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I think we will see publishers sharing in house engines with the games they are publishing. Look at what EA is doing with the frostbite 2 engine. They had one really good engine built and are usig it for the majority of their published games.

We will see less but more quality with publishers. They will be much more reluctant to publish just any game. They will go for "guranteed" money makers.

Thats not to say we wont see new IP's, we will but th...

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Sounds like they will start the next crysis on the next gen

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we dont know if watch dogs will be next gen as well

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You would be a fool to believe that sony changed the specs on the ps4 at the last minute because of another console. They most likely they were working on the ps4 long before they knew what the wii u specs were. Meaning that they probably already made deals with whomever the manufacturers of the hardware will be. This is not something you jump up and change at the last minute.

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While I understand where you are coming from I do believe that there are lines you just dont cross when criticizing and some mass effect fans crossed it.

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We are already close this generation. Look at the facial technology used in games like LA NOIRE or Beyond: Two Souls, and others. So as far as facial representation I think it will be on the same level as Avatar. Lighting can and will also be there, There are already games with stunning lighting effects. It really comes down to texture quality for every single object in the game. Will everything in the game have a high level of detail? This generation developers have to literally pick the thi...

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Lets get this straight for you people. You paid $60 dollars for Skyrim. Nothing more, so just because the DLC is not coming out Bethesda doesnt owe you anything more than what you paid for.

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Just because a console is announced doesnt mean its coming out anytime soon.

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Skyrim all the way!

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Ok just tried with some test and the crossfire got a minor improvement but not what I was expecting. On the other hand this driver greatly improved my fps on a single gpu by 10+ frames on my 6950. It also got rid of my microstutter. I highly recommend these drivers!

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Thank you strange1986 for the feedback.

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Hope you enjoy it, I would appreciate if you check back and tell me what you think about it.

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A game could be classic day one. If you feel like the experience was so good that it could never be forgotten its a classic.

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Ok what can I improve on?

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This game is a classic in my eyes, it did so many things right rented it but always wanted it in my collection that's why I bought it thanks to you!

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Wait does the whole game from beggining to end take place in kurkwall? Because thats the way the reviewer made it seem in the video...

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LMBO they clownin!

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Every time I hear Todd speak I gain more respect for him, If you are reading this comment check out his videos in the link.

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Why would I look forward to possibly spending $2400 lol?

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Come on buddy we are talking about bethesda here, They are known for quality and quantity. Someone would make a statement like that so early because clearly from the screens and information that we received enough to show us that it has greatly surpassed oblivion. I understand where you are coming from, but when it happens just think about the people that called it lol!

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