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I dont understand how DICE is managing to do Battlefront,Mirrors Edge, and now this. No wonder BF4 was broken, they had too much on their plate.

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Alpha is the final polishing/touches Beta is basically a replica of the full build but still needs testing. This sounds about right.

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Thats good to hear, so if I get nothing else from E3 I know that we got this.

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Yeah I predict We wont hear about fallout 4 until next year, I doubt Bethesda will compete with itself with the releases of ESO, Wolfenstein and The Evil Within in the near future. We will possibly get an announcement at the most this year but I even doubt that. When talking about a company like Bethesda more time can increase the quality substantially. They tend to add more content with more time.

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Who exactly is asking because it could be for ESO ps4 as I heard that was delayed so it could be to playtest that for bugs. Bethesda Game Studios Usually Have their own Staff to Playtest their games. People need to understand that the makers of Skyrim Fallout 3 etc is Bethesda Game Studios. And they need to stop tagging "Bethesda" with "Bethesda Game Studios". Wolfenstein can be considered a "Bethesda" Game but is not made by the developers of Skyrim.

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Are we talking about trailers or the pictures for this article? You took what I said out of context and made it "This game doesn't look impressive". Truth is I was only speaking of the Screenshots. These pictures are boring and dont show much detail. The Game itself looks impressive.

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Doesnt look impressive to me from a visual standpoint. I think these are just trying to show people new areas.

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Looks great, just hope that its optimized with good performance. Really hope this game delivers with the storytelling like Dragon Age Origins did. I know this game is a make or break for Biowares future when it comes to the fans.

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I dont mind the delay, but at least give us some gameplay to look at. We barely even seen the game in action.

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Wow one minute they are making statements on how great the game is and now they are delaying it because they think it wasn't good enough? The only way that I would be ok with this is if they told us that they are adding more content. But all we got was a very vague reason for it. I hope this delay does not stop them from showing us true gameplay in the near future.

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Still pre Alpha and to be released this year? Oh boy.

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Uhh, this might be a terrible thing. This could be the end of the awesome sales we have come to love.

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Looking Forward to this Game, Cant Wait!

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Yeah I hope that happens because at the end of the day PC Gaming in general is what drives their sells. They can leave the competition to the hardware specs.

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I really hope it does, making features like this exclusive just further divides the PC community.

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This is all old. Im more concerned about what they are rolling out next.

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I dont know why people keep pushing for info on Bethesda Game Studios next game. If you look at the facts you will see that we need to just be patient because the next BGS game might not be this year.


-Bethesda Softworks the publisher are very cautious when it comes to marketing campaigns. Having that said Elder Scrolls Online is being pushed now. Thats we are not hearing much on the "Evil Within" game and "Wolfenstein" game. So we d...

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I agree with this

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Sounds like a train wreck

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Nothing new here guys

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