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Buying EA would be adisaster. Another example of a Microsoft throwing money at the problem to hide their lack of first party titles.

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Lol...they really hate every popular game don't they?

Are their scores still counted for Metacritic? At this stage they are just trolling.

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Looks absolutely amazing. Another great exclusive while we wait for Detroit and Ni No Kuni 2.

Remember that article last week saying Sony was in trouble because of Sea of Thieves? #stfu

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With ONE game that hasn't even been released, by a studio that hasn't really had a hit in YEARS.

But sure. Sony is in trouble 🤔

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So I guess this is an actual Sequel and not just a re-release?

Since I didn't own a Wii U, I guess it doesn't really matter. Ready for Kirby next month and this when it finally comes 💪

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They will release a statement like "Xbox One is the most popular premium console produced by an American company with Japanese developers".

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I played the demo and loved it!

Will definitely buy it soon.

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I would gladly pay for Burnout 3.

The BEST burnout ever made.

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We are open to ANYTHING! We need more Kingdoms! I already got 999 moons so I have nothing left to do :(

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I absolutely agree that some porgs feel overpriced.

For example Sony just released the full remake of Shadow of the Colossus for $40. Meanwhile Nintendo is charging full price for Donkey Kong on Switch....that basically ads a new character and an easy mode.

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Absolutely not.

Wait until they drop the price to $199 (even cheaper for black Friday).

It also still has huge exclusives like The Last of Us 2, Spiderman, God Of War, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts 3....and even more niche experiences like Dreams and Shenmue 3.

It will definitely keep going. And unlike other generations, even after years it doesn't feel like it's holding back games.

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It will be interesting to see how this game sells.

It's looking kinda niche and I would be surprised if it sells over one million copies.

Whatever hype it's getting is mostly because of Rare (and the lack of Xbox exclusives).

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"Top selling premium console" is a good idea!

Maybe Nintendo should start calling the Wii U the "Best selling tablet controlled home system designed in Japan".

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Just got a gold Dualshock from Amazon...turned out to be fake. When I contacted the seller they freaked out and said they would refund me and that there was no need to return the product.


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At $40 I really hope this sells well. It's one of the best games ever made and this remade seems to be made with love and dedication.

Day one for me.

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Who exactly acuses Nintendo of lack of Innovation?

I do think that sometimes they should create new IPs (they are realizing that) but other than that, they are absolutely amazing.

Mario Odyssey and Zelda: BOTW are both GOTY material with innovative gameplay and top notch quality.

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It was a huge mistake for her joining EA and now she is realizing that.

Whatever creative freedom they offered her was all lies.

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As a Switch owner, I'm happy for Nintendo. It is a great system and I hope it keeps selling well.

However, there's tons of gamers without a Switch therefore making it an easier sell than a PS4 or an Xbox One.

The PS4 is already at 70M+ units sold...and they haven't even dropped the price to $199 (permanently).

It is troublesome that the Xbox One X seems to have mostly disappeared....no one seems to be talking about it anymor...

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I hope both Sony and Microsoft wait until they can offer substantial improvements.

Slightly better resolutions and framerates are not a good reason to upgrade.

For me, Horizon : Zero Dawn was that "shit, this couldn't be done on PS3".

The XBOX One X doesn't have that yet...and arguably never will. (As a Pro owner, I feel the same way about it).

Happy to wait 3 years for the next gen.

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Certainly it will have the biggest number of quality console exclusives: God of War, Spiderman, Detroit, No no Kuni, Shenmue 3....not to mention VR.

Nintendo will fight back with games like Yoshi and Kirby and if we are lucky, Metroid Prime and Pokemon.

Microsoft....Sea of Thieves and Crackdown? #hellno

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