the power of the cloud?

Done with empty's been almost 4 years since the xbox One arrived and now Scorpio will deliver?

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Looks absolutely incredible.

Too bad it's a 2018 title.

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I was at the NYC cinema screening and we lost our SHIT when this came out...

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Makes me wanna cry.

Dinosaurs (and Jurassic Park) are totally under represented in Gaming :(

Imagine an Uncharted like game with Velociraptors and pteranodons!

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That's perfect for me.

The price is totally appropriate for that length.

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If it reviews well (above 80) I'm definitely getting this.

Enslaved, Heavenly Sword and even DMC are great....Ninja theory deserves more respect.

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