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"Been missing alot of game launches! "


Bungie think they deserve to set the price that high? with that shit they call a game?! #39
Anybody raiding add me on ps4? level 28 Titan cuz I seriously need people to raid with I got like none! #14
The life of a trophy hunter is no easy task I have over 100+ some those plats were fun, others a grindfest, some those time-consuming MP!Though that satisfaction you feelwhen you see that platinum?? Such "hahhhhh finally" moment! lol

I remember my first plat was from GoW collection I finished the game and decided "heck why not" and thus begun the madness!

Sometimes my friends suggest I plat these "easy" games but if I wnated to p... #30
I feel like Vita sales would go through the roof it they made the memory cards waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy less pricey! #34
Angle? Its probably to say "Wanna play Minecraft? Come to Xbox for all your creeper needs."

They may even call it Microcraft 2???! #44
This game definitely deserves that 10/10 campaign is amazing! Has great storytelling, unique gameplay, voice casting and what I especially like about the game is that it has a multiplayer, BUT the single-player does not suffer at all! Which is hard to balance sometimes! #4
Yeah hope there is proximity chat! Also hope we can write in local chat! #2
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Rvryone whose saying they played the beta and was bored with it after 10-30 mins y'all must have been playing by yourself! Cuz thats exactly how I felt I was like "what to do what to do" bored! But you get your friends in the game it becomes HELLA lot more fun!!

Also, reviews are the opinion of one person! Are you realy going to take the word of that one person if 10 people tell you its good vs his? Just because he wrote his opinion on a gaming website??
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Idk about what Hakoom is saying about being a true trophy collector as there is no set definition for the term, but I have played a platted a lot of games and every single game Ive platted Ive enjoyed! Cuz when I game I play it for fun first few times then go after trophies I worry about collectibles and the like after Ive beaten the game! #1.1.1
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What I saying Dark! I payed off that beast already ask all my friends you getting that? We getting hyped ready...whoooo was bout to flip my sh*t! lol #1.9
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Im seeing everyones comments and still cant understand why the reason guys who are saying they play as females is because if their playing 20+ hours they dont want to stare at a guys ass?

So in games with male roles such as Uncharted, God of War, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War, etc., are you staring directly at their back sides? Or are you looking ahead at the surrounding areas/enemies?

The agility of female characters i can understand, but cant help wonde... #35
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Well this game wasnt made by High Moons studios the one who brought Fall of Cybertron and War on Cyberton...Also the game has no PVP only escalation (waves of enemies mode) ..."supposedly" PVP will be released as a patch/dlc but Im not holding my breath. As I ennjoyed the other Transformers series I want to try this but lack of PVP is making me reserved. #3
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The graphics of The Division isnt what is getting me hyped up! ITs that awesome gameplay and just the idea of co-op gameplay with my friends and just the thought of kickin ass with my friends against other scavengers! Downgarde or no downgrade....thats where my hype is at with The Division! #19
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I knew Sonys show was going to be boring and me uninterested for the simple fact that I already heard every game was going to be for next year and that we were gonna see just some indie games...but man oh man ive nnever yawned while watching Sony E3 before! Till now... #31
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I was put off cuz of KZ MP trophies I ahte when developers do that almost forcing people to play their MP instead giving us a choice! #37
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I felt annoyed by this article only because i feel the games are going to suck or have a gamebreaking glitch and then I'll be thinking.... "And the point to all these delays wereeeeeeee?????"

Please do not disappoint!! #8
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Lol 90% multiplatform 10% exclusives in that trailer, but hey at least we gettin exclusive stuff! Seems like lots of devs are perferring Playstation this generation! #16
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Simple its the memory cards price! I dont want to shell out 100 bucks for a 32gig! And when the memory space fills up its like.."damn now i cant get ay new games cuz my memory is full!" For me at least. #50
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I cant wait a zombie MMO havent seen this yet...should be interesting! #12
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Oh My F*ckin G*d! Like come on with this! We know its a game we know! Just JUST like we KNOW when we see rape in movies ITS JUST A MOVIE! Rape did not actually happen to the actress in movie it is non-existent just like the game!

Now directors and developers show such scenes (imo) to give their stories strength to make gamers/audiences feel for the character the event happened to and feel that anger or need for revenge for the characters' bf, gf, friend, father, brother,... #16
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