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Beyond sold on this one....also releasing for $39

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I love Nintendo and my Switch but those deals are terrible 😏

Check the PSN:

$20: Doom, Horizon:Zero Down or Skyrim
$30: Wolfenstein II or Persona 5
$7: 3 Uncharted game bundle

Meanwhile at the eShop you can buy 1-2 Switch for $39.

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Understandable for a new system. However, consumers will have to choose between:

A) $499 Xbox one X
B) $499 PS4 and PSVR
C) $499 PS4 and Switch

And Sony hasn't even mentioned any PRO discounts....they could easily drop the price to $299 making it $200 cheaper than the X.

A niche product that keeps getting "nicher"....all the hype is about better textures and none about better exclusives.

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It's sad....but they've lied too many times saying they will "focus on quality over quantity".

Sonic team is not what it used to be 😒

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I wonder how Horizon, The Last of Us 2, Uncharted 4, God of War, Detroit, Ghost of Tsushima, etc. run on the Xbox X.

Oh wait....they are PS4 exclusive so they won't 😉

Enjoy your slightly better shadows and textures while you miss out on the best exclusives.

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Has Nintendo ever done a remake?

They do re-releases all the time...but I don't think they are fans of revamping classics.

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Hoping for a Batman style level of quality....I would totally buy them.

I just hope they realize the Harry Potter universe is not going anywhere so no need for a crappy, rushed release.

Take your time....get it right.

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I think the "exclusives" situation got worse for Microsoft with the Switch having the two highest rated games this year (Zelda and Mario).

They not run in hardware that is way weaker, so suddenly obsession over specs and resolutions feels irrelevant to many gamers.

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Just got mine from GameStop.

$39 feels like the right price for PSPlus...specially since the "free" games have been hit or miss lately.

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I RAN and got it this time! My subscription had just expired last month.

I was in no rush since November's games are kinda crap...$39 is a good price though.

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I guess Microsoft will stop trying to make fetch happen.

They seemed pretty confident this could be a great platform game. Specially sad since they own #[email protected]$ Rare!

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So excited about just looks like a perfect fit for VR.

The Battlefront VR mission was surprisingly good too (but very short).

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Between this and the 60 second demo.....looks like it might be a mess.

Releasing 2 weeks after Mario Odyssey is not wise either.

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Blew me away.

Honestly way more excited than if it had been a new Infamous.

This feels like a next gen Onimusha 😍

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Sony is on fire....hopefully this game won't take 4 years to release.

Honestly curious how Microsoft will counter this....certainly not with higher resolution multiplatform titles.

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At first I thought it was a new Onimusha....

Then I was a bit concerned when I was a new IP....then the Sucker Punch logo came up.


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AC released on 2 consoles with way bigger install bases.

Let's see which one has more legs....Mario Odyssey will sell for years to come, not to mention that it will be under tons of Christmas trees this year.

Easily will pass 10 million units at some far can it go is the question.

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Shut your mouth! I'm busy with Mario Odyssey!

This would bring me so much joy 😅 I need more Breath of the Wild! (Already preordered)

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They need a FFXIV style re-release/apology.

Look at the reviews on are not happy with what they were given.

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I played Knack 1 because it was free for launch PS4 units in Japan.

I bought Knack 2 and it was actually enjoyable and I felt the $39 price was appropriate....way better than Knack 2 with more variety and improved combat.

The story and characters were still a mess though.

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