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4k is amazing for Xbox! I am really interested by the shear power of this console. Can't wait to see what the games will be like in reality.

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Xbox One X completely annihilated PS4 Pro. PS4 completely annihilates Xbox in exclusives. Don't think Microsoft understands the meaning of "exclusive".

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I have a PC, a really decent one. But currently those "play anywhere" titles are very shitly optimized for PC. I have a feeling Xbox Scorpio will be the best place to play those titles. The dislikes on my comment is amazing. Sony fanboys really hate anything positive said about Xbox. Btw I have never owned an Xbox console. Always owned PlayStation and recently started PC gaming.

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Might have to finally get the Scorpio after all....

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Truer words have never been said.

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Didn't think they would actually call the game WWII!

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I think it's really great Microsoft is confident this time. Involving third party media and filling them in this early on so that there's no rumours or false speculation.

Straight to the point. I'm liking this approach and should be something that Sony could take note of.

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Sony fanboy here... Will be getting Scorpio at launch.

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I don't see what's wrong with that? Xbox One quality for this game was amazing! To have that quality and push 4k? That's amazing!

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I think this console will be the sweet spot between a transitional phase to PS5.

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No, because it would just replace the older version without us noticing.

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I think it's just a revision to make some of the parts cheaper and more affordable.

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Gotta say the irony of the situation. I think Sony is backtracking on what they used to boast about before.

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After Life is Strange, I can't wait to see what this studio has in store for us.

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Ok....moving on to the next game.

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Imagine if they go all Fallout 4 on this and announce it with a release date of this November. If they show something that looks meh. Then at least we would know it would look the same in November.

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It's amazing, I talk to some PC gamers who have never owned a PS console and how desperate they are in getting it on their platform. I am a PS supporter but I really would like to see their games on a more superior hardware. Which brings me on the point of PS4 Neo, That's a different story haha!

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I've sat next to people playing and skipping some of the most crucial moments in the story just because they're not shooting a gun. Uhhh I hate that!

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