Proud to not be on the COD hate bandwagon.


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Over 25 million registered users says it didn't bomb...

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EA has nothing to do with Crytek except that they are publisher for the Crysis series so far. Crytek is independent 100%, they own all their studios and IP's including Crysis. They have worked with Ubisoft in the past, THQ before they went broke, published their own mobile game, are making a game for Microsoft and have Warface being 'published' by various companies all over the world, none of them EA.

It pays to know what you are talking about sometimes.

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Why does it mean that? Crytek are a fully independent company, one of the largest independent game companies in the world actually, and they clearly have no exclusive deals with EA given they were making Home front for THQ and are making Ryse for Microsoft still, plus they self published a mobile game.

Stop fear mongering

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They already have most of the vigil games staff, that is who comprises Crytek USA at the moment...

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These talentless people you speak of are actually almost all of the original team that made Darksiders... When Crytek decided to buy them, the whole team wanted to be a part or the 'new' studio.

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Bad luck, it hurts me as a battlefield fan from the early days to have to play the shoddy shite you put out recently.

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Not really, just because you can't see anywhere near at 60FPS, doesn't mean that a higher frame rate is superfluous. For example. The higher the frame rate the more quickly and the more accurately user input can be woven into the action. This results in a smoother experience.

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Why wouldn't it? You just have to set up the movement the same which could be done in an afternoon...

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Unlikely, EA are most likely forcing almost all of DICE's resources into making new games or new content to sell rather than on fixing the sh*t excuse for an experience they already put out.

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When were there more F2P games than today is what I'd like to know.

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Agreed, leave them as they belong.

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Because he's not crying about anything, just having an opinion on the state of the industry...

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Read what he actually said, the article is flame bait...

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What he was saying is that they have a dependence on retail they arent willing to shrug off, which is clearly true...

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Concept art for games is so beautiful, beats the hell out of most famous art pieces that's for sure.

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The hate surrounding Origin shows how dumb and irrational most people are. You complain about exclusivity, tell me which other PC download service you can get Valve games from.

I f***ing hate EA, but Origin is a much better coded app, gives much faster downloads and doesn't redownload full games randomly like Steam.

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I loved this game, thought it was very hard done by in terms of reviews.

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I love how everyone had a go at Crytek for first saying next gen of consoles will be the last, and then Sony came out and said something similar. Then people got up Crytek for saying the future is F2P, now EA says the same. Looks like Crytek might be ahead of the crowd when it comes to foreseeing the future...

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I agree they shouldn't be in the game by the way, just don't think they are that much of an issue. Almost never been killed by martyrdom and only a few times by dmh, the most annoying is definitely final stand.

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If studios release the right game with the right marketing then it should still sell. Problem is, anything without Mario or Zelda in the title traditionally flops on Nintendo hardware in the west.

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