Been missing alot of game launches!


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Lol if you think the life is strange final decision was hard than your crazy! The decision *spoiler* *spoiler* to go with chloe instead of the town was easy! There wasnt anyone i liked or cared about except maybe the mom!

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I know I miss those Ghorn days!

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What everyone needs to realize is....this is all Counterstrikes fault! They "the industry" has seen how everyone gone crazy buying loot boxes out the ass trying to find that golden weapon skin, they think "man i want in on some of that money!" So now every f*ckin game in modern gaming, even single-player games, is hitting us with these micro-transaction loot boxes! Its so annoying!

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I wouldnt be surprised if Angel became a playable vault hunter!

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Hell yes! I loved both games and replayed them many times! The soundtracks from those are great and theres so much to do in them i love it!

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Im disappointed in Microsoft during the ps3/360, when Sony was falling behind the 360, Sony invested in a shit ton of studios and games and ultimately caught up with the competition! But MS has yet (as far as I know) to do something similar or if they are/did its moot seeing as how they have now cater to PC crowd as well, which makes no sense cuz owning a console means playing games on it that is not available anywhere else. If it is for PC too why am I goiing to spend $400-500 on something j...

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If theres an order to which I would like to get the new skins before the event ends itd be

All of last years

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Awww Long Live the Cringe

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I canceled my gold edition preorder, people who are saying it doesnt affect you if you dont buy it are wrong cuz they are going to make getting gear more difficult unless you buy from the micro-transactions! Basically another For honor scenario...not to mention they also delayed the game (most likely) just to add the micro features which is bullshit!

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Lol consoles be like Ana who?

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Has everybody already forgotten Microsoft last gen Call of Duty practices with their DLC? Yes? Then how about current gen with their rise of the tomb raider exclusive contract? Stop trying to play the innocent game MS yall know whats what!

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Naw fam it goes to Takemi! Mm love playing doctor with my doctor girl.

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I still have a sealed collectors edition of the game, only because at the time i had other games i wanted to play and i heard this was games difficulty was brutal! lol

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The only conflict i was having with this game was, if given the chance, deciding which guy to go with...Black guy, Pornstache, or the King...decisions decisions :-I

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Yes. What is the purpose of the Xbox one now? Yes a video game console, but now the PC has that identity as well for all its exclusives, so why do you really NEED an xbox one?

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I wouldve been one of those "fools" that bought the game day one too but i didnt have the money atm. I tried the beta and so did many others who did and the microtrans was not a factor in the beta which a lot of people probably assumed, me as well, that there wasnt going to be a huge overwhelming advantage by buying steel.

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Ridiculous! I was heavily invested in the beta for this game, but was disappointed when i heard about all this which turned me off to buying this game! smh

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Cuz they are just rapid firing games out for quick cash grabs and then the quality dips, then theres no surprise when the game launches it needs a junkload of patches! Why do you think the AC series actually needed a breather from its year-to-year release? Because players were starting to notice the dip in quality and in turn Ubi saw a dip in their wallets.

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Seems more like a Hell Simulator game to me

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Well its trying its best to, but articles like these keep pulling it back in!

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