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Always played PC and consoles at a Desk

Don't use or want to use Move, Wiimotes and Kinect :)

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Battlefield has always been about MP
I've only ever done the first mission on BC1, BC2 and 3 levels on BF3

Loving Battlefield 3, shame I taken a break off it in December.
Also I only ever play hardcore mode, only done about 4 matches in non hardcore between BC2 and BF3.

Here is my Battlelog :)

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PS3 its only needs PC :)

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I have said exactly what Kazuo Hirai has said for years but I've only be blasted by the Sony FANBOYs

If you look at their business they have been pricing to high for products other offer for cheaper.

Sony Walkman - Has failed since 'i devices' come out.
Sony Ericsson - Have been loosing money for years.
Sony Bravia - Samsung, LG and Panasonic have equally good product but cheaper.
Sony Vaio - Expensive and no redeeming fact...

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As proven by image 9 this can be done on PC right now, just developers are not taking advantage of the technology.

Can't see the next gen consoles being all that powerful if they come out this year, why?

Well HD 7970 ($550) is out and GTX 780 ($600) within 3 months meaning PS4 & NXB will have to use older hardware which is inferior giving the PC almost 2 year advantage.

If they come out sometime in 2013-14 they would be out before HD ...

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The worst part is, this DRM only hurts the legitimate users. you don't get any of this BS with the pirate version.
Ubisoft is the worst at this.

The best DRM is the ones in Serious Sam 3 and ArmA II, does not effect the legitimate users but p!sses off the pirates :)

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GPU is more important than CPU especially on PC! Why?

Well the GPUs have extremely high core counts, the core are a lot more programmable (why we see them is the worlds fastest supercomputers) but they can push ridiculously high performance

IBM Cell B.E = 102.4 GFLOPS (RISC)
IBM Xenon = 115.2 GFLOPS (RISC)
Intel Core i7 3960x = 119.4 GFLOPS (CISC)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 = 1581.1 GFL...

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If the leaks are correct GK104 will either have 576 cores or 768 cores both of which topple Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580

This seems to be right if you look at the history of cards
usually the next Gen cards have double

If so:
GTX 580 - GF110 = 512 cores/ GTX 780 - GK100 = 1024 cores
GTX 560 Ti - GF114 = 384 cores/ GTX 760 Ti - GK104 = 768 cores

I'm saying
GTX 780 = 1024 cores, GTX 770 = 960 cores

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Valenwood and Elsweyr

Seems like it would be more obvious suggestion, why? well non of the Elder Scolls games have ever followed on from each other

But then again there is more to the Elder Scolls Universe than just Tamriel, could be Elsewhere :)

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LOL it double-posted :/

Just want to add


* You need to update your PC every 6 months = Rubbish majority of Steam users still have DX9 systems only meaning Hardware prior to 2007 i.e GeForce 7000 and Radeon X1000

* I prefer to play on a BIG 42" TV = With PC you can play on any display you like whether its 15" Monitor or at 70" HDTV

* I prefer to play with game pads = With PC you can ...

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I know of 7 people that was console gamers only before September 2011 that have embraced PC gaming.

Some of these people getting upto 80hrs of Steam game-play every 2 weeks, one particular person used to play his PS3 everyday day now he mostly watches TV on it with PlayTV like myself. He PS3 playtime has come down to less than 5 hours every 2 weeks.

That more than 96% playtime on PC, never mind web-browsing, listening to music, watching films/videos.

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They have all done it before including consoles

Just look at Kinect or Wii

Least Intel don't need to worry about their CPUs they are outselling everything else, Plus Ivybridge is going to be out before AMD Piledriver.

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Games I want on that list:
Bioshock Infinite
Grand Theft Auto V

Games that could interest me:

Will be getting these games on PC :) Cheaper and definitely superior :)

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They probably make more money of the the Free downloads, why becuase of in game advertisment.

$0.99 for one install or in game adds for every level, the free version probably pays the developer more after 4 level and the paid version.

To be honest I don't care for portable consoles, they are terrible, my PSP purchase was easily the worst in my life.

Adding more buttons and making games that are not intended to be played on 5" screens...

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Well I think we are less than 2 years from the refresh of consoles.

I reckon Xbox Loop (Codename) will be out by 2013 Q2 latest
I think PlayStation 4 will follow right after 2013 Q4/2014 Q1

The Next Gen needs to come, games are looking terrible and everyone is just doing Call of Dirty re-skins.
Plus it will make lazy developer/publishers push harder to make better games such as Activision.

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Makes sense.

A lot of people have a smartphone, Tablet or iPod these days
The game are extremely inexpensive and are getting better.

Angry Birds has been more success than most games this gen.

Also Angry Birds has got far more revenue streams, In game adds for F2P, expansions, toys an...

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And there is probably 1000 for why its bad for freedom!!!

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"selling it to gamers", Nintendo is selling the 3DS to gamers to but the market is not responding even with a price drop!!!

I would play portable games like Uncharted but they aren't games I like to play on the go, but rather at home.

Like I said in a message "Nothing worse than pausing a game during a cutscene when getting off the Bus, worse still when you can't pause the cutscene ruining the game."

Also why woul...

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I agree

The games are too expensive.
The console is too expensive.
Its lacking features, such as a phoning ability.

To be honest I would not buy one unless it was cheaper than £150/$230 and the games was £20/$30 each.

Finally add support for smartphone games like Cut the Rope.

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I play all my games on PC, the only one I want on that list is Halo 4, which I will get for my 360.

Hopefully Windows 8 will support Xbox games, if so bye bye Xbox!!

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