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Did you play Fallout 4? Just gonna forget that happened?

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If you thought Red Dead was the big boogeyman of the industry this game will be a literal black hole in the industry!

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Fallout 76

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I literally booted it up the other day vanilla on PC and tried playing again and it just was not fun. I get it you guys remember it from a nostalgia standpoint, and at the time it was pretty good. But I doubt any of you are going to spend the time playing vanilla TODAY...

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People worship new vegas because of its mods... Ask anyone who praises New Vegas to play vanilla and give up their mods and they wont be as excited...

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We dont know what the studio is doing behind the scenes with their code... They are practically gods of their game and they can make getting the item extremely grindy and much more grindy than it might have been if Microtransactions were not in. Therefore the game is tainted and should not be trusted because of their greedy business practices.

And the game really looks exactly like shadow of mordor with no huge innovations or features that makes me feel like they even dese...

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how is this an article? Looks more like a forum post...

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I highly doubt this guy even played the the game...

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Fallout 4, Skyrim and every other bethesda game has shitty facial animations but I didnt see people get so up and arms about those games...

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This website doesnt know the official word on what bioware will do and should be ignored. The official word on what bioware will be doing is on April 4th...

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Its a shame that a property can get torn down before most people experience it themselves... Flaws are there yes but its still worth playing...

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resolution scale is your friend...

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Its 2017 guys stop giving developers slack when you know its not up to the standards of even its own predecessors...

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Stop asking these stupid questions. Consoles will always be cheaper than PC's that and the ease of use to plug into the living room us why consoles will always be useful...

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Its free to people who make accounts, they dont need to buy the game..

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Who even plays fallout 4 anymore?

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It comes out tonight, calm down...

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Super Turbo Lighting is the best lighting mod for the witcher 3 so this is good news.

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We'll see on friday

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