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how is this an article? Looks more like a forum post...

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I highly doubt this guy even played the the game...

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Fallout 4, Skyrim and every other bethesda game has shitty facial animations but I didnt see people get so up and arms about those games...

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This website doesnt know the official word on what bioware will do and should be ignored. The official word on what bioware will be doing is on April 4th...

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Its a shame that a property can get torn down before most people experience it themselves... Flaws are there yes but its still worth playing...

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resolution scale is your friend...

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Its 2017 guys stop giving developers slack when you know its not up to the standards of even its own predecessors...

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Stop asking these stupid questions. Consoles will always be cheaper than PC's that and the ease of use to plug into the living room us why consoles will always be useful...

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Its free to people who make accounts, they dont need to buy the game..

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Who even plays fallout 4 anymore?

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It comes out tonight, calm down...

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Super Turbo Lighting is the best lighting mod for the witcher 3 so this is good news.

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We'll see on friday

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I want what mass effect 1 wanted to be but was held back because of tech... Detailed planets, exploration, and fun gameplay.

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I got a 980ti and playing at a smooth 30 fps at 4k... So Im going to slap you down too...

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I bet its like 5 hours long...

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Your sale numbers are not accurate...

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Yeah definitely something I'll be playing for a while! Glad its finally on PC now 4k looks phenomenal.

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I think this game will be a game changer no pun. Cant wait to see the finished product!

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