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"Been missing alot of game launches! "


Minor Backlash? Lol with many forum threads and reddits being made with people saying they wont be playing Destiny cuz of this DLC? Sure. But at least they actually did something bout it! #1
Yeah I'm currently dong the chalice dungeons in Bloodborne I find it annoyingly boring (maybe cuz its meant to be co-oped instead of solo) just another area to re fight bosses again #8.1
Does that mean the same thing for US? #11
Hmm never understood the "Winner of E3". When whichever company that wins E3 do they get $$$ in the bank? Or will a percentage of the company that loses user base transfer over to winners?

Or is this just simply about bragging rights? #22
Collection may not have multiplayer but it does have the multiplayer beta code and thus...I must buy the game to get it! Ive participated in all UCs betas when they had it in the Infamous Games and when you had to buy Subways for the vouchers.

UC2 MP beta i met some awesome people but when that update 1.5 happened we no longer had an MP to play! #12
Its finally here! AND announced!...or leaked? Anyways hooray! I very muchenjoyed this series so much I recently replayed it! #24
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Hubba Bubble
Hubba Bubble
Hubba Bubble MAX!

The New Kind of Bubble! #22
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Im surprised anyone need to do this Ive somehow managed to beat Cleric Beast and Father G in ONE go!!! *knock on wood* Its those damn werewolves that keep F'ing me in the arse! #8
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Can you level up your discovery? Cuz if you can HORY SHIT! #7.1.1
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Thats pretty cool how he was able to do that! The mental mapping makes my head hurt! lol Wont lie I did get lost once or twice...or thrice.. #1
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First thought that came to mind was "Would anyone even get excited hearing that info if there was no April fools tag?" #4
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Nostalgia overdrive!

Oh man I hated the old consoles (had them both) only cz I never had memory cars for my N64, Ps1,Dreamcast etc,. Imagine getting far in 64 Mario or GoldenEye or Resident evil?!?!? And going allllllll the back to beginning next day! But I was a lil noob so it didn't bother me all that much! #2
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You're right! Cant help but feel like they wanted to make use of the zero gravity moon jumping like "Yayyy I can flyyy!" The maps were so confusing I didnt know where to go sometimes or how to get to certain areas and made backtracking a pain in the arse!

I just tried TVHM for the first time the other day and I decided to play online made him much easier to beat! #2.1.1
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The Pre-Sequel didnt stick with me sad to say not like the other two! #2
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Knack a not so good game that makes you replay it over and over and over and over and over...you get the idea. #4
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Oh yeah I got that one by luck and that trophy is hard to get for two reasons!

1. Gltches seem to pop up at random times lke the game doesnt like that nobody has died yet!

2. It requires everyone in your party to know what their doing! #3.1
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Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Ugh Ive been waiting forever! Tuesday 4th Horseman Friday Red Death!? Verily Nice! Now only exotic Im missing? Crux! #4
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I feel like I only have 1 shameful platinums (hough others would argue 2) it was Terminator Salvation I only got it because of the gaming drought that seems to occur every frickin year!

#2 Was Where The Wild Things Are which I dont regret bhuying at all read the book, watched the movie, why not play the game? For a movie game it wasnt that badly made. #25
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I hear you! I finished the campaign then jumped on the MP to see what its like after the match was done I left! I swear the MP was a goddamn after thought! #10.4
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