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This game looks very boring...

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360 sq kilo is roughly 140 sq miles. Skyrim was only 16 sq miles, what are you smoking on there buddy? lol

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Im sick of Bioware and their teasing, its like they dont have any confidence in it regardless of what they say...

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Seems like 0 graphical improvement from the first game, so maybe this means more content...

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But halo in 4k though...

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Looks like a setting from a Stephen King novel...

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Wait a second, did you just say people make mistakes? Someone walking in a bank and robbing it is not a mistake... It was an intended action, premeditated... Yes this is just a game and it is not the same as committing a crime but the same principle holds true here, and the fact that your mind would even think this way shows that there is a problem... Why are teachers/parents not teaching their kids simple basics of right from wrong...

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Cough Battlefront...

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Naughty Dog is such a good company!

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The Darth of All Darths!!!

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Based off those charts a 50% boost for the Witcher 3 @4k, it would still only be 42 fps from the 28 fps which is still not the leap that I would have wanted.

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I really hope so, I've been intentionally holding off on a second playthrough waiting for this DLC.

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This is dope as fuck, now I want the predator to uncloak and be the stranger!

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The sales of Fallout 4 do not reflect on whether people liked it or not. Most people bought the game off of hype and the history of the studio putting out great stuff. We wouldnt have seen low sales because no one knew it would be a let down prior to release.

And the fact that Bethesda was quiet up until a few months from release, and still gave us limited information people did not have much to go off of. Their sales might take a noticeable hit on their next releases if the...

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Take Two is not only Rockstar, we wont see them....

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Its because developers are not implementing it right...

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Chris Roberts said DX12 needs to be intergrated into engines the proper way to receive its benefits, I guess this happens when thats not the case..

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"Weapon/Armor Condition"

Bravo for understanding how important it is!

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