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all wrong people as far as im am aware non of the yerli have said nothing about Crysis on any console, and that they were making and new exclusive series for both the 360 and ps3.

i know it and u know it and if u dont then ur just fanboys simple as, my 9800 GTX is 70% for powerful than the cell and the RSX put together.
the GTX 280 GPU does 933 GFLOP/s were as the PS3 whole system only does 218 GFLOP/s

and that can play at very high with full AA, AS, shader an...

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the transfer rate does not increase because the BUS is better it depends on the flash device or the hard drive RPM. sata claims a 3.0Gigabits but only can achieve 20-30MegaBytes on most hardware so its way of its speed.

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i dont know what the vista bashing is about because i have had it now for 3 or 4 months and i have never had a problem with it, it runs smoother on the same hardware and have alot for feature with it.

poeple just play about with it, tweak it and u will see it is way better than XP SP3.

just get SP1 and its perfect i was the same until i got SP1
i dont know if anyone has heard or seen it but a review was asked to go to microsoft and they said would u try this n...

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wow this is really old news

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the comment on the link is wrong the cell is not a GPU omg read all the comments, he it talking like the PS3 has 2 CELL B.E and no RSX.

i know the RSX is crap it is the 7900 GTX from 3-4 years ago but not that bad

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this guy clearly got on steam like me go on, i have completed it may times because it was released on the 6th and pre-loaded on the 5th. if not he got a redeem code for the 360 by pre-odering it at select stores

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games really play better on PC, better graphics, better physics, better A.I, higher frame rates, more things to do than play games, larger communities, more content, more games, more function as use with pads or best with mouse and keyboard

my friend has a GPU 4 years old that out preforms all the consoles
my 9800 GTX plus has twice the raw porcessing power than the PS3 312.8 Gflops

console gaming is budget gaming at best, its were all the developer go for the ...

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yes with out a dowt, valve really only loved PC and why not. dont thing M$ has payed them plus there have more users on steam than LIVE and PSN

I have all current consoles besides DS and with out a dowt PC is best

remember people, Best on PC

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well the demo was released on the 6th of November if you pre-puchased it on steam, its great but have to see what the death matches are like the campign is not bad. i prefer Zombie Panic: source my self really cool.

remeber people, games play best on PC

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PC best platform for gaming, console is budget gaming at best. don't get me wrong i love most games on consoles (fable 2 10/10, LBP 9/10, smash bros, 9/10) but the best experience is not on 360 or ps3 or wii.

PC TF2 = 15 updates and at less 5 add ons all free
360 TF2 = nothing
PS3 TF2 = nothing

PC L4D = demo 5 days early on steam
360 L4D = demo on 11 not 6 of nov
PS3 L4D = EA port if it happens

the PC has other advantages such as ...

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Vista is a great OS, i dont get why peolpe talk crap about it.

i had XP pro SP3 and it was ok no problems
i got vista SP1 x64 and wow it takes less than 30 seconds from turn on to desktop.

tweak it abit people its not hard. "MSCONFIG" stop services that you dont need, un-check them and do the same for the start up.
Do defragmentations and wipe temp files to save space.

i've been to friends houses and vista has been shocking but it ...

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i also taught myself. its weird looking back.

People save your hard earned cash because these companies could not give a $%!? and even there support lines are very basic.

they will put a pill out crap together a call it High End hoping you don't have a clue.

i built my own and saved about $800

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - Best price for performance
Foxconn P35AX-S - Great board for its price
AENEON 2GB PC2-6400 (400MHz) DDR2 X2 - It...

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wow these are great tricks. knew them all on release of ps3, and the other when the patches were released

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i sorry mate but any one will tell you that. SCART is one of the worst in the market the only reason it is used is because its one of the cheapest digital cables out there.

DVI, HDMI, YPbPr and D-Terminal 4 are the best cable for high resolutions (HD).
the max SCART can output is 576P (PAL 576P is higher than 480P and I)were as the max HDMI can output is 1080P plus there is firmware coming so to support more resolution.

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at first when i got my HDTV i was stunted how clear the picture was but like you said, you can see all the imperfections on some games.

i could not going back to SDTV only if i really had to. for me its 1280 X 720 P minimum on consoles and 1280 X 1024 P on my PC. only wish that nintendo give us a 720P support because like marionz said it can be horrible.

mario galaxy looks great at 576P
but zelda at 576P is shocking i have to play on a SDTV for it to look bette...

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well ubisoft messed up all of the other Far Cry games just hope that this is good.

Crytek made this series huge and ubisoft killed it last gen.
i believe that Crysis Warhead will be a better game than this

the post says dated there no date on the thread just mid October

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well PS3 has more FPS game now and has more RPG games but better than that is PS3 RGP games are MMO with hundreds or thousand of games compared to the 360s one player RPG. Plus PS3 FPS has 60 players and 360 32 players

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well if you can get most of your money back them if i was you sell them but i cant see a massive difference in performance for a crossfirex or the 4870X2 usually they perform on a simular level but we will see some benchmarks soon so who knows

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this card it amazing and will sap and thing your PSU will give it.
i'm just wondering if this over heats a lot, the thing is huge like a tank. that heatsink in there must weigh a ton.

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i would recoomend 4GB of ram on any 32bit operating system but im going to vista 64bit soon which can support hundreds of GB of RAM, only the hardware is behind when it come to 64bit OS. my next motherboard will support 16GB

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