Mutant Blobs Attack is awesomesauce


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Confirmed via hellogames twitter

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Same. It looks pretty amazing. Just a heads up, if anyone is going to the Gadget Show Live next week in Birmingham it will be playable to the public there for the first time in the UK.

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I agree about games being very buggy on launch leaving gamers wondering what they have spent their hard earned cash on.

Back in the day when there were no such thing as updates and patches on consoles I am pretty sure games weren't as buggy as they come out now, albeit they weren't as complicated either.

Let's just count our lucky stars games can be patched and hopefully fixed and not made worst, which sometimes seems to be the case.

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It would probably all depend on whether they think demand would be high enough to fork out making two different SKUs. Most people I have asked whether they prefer disc or DL only they all choose disc with the main reason being the internet infrastructure.

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