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as much as i love the wii i have to say i believe that this is bs

the wii processor has a maximum clock speed of 729 MHz
the 360 processor has a maximum clock speed of 9.6 GHz
the ps3 processor has a maximum clock speed of 25.6 GHz

this makes the ps3 around 21 times more powerful than the wii.

the wii gpu has a maximum clock speed of 243 MHz
the 360 gpu has a maximum clock speed of 500 MHz
the ps3 gpu has a maximum clock speed of ...

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even though the guy said that "its the same processor in the PS3" im sure that was a mistake this is because they have only released two different versions of the cell for the ps3 and that the 90nm version for the 60GB and 20GB model and the 65nm version for the 80GB and 40GB model.

the 65nm version of the CELL B.E is more effient than the 90nm one and produces less heat and uses less power, plus with a little more performance.

just because they are both ...

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it not the total amount of memory that counts its the speed that counts e.g the ps3 video ram GDDR3 runs at 900MHz were as the PCs GDDR3 can do over 2.6GHz+, also with GDDR5 out now the speed of the memory in much higher

2GB would be enough for the ps3 but for the ps4 it should be at least 8GB.

from what i know sony want to put 4 cell b.e in the ps4 but at the size of the 90nm version of the cell

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the 360 US price
the 360 UK price

the fact is Sony is ripping off european buyers this is because the new 80GB model of the PS3 will cost $300 in usa but they will sell it for £300 in the UK how fare is that, its 2 pounds to 1 dollar that mean if Sony can afford to sell the ps3 for $300 in usa why not £150 in UK

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tell me another game that can run at full resolution 2560 X 1600, full setting very high dx10 and have AA16Q and AF, no other from what im aware of plus even if there were any high end card could play it

from my understanding on a system with 3 GTX 280 only can play crysis at full everything. this is proof that crysis is the most graphicly complex game and that most who say its sh*t are probably play with a card weaker than the 7900 series.

fact of the matter its cry...

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its a 771 socket motherboard for xeon processors.

i would love this with a 64bit operating system. 16GB RAM plus more when 4GB sticks come out 2 xeon quad core and 3 pci express ports.

only problem is the chipsets dont look good (this is because other like inters p 45 or nforce 780i look miles more complex) but i guess i should not jugde a book by its cover

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£899.94 including vat at ebuyer or
£831.69 including vat at cclonline

its a lot but besides crysis a 9800 GTX, 4870, 4850 will rip through everything else

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sorry but from what i know only GTX280 on 3 sli can play crysis at highest resolution with AAX16Q and AF with very high setting DX 10.

i have a 9800 GTX and i can only play crysis at high no AA or AF with the resolution set to 1280 X 1024 for lag free i could play at 1920 X 1080 but it lags frequently.

even though a 8800 can play crysis at high its performance is low i upgraded from the 3870 because it could play at high but lagged and crashed on a resolution higher ...

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sorry fufotrufo but your comment is just shocking

welcome things

New Dashboard = new freash look

not welcome things

Avatars = lame copy of Miis (to late)
Netflix = you have to subcribe to netflix and XBL plus download charge rip off PSN video store cheaper plus no double subscription and full download not rent.

cheap copies/clones = LIPS is sh*t singstar (singstar has more songs than the XBL market place has)...

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well im a massive gamers and have all current consoles besides the DS plus i have a high end RIG (not very high end but high)

these results i see is very one sided plus i think they are biased

i believe that

Sony was A-
Microsoft was C+
Nintendo was D-

the reason i give this conclusion is becuase games from nintendo (no mario or zelda)was lame and only the hardware impressed me but that may change with the full specs, microsoft w...

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shocking but the guy how is playing the drums looks like hes sitting on the sentry gun of team fortress 2

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Sony easily won

this is because most of the games that Microsoft announced was renamed versions of Sonys games e.g.
lips is a copy of singstar, scene it is a copy of buzz and at the movies it a copy of ps eye games.

most of the games that Microsoft shown us are multi-platform with developers today a Sonys press conference saying that the ps3 was the best system to develop for.

the only game that Microsoft wowed the fans was with ffxiii which some o...

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i knew all of these but tuneup is great like kingboy said it just like one click i also recommend sysspec is utility that is free and its not a trail also like tuneup but not as complex as it just keep shortcuts to windows hiden utilities

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square enix only said ffxiii not ff vs xiii or any other tittle plus like dachiefsman said it a company they only care about the money whether the games good or bad e.g. EA have released the same for over five FIFA 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, (i know it goes back many more years like 1996 or some ting) only the tittle, game engine (when next gen is out) tittle screen and transfer market changes everything else is the same.

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the nintendo 64dd was a expansion that fit on the bottom of the n64. it could play games with more content. it was only released in japan and it failed with less than 20 games being released on it.

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