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I got a 980ti and playing at a smooth 30 fps at 4k... So Im going to slap you down too...

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I bet its like 5 hours long...

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Your sale numbers are not accurate...

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Yeah definitely something I'll be playing for a while! Glad its finally on PC now 4k looks phenomenal.

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I think this game will be a game changer no pun. Cant wait to see the finished product!

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Why did they put"There Won’t Be Much Of A Story" in their article when the dev says they do have story? Edit: Oh ok I think they should have written the line better like "First Concern" Etc but I realized it shortly after I commented.

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Pascal is a joke, it cant even max out the current top games at 4k 60fps. Sorry but Volta is going to most likely do that and more and finally I can play witcher 3 max settings at a silky smooth [email protected]

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You know how much developers say that their game will be great nowadays but are just disappointments to gamers? The division, Battlefront, Fallout 4, No mans sky? The list goes on, I dont see anything about gears 4 that really raises the bar so I'd say proceed with caution...

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This was underwhelming but thats expected, not too sure about this game anymore...

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People said the same thing about battlefront, look how that turned out...

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This patch broke a lot of mods for me...

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How are you greedy and its their money?

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Fallout 4 came out last year... If you think Bethesda will release their biggest franchise on a two year development time then you are setting your self up for disappointment. But hey who am I to say? Lets hear it from the Studio Director himself, Todd Howard

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Why are we talking about this game when we know its years off...

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Why is this a surprise for people? Bethesda is known for taking their time especially for ES games. And if they are working on a new engine it will be longer than expected. I wouldnt expect it until 2020 to be honest, which is the usual 4 year term.

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This is such a pathetic way to get people to continue playing... How about they do a real update and add new raids and abilitys?

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This game looks very boring...

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360 sq kilo is roughly 140 sq miles. Skyrim was only 16 sq miles, what are you smoking on there buddy? lol

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Im sick of Bioware and their teasing, its like they dont have any confidence in it regardless of what they say...

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