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well the three mgs4 ps3 welcome pack exclusivly in japan have had up to 3 million preorders #67
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famitsu has the most hard to impress reviewers in the world and it is a testimony to the loyalty hideo kojima has put into this AAAAA of a series #59
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very saddened to hear this as i loved the getaway games even though they did not have great gameplay and graphics it was like GTA is ment to be #106
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totally agree, i love console games and pc games and i've played it through 3 times first time easy lol then medium and finally delta by far the best open world fps ever.

played it with my ATI radeon X1950 pro
Played it with my ATI radeon HD 3870
played it with my Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX #8
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well it may be a console version but i think in the second in the series because world in crysis and crysis wars has also been copy righted #5
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@ bourner - it was a ZOTAC and came with free game (lost lol)

@ kakkoii - i love console gaming and i love pc gaming. i could not do with out either of them. the benefits of having a system for 5 years is great and the knolegde that good exclusives are coming out on them like MGS4, GT, zelda and halo (but it will be on pc this fall)

but then again when i play games like crysis some time i can't look at others just because graphics and physics can't compete
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well just got my 9800 GTX it is ace but don't you just hate it when you get something ace then something better comes out with in a month owell

ive see a benchmark of the GTX 260 & 280 and its over four times more powerful than a 3870 X 2

here the link #4
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nothing against gears of war but i hate the ut engine. just look at the games that are made with it

UT - everything is to shiny
GeOW - is also to shiny
black site - was the worst fps ever

if the games were made on a good engine like cryengine or made there own than the game would look amazing #66
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well who ever disagreed with me are WRONG. I'm just telling the truth the developers i listed have all said publicly that the ps3 is better for gaming just hard to make game for it.

there fanboys total n00bs, i've got all systems PS3, wii, 360 they are listed in order of play time

Check my profile #6
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well that guy talks a good game but major developer like EA, Ubi, rockstar, unreal and Crytek all say that the ps3 can perform better graphics and more processing in comparison to the competition

lets face it there fanboys and they will not change there mind.

well it will be funny to see the PS3 reach 100Mil sales tell you the truth i can see it, were the 360 will cap about 40Mil, this is because most of there fanbase has joined and nobody is interested any more.
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cant believe that you think the 9 series is a disappointment the 9800 GX2 owns the 8800 ultra but then again it does have 2 cores but still it amazing. well don't think you will be saying that when nvidia release the 9900 later this year #2
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to true pc even high pc's (one with exteme quad cores but with sh*t graphic cards) are not designed to play games plus the ps3 uses little memory for the XMB.

e.g the ps3 as a computer is sh*t i know yellow dog linux is shocking on the ps3 but can play games very well

the pc can run a operating system with out flows by the right person lol but if you don't have a high end graphic card then theres no point

btw people build your own pc i did a saved £... #17
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@ baka
far cry does look amazing but once they have finished with far cry 2 ubi will drop it.

were as crytek are releasing update every other month to make the game better on top of the that the public can modify the code to incorporate there own visuals such as the dynamic fire mod that was first seen in far cry 2. plus i will be amazed if the sand box on fc2 is anything like cryengine2 sandbox2 #14
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yep totally agree with you bladestar but vavle only have around 150 developers. ut3 uses 1 third of the memony compared to the pc version yet they both look the same. also crytek's tech demo of cryengine 2.0 was only a tech demo but the ps3 only lacks in memory which will only be addressed in time, may be firmware updates but we will see. remember the cell b.e. can render 5 times quicker than a 8800 ultra #12
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well not going to disagree with you bladestar but like i said the yerli brothers (the founders of crytek) say they can get crysis on the ps3 with high spec a least a 720P native.

plus like you said with virtual memory they can do it. also the crysis pic is old and not game play and on my system it looks better. the killzone pic does look impressive but it early on remember it only got passed alpha coding #10
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well for me no game on the ps3/360 has ever come close. graphics are unmatched and physics are better than GTA IV. the cryengine 2.0 is way better than unreal engine 3 and way better than RAGE (rockstar advanced game engine)

online, only one game come close thats battlefield for size of map and vehicles

the game is a testimony to crytek as crysis is way better than halo to me and to say i got a ATI radeon 3870 512MB GDDR4 and can only play it at the second lowest re... #8
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well they all did evil things but they did it to better there country.

Hitler revolutionized germany and could of been a great allie if he was not hell bent on genocide

stalin was admierd by millions and was a largest part of the soviet union beside karl marx and Vladimir Lenin

mao zedong killed more than stalin and hitler put together but again if it was not for him china would not be were they are today, part of that was down to the ussr and stalin #24
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well it was great in the old day, playstation vs nintendo vs sega because n00bs (fanboys) did not batch about other bands but played them happily #47
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at John Hyperion
i have a PS3, 360 and a Wii plus a rig that can play crysis at high and what you said was so true MGS4 exclusive, mario galaxy exclusive, gear of war 2 ? ? ?. i guess fable 2 will hit pc soon after release. they should not call them exclusive or at least console exclusive #14
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well if rockstar don't make the next gta then the series is dead #21
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