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i have always preferred the Playstation brand over the xbox (probably because its been out longer and been large part of child hood) but when Microsoft announce software whether its a game or system update they deliver on time on within weeks were as Sony take months and then delay it 2 or 3 times. very disappointed with today not good. #19
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well i feel that they have native 1080 pogressive is important becuase on large HDTVs it is noticable but on small it in not

one thing that i do agree with him on is that people are more intrested in giving others abuse rather than enjoy the games #8
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the first metal gear to have solid snake was metal gear on the MSX this post is bs #89
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its total bullshit they say they have made the best with pro then that flops and then the elite is more like n00bl33t
and most of this in done when inproved chipsets come out

when sony improve the chipsets from the 90nm to the 65nm they did not rebrand it and slap on a bigger price tag they dropped there prices and improved the HDD

20GB US$499.99
40GB US$399.99 #67
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well i don't need to say no more the real racing drivers and car manufactures all say that Gran Turismo is the better game

you can't argue with the people that run, own and race in the sport

Game Over #37
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knew that but that is what i believe it will pan out #10
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@ Scar 360WA
the G25 is the first wheel to have live dynamics which is used in F1 currently Brake BIAS and rev limiter and formaly Traction control and ABS

on Forza you can only configure the dynamics before race not like real life.

live dynamics is used in

Formaula 1
Le Mans
Touring car
and more

even a road legal cars have live dynamics from the cheap renualt v6 and the most expensive road car the bugatti veyron #33
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heard enought i've got Forza and PGR4 and GT5P

every Gran Turismo (which i have) has always sold over 10million (not including GT tokyo concept and GT4P main series not introduction to play)

formula 1 drivers and top gear presenters all say that jeramy clackson "gran turismo would only be more realistic if a steak impaled you every time you crashed".

Gran turismo 4 has more cars than forza 1 & 2 and PGR 1, 2, 3, & 4

its a... #32
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ok but crytek has confirmed Crysis Wars, Crysis Annihilation, World in Crysis, and Crysis Warhead

crysis warhead is the parrel story

crysis annihilation will be = crysis 2

world in crysis will be i believe were the fight goes back to usa? how nows

crysis wars i think will be like UT3, or quake wars and/ or halo wars

fps, team strategy or rts #9
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basically you get very bord of it very fast not like the battlfield bad company demo

halo is not AAA and will never be now them c*cky useless son of B*tch bungie has walked

halo has always been overhyped and overrated this because microsoft own most of the mags and websites.
only if people saw passed the reviews and played it, there is nothing to it, basically a sh*t version of half-life

the aliens look like jokes, like kids made them were as resis... #142
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"In terms of development for the consoles, this is certainly a logical step for us with the CryEngine 2 supporting multiplatforms,"

Loose translation "we can see bucket's of cash in a quick crappy console port so we are gonna do it".

of coarse they are bringing it to consoles it would be dumb not to

plus i can play it higher than 1280 X 1024 (plus it is widescreen just stretchers the image but can play at 4:3 as well) at 1920 X 1080p... #5
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i have to say if microsoft did not own xbox it would be bust simply because of all the different systems they launched

premium or pro
pro - not sure
pro 2
arcade core
halo limited
simpsons limited
another limited - forgot with one
and possibly a blu ray

playstation is just as bad but not as worst

its a joke least with nintendo you know were you stand #59
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well i would not call halo a franchise plus unless you have all next gen consoles and a high end pc then your speaking nonsense

nintendo has the best franchises in zelda and mario with sony coming second with Gran turismo and now metal gear.

remember the best reviewers famitsu rated ocarina of time 40/40 because it was great and thats why they rated mgs4 40/40

we will se the sales this month for mgs4 and considering that just under 3 million ps3 mgs4... #117
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ok i will agree with you adropachrich2 when it comes to skulls i only put three or four on because it is olmost impossible.

only skuls that i don't use are bash your way to better health and the restart from the beggining one.

you got me im sorry by mgs is still better (in my opinion) only joking #113
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did you know that microsoft software is 90% secruity code to protect them selfs from hackers and make sure that the user types in the right thing.

thats why linux is so much smaller in size but has more software pre-installed (open source and free software need no secruity codes)
plus the visuals are much better #56
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firstly i was saying it was coming to consoles this is because of piracy

secondly it does not play like crap on my system (own built system)and differnet cards

ATI Radeon X1950 pro
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
4GB 800MHz 6400 DDR2

at medium ran fine

ATI Radeon HD 3870
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
4GB 800MHz 6400 DDR2

beside low frames from time to time it was fine on high

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
AM... #4
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sorry but ive completed halo on legendary (first go at game achievemnts will prove it)and its a walk over compared to mgs3

on msg3 with european extreme diffculty if you are see once its game over a lot harder than halo plus ive played it many times check my gamertag on XBL (my tag in on my bio) #105
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over hyped and overrated

-halo - i love it but not as great as bugie and ms say
-cod - loved cod3 but 4 was a disappointment
-gow - not for me but getting to like it day by date
-madden - worst sport ever
-jak anddax - crap version of rachet
-metroid - another great game by nintendo but can't get in to it
-twisted metal - never heard of it soz

but games that have always been good for me, the reviews and others that have bothered to... #102
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don't think that apple was involved it was primarily Sony but don't quote me

as far as i know apple only got right to use them in there computers and laptops #53
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possibly a higher failure rate to if so #6
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