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At least the Tokyo Game Show is a few weeks later.

I expect a few interesting reveals and more info on Japanese games like Ni no Kuni 2!

Maybe something new from Capcom? Square has a bunch of stuff coming....Konami is dead to me :(

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Sony is still really strong in other markets though.

For example Smartphone Camera censors (even iPhones use Sony), projectors for cinemas, professional cameras, insurance (huge in Japan) and also patents from products like Bluray discs/players.

In terms of market perception Playstation is probably the stronges brand they own.

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If the N64, the GameCube, the Wii and the WiiU are any indication then no.

If priced right it will make for a PERFECT companion console for the PS4 / Xbox One / PC.

Nintendo makes some of the best games out there. But you simply miss out on many third party games by going Nintendo only.

Really excited for the NX....I hope it's the hit Nintendo deserves.

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Really curious about the final game.

It was interesting and surprisingly scary (will not even attempt to play on VR)....not sure the style will be a good fit for 10 hours or so.

6 was way too action heavy....this seems to be the complete opposite (I would be a lot more receptive if it were a new IP)

Still looking forward to it.

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I think a better alliance would've been Sega.

The Dreamcast used Windows as the OS and with Sega's software power, a joint console would've been a very interesting product.

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I personally think that it might feel like a PS3 game to some people.

There is a big push for every game to go open world.

I already pre-ordered mine and really hoping it is like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico.

I don't mind about "Next-Gen graphics" as long as it is unlike anything I've played.

I trust Ueda San's vision ;)

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First party support this year is finally exploding on PS4.

We already got Uncharted 4 (probably the highest rated game this generation).

Ratchet & Clank was excellent.

We are getting soon Gran Turismo Sport and The Last Guardian.

Let's not talk about third parties. Most games run better on PS4 and we also got some surprising Exclusives like Persona 5.

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No offense but the information rollout has been a MESS.

This is TOP Microsoft executives talking! Do they not know?

First we heard it was basically a new Generation with exclusive games. Then they backtracked to improved resolution only....then they talked about better frame rates.

Then they said it was up to the developers to release "Scorpio Exclusives"...

Them talk exclusive accessories (VR is not compati...

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I'm hoping something exactly between the new Ratchet & Clank and FFVII on PSN.

So basically make it look pretty but don't touch the gameplay.

I'm more than happy to revisit classic levels as long as they don't redesign crash!

(We all know what happened to Sonic 😞)

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I got it day one in Japan and so did many of my was a fun distraction for a week or two.

There was basically no gaming element and the "question" section was pretty bland IMO.


Just started playing the Pokemon Go Beta....COMPLETELY different scenario...still work in progress.

But the potential is definitely there!

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I gotta say that IGN should really drop scores.

I don't have a problem with giving the game a number, but in the case of Doom (and even Uncharted 4) it doesn't seem to represent what they described in the review.

It's like they love everything....then they find one negative point and ends up being a 7.

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Not sold on it doesn't really look like a full release (more glorified demo than GT7).

I've always loved GT but as a PlayStation fan I gotta say Forza seems to be the better of the two right now.

At least we have the now excellent (and insanely beautiful) Drive club.

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I didn't know that Miyamoto was still trying to prove his "Gaming Royalty" status.

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So hyped for this! Finally a colorful game on PS4!!!

I have no doubt it will be good/ concerns there. I just hope it sells well!

I mean, $39!!! How can you argue?!?

Beyond sold on this one.I usually wait for a sale....but not for R&C.

And a month later Uncharted 4...

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I was really interested yesterday that I found out it's only $14 on the Japanese PSN so I might give it a try...

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My Playstation Plus expired like 4 months ago...been waiting for a good game to re-subscribe...

Still waiting.

On PS3 and sometimes Vita it was an AMAZING service.

On PS4 not so much....bunch of games I've never heard of and I play for 20 minutes.

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I would buy it immediately! J&D was one of my favorite PS2 games (didn't really like 2,3).

If announced in a similar fashion to R&C it would easily be my most anticipated game.

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Will definitely buy once it is complete (arcade mode included) then it should be $30.

It was a huge mistake to release it as it is.

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Weird that its only compatible with the new 3Ds....really doubt it is a technical requirement.

Bought immediately Supe Mario Bros!!! In Japan games are about $5. Not bad given Nintendos history....

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Day one for me! I usually wait for price drops but not for this game.

Ive been waiting for a good plattform game on PS4 and the price is right.

Take my money!!!!

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