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Really? We approving lets plays now?

1499d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment Thats old news though not sure how people missed it.

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It has been said already Bioware is making a Star Wars Game. As a matter expect a Star Wars game from almost every EA major studio.

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Bethesda is most likely making the game so at that point they cant confirm or deny any information. Its really about when THEY want to reveal it, not some random website(if its fake).

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We will look into it, Thanks for the Support!

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Thats a joke, If you were really under NDA you wouldnt have said that. Also Bethesda does their play testing in House later on in their development, I literally just watched a video the other day with Todd Howard saying that.

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I agree.

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Probably so but why are we talking about E3 now you guys are wayyy off the mark.

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"Why would Bethesda set up a reveal on a website scheduled for four days after the most televised gaming event of the year?" Thats an odd conclusion to make. Personally I was thinking the Reveal would be at VGX and the official website would go live days later.

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Is it Bethesda Game Studios the Developer or Bethesda Softworks the publisher? Because if its the publisher its probably one of the games they are publishing but not fallout 4.

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I'm a journalist this is literally what I do.

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This is definitely fake, the game hasnt even been announced yet.

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Personally I think this is a hoax more and more as time goes by. Honestly from a marketing standpoint it doesnt make sense because only a small group of people on the internet know or even care about the website vs the world. On top of that even fewer people know morse code and can decipher these messages. Its really a missed opportunity to hit the masses and that is why I think its a hoax.+

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Honestly I look at DICE differently now in a bad way after BF4. I felt like they took some steps backwards. So I fear for battlefront now and I hope DICE takes themselves more serious come Battlefront.

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Video game development doesnt work like that, if they are not ready to show the world the game they cant just say nows the time to reveal buzz or not.

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Me too lol

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I think he would of obviously did better at bethesda.

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Personally I think its real, with an announcement trailer at the VGX award show 12/7/13. Then I think the official Fallout 4 website will be launched 12/11/13. But on the other hand I wouldnt be disappointed if its not official. If Fallout 4 is not announced this year I interpret that as more development time for the game. Bethesda usually announce their games 6 months to a year before it releases. So the longer they wait to announce the more time the game gets. But next holiday will be 3+ y...

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Why would the fans be pissed off at the creators if the creators never said anything about the game? It was the fans fault for believing an unofficial source.

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You dont even know if its fallout 4, though you lead people to believe it. Sad...

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