Been missing alot of game launches!


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That if you create a female character that shows a lil ass that there will be a big backlash in the gaming community, and as such will create a lot of buzz and traffic to your game!
Ass= MMO success! Maybe thats why battleborn didnt do as(s) well!

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This trailer wasnt very good. It felt like it was trying to tell me that "being a hacker is fun and hip and with it and so we should stick it to the man!" Its seemed like these teens maybe were creating chaos just cuz they could for no real reason.

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That gamers love some good ole blasts from the past from time to time.

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Is it only on Xbox? God I loved playing this game on my PC! Would love to play again!

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completely agree

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Whoa! Thats a bit too beautiful and a bit too much water! IGNs score for this game gonna be hella low now.

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No farming/grinding of Titanites needed? We'll see. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The ending. The eeeennnnddddinnnngggggg.

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Still up for debate if I will get it or not.

Cuz Im wondering if there will be a story like Destinys where you complete the story (Year 1) and should then focus on PVP? Divisions PVP being Dark Zone.

Beta impressions:

Majority of Buildings will be closed so youll have to be running on the streets and going around the block instead going inside a structure to use as a shortcut.

Dont know if receiving money wi...

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Yeah but that Dark Cloud 2 is really what I care most about in this weeks PSN update!

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Should there be censorship in video games?

Yes. And while your at it please censor films and television where youll have more people seeing what shouldnt be seen!

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Like most my hype for this game has severly fallen and this trailer has risen it back slightly but i will actually wait for once for what reviewers say.

But my biggest worry is Ubis servers I have Rainbow six siege right now and there is severe lag, glitches like falling through the map, body parts sticking out of the walls for easy kills, application forced quit, and long matchmaking waiting times.

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Ive got most these except for FO3 and Minecraft, but I do have Fallout 4s which is funny

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The whole article reads as PR talk doesnt seem genuine in the IMO.

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No lie a YEAR later? I will most likely forget its existence until I see an article that says its now $30 or whatnot. Seeing as their will be a plethora of games coming out next year!

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It doesnt surprise me one bit! Xbox One was still more expensive ($349) than the PS4 ($300) on Black Friday!

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This feels like it was inspired by Resogun with all those materials flying around when enemies are destroyed! Interesting must wait for more!

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Minor Backlash? Lol with many forum threads and reddits being made with people saying they wont be playing Destiny cuz of this DLC? Sure. But at least they actually did something bout it!

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Yeah I'm currently dong the chalice dungeons in Bloodborne I find it annoyingly boring (maybe cuz its meant to be co-oped instead of solo) just another area to re fight bosses again

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