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i dont see how this is funny. if you are someone who knows nothing about video games and you are trying to buy something for your kid this tells you simply what happens in the game.

i mean, i see the humor but i disagree with anyone saying the ESRB is no good. they did exactly what their purpose is. #5
me too lol ugh #1.4.1
well i guess i don't need to give two shits about ac3 now.. /facepalm #1.5
lol if you don't like it don't buy it. easy fix. #7
lol it takes like 10 mins... stfu bitch. #63
actually they did in earlier comments which is why i said it. try reading. #32.1.1
HAH! i used to work for Sony. Keep wishing. KZ is a good series and i personally like it a lot but it's never going to define the fps genre. lmao #32
next consoles are going to look like pixar movies or current cut scenes for games... those systems are going to built to be competitive through 2020. #73
What a great game series! Especially UT - UT2K4 imo. #6
Borderlands 1 had good DLC... I don't see a real reason to doubt the content coming up for Borderlands 2. #3
I love minecraft but haven't bought it on the xbox yet.. maybe now i will :) #3
I'm glad MS doesn't mess around. #48
Devs don't like the PS3 because its a pain in the ass to deal with when the other 2 systems have a more similar OS. If you don't like being neglected get an xbox. #4.1.4
lol dragonknight you dont even know what you're talking about... $60 is standard in socal for an 8th which is not much. it might sound like a lot to you but it's a pretty normal amount. I'm not sure how you decided that made it a need rather than a preference. Just because you think the game is a better choice doesn't mean it is. #2.1.9
I guess.. I feel like I play for fun and although I'm competitive the stats and getting Ws have always been enough. I'm all for clans and all that stuff but I just don't see how the addition of livecast type stuff is going to make the game any better for the average person like myself. #6.1.1
They just don't want to let the PiiMote die do they? #34
Because Sony lately has been missing the mark. That's why the games lately haven't been selling. #58
Do you have NO console at the moment?

Why on earth would you buy a WiiU and then get black ops 2?

Enjoy some Mario or something and use that WiiU properly lol #43
Am I the only one that thinks that Red Johnson was a ridiculous name choice? #1
Honestly, how many of us are going to make use of "esports" features? I know, I'm not. I don't see why that needs to be a main focus of games now. The majority of players have nothing to do with "esports." #6
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