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"Been missing alot of game launches! "


The Difference betwwen PSN and Live is that Sony is first and foremost and electronics company while Microsoft is in the software business which means they of course can handle almost any techincal issues that deal with online, while Sony will take a while.

But glad Live is back up I know as gamer the feels of not being able to go online, its like whats that big yellow thing in the sky?? lol #44
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I saw the new Story trailer for the Order...damn damn damn it looked like it would be hella fun and the story for the gae looked hella good! It changed my mind in an instant! Im going to need this game in my life!

Although my biggest worry is that it does seem quite linear. o_O #8
Game doesnt even have the FIRST one! Only the pre-sequel that everyone overlooked! I got it and didnt even play when i beat it the first time! #15
I only have a Playstation and I used to revel when the competition had problems, but seeing when the Lizard Squad just messed up both systems...I dont like seeing when any console goes down.

Means we cant play our games or chat with our friends, it also means that I might have to something productive with my life at the moment and I dont want to do that. No one should. -_- lol #38
Dragons Breath I got two of em! Even though I alread have two gallys! I got the boots, only cuz this is the first time IVe seen exotic boots for any character! #6
Can you tell me why its so good? I got one from VoG and then one from a legendary engram and Ive seen its effects they dont make me want to use it! #3.1.1
I wont lie I am one of those people who play Destiny reguarly! BUT! Its only because my main psn friends are playing it too its the only game right now they we can really play together! If they werent Id have sold this months ago! #15
PS4 its not working PS3 signs in just fine! #37
Everyone pleaseeeeee stop praising this game! Talking about dynamic weather sexiness and surrounds sound awesomeness! Your making me want to buy it and I dont even like racing games! lol #17
Bungie think they deserve to set the price that high? with that shit they call a game?! #39
Anybody raiding add me on ps4? level 28 Titan cuz I seriously need people to raid with I got like none! #14
The life of a trophy hunter is no easy task I have over 100+ some those plats were fun, others a grindfest, some those time-consuming MP!Though that satisfaction you feelwhen you see that platinum?? Such "hahhhhh finally" moment! lol

I remember my first plat was from GoW collection I finished the game and decided "heck why not" and thus begun the madness!

Sometimes my friends suggest I plat these "easy" games but if I wnated to p... #30
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I feel like Vita sales would go through the roof it they made the memory cards waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy less pricey! #34
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Angle? Its probably to say "Wanna play Minecraft? Come to Xbox for all your creeper needs."

They may even call it Microcraft 2???! #44
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This game definitely deserves that 10/10 campaign is amazing! Has great storytelling, unique gameplay, voice casting and what I especially like about the game is that it has a multiplayer, BUT the single-player does not suffer at all! Which is hard to balance sometimes! #4
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Yeah hope there is proximity chat! Also hope we can write in local chat! #2
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Rvryone whose saying they played the beta and was bored with it after 10-30 mins y'all must have been playing by yourself! Cuz thats exactly how I felt I was like "what to do what to do" bored! But you get your friends in the game it becomes HELLA lot more fun!!

Also, reviews are the opinion of one person! Are you realy going to take the word of that one person if 10 people tell you its good vs his? Just because he wrote his opinion on a gaming website??
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Idk about what Hakoom is saying about being a true trophy collector as there is no set definition for the term, but I have played a platted a lot of games and every single game Ive platted Ive enjoyed! Cuz when I game I play it for fun first few times then go after trophies I worry about collectibles and the like after Ive beaten the game! #1.1.1
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What I saying Dark! I payed off that beast already ask all my friends you getting that? We getting hyped ready...whoooo was bout to flip my sh*t! lol #1.9
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Im seeing everyones comments and still cant understand why the reason guys who are saying they play as females is because if their playing 20+ hours they dont want to stare at a guys ass?

So in games with male roles such as Uncharted, God of War, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War, etc., are you staring directly at their back sides? Or are you looking ahead at the surrounding areas/enemies?

The agility of female characters i can understand, but cant help wonde... #35
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