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Think you can take me? Dont forget me! Gonna miss those meme lol

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foxgod needs a foxdie j/k

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@showtimefolks i dont want to be a jerk but, sony is NOT struggling due to yen dollar. The reason yen is low rate is because of government. They want a japanesse product to recover and match up to korea (samsung etc.) and american product. Sony and NHK's not doing good past few years. Its vice versa, low yen rate to recover japanesse product. Sony is expensive thats why.

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Wow am i the only one thinks that TLoU advertise the last episode of walking dead? XD, either way nice move by sony

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What if this is only a MS gimmik? spreading rumors, then announced that doesn't true. Imagine how many people jump in on next xbox.. Even this article is not true i still want new ip, not just halo, gears, fable, forza. I not into racing games and i hate fps on console. I love xbox in early days (when xbox fanboys says the ps3 has no games) because too many variety of games ex. blue dragon, lost odyssey, tales of vesperia. I dont want to limit my games to gears and fable ONLY and also ...

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i dont care if xbox spec is not comparable to sony, even its 4gb ddr3 ram as long that im not limited to halo, gears, forza, fable. I bought an xbox because of blue dragon, lost odyssey, infinite undescovery, tales of vesperia alan wake ect etc. But after that is meh. Sequel of alan wake is not enough for me, i want semi free roam alan wake like 1, i hate fps on console because i suck using controller. Also make online play free like psn then im sold. thats my only request no matter what your...

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sony should buy ND! secure that sick company for your sake

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@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3
I cant believe you think like that. No matter what a game is, as long its multi plat is a WIN WIN for us gamer and thats a FACT, good game or not when its multi plat we have a choice. You sound like jelous who dont own a PS3. I cant believe that post have 7 likes.

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