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Yeah not only better graphics, Batman shipped with 3D Vision and PhysX on PC. #3.1.3
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Well its running just about

Of course they could get it running but its not the same Crysis #4
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Guys surely you're joking.

About a week ago I said that the console version had better lighting and colours but I take it all back.
Clearly bullshots off CryEngine 3 PC Devkit.

If I worked for Crytek or was Cevat Yerli... #6
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The 360 version clearly looks better... #37
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The Lighting in CryEngine 3 is better and same with the colours
Besides that PC version is better in every way.

Hopefully Crytek will release Crysis CryEngine 3 for PC gamers or at least someone mod it.

Have to say not all them PC shots look like they were at very high, the lack of DoF, SSAO, particle effects and specular lighting is screaming at me saying it was either on medium or high.

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These reasons are just fail.

1. No need for endless upgrades
There is no need for upgrades, a badass PC will last over 5 years unless your obsessed with upgrades.

2. No mouse and keyboard support
Mouse and keyboard are great for gaming, however if you don't like it you can easily just connect a PS3/360 pads wireless or wired.

3. The Posture And relaxation
I personally play at a desk, I play worst when relaxing. thi... #48
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The problem is people its Steam support.
If it was just for the games it would be in Valve support.

I still think its something else or maybe just a mistake. #18
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You're committing a crime if you don't get the PC version!!! Only exemption is if you can't get the PC version!!!

No excuses people. #48
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Of course retailers would say this.
They make more money on pre-owned than new.

Digital Distribution, DLC, Replay Value, Subscription Services, Disc Keys and Online Pass.

They are all negative to retailers so of course they will hate them, they want gamers to complete a game in less than a week so they call resell it.

I get a game NEW £40 (usually £28 goes to retailers)
I sell the same game 1 week later £20 (50%... #7
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WOW the only thing I did not know was the price.

That is ridiculous, at that price its going to fail. They need to get that to $1,400 at least. #9.1.1
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That Razer Blade is one impressive piece of kit.
Its almost twice the thickness of iPad 2 but with incredible spec.

Razer Blade spec:
* Intel Core i7 2640M (2Cs/4Ts) 2.8GHz/3.5GHz (Base/Turbo)
* Nvidia GeForce GTX 555M 2GB GDDR5 (144 Cuda Cores) with Nvidia Optimus
* 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (PC3-10600)

This thing is less than 1 inches thick.
Their nearest competitors laptops your looking between 2-3 inches #9
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There is a Video on GT Planet that showed the whole event. You can get all the info from the Video.

Martin Brundle did commentary at Top Gear Test Track.
Jonathan Legard did commentary with the gamers.

Though guys got there because of their performances on GT5.
Coulthard has been racing in DTM (German touring cars)

The probably I've got with GT5 and fans it they claim its the best simulator. iRacing and rFactor do a hell of a... #7.2
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Gran Turismo 5 not quite there (this is coming from someone with GT5 Platinum)

Fact is:
* The GT5 challenge had no tyre wear
* The GT5 challenge had no fuel consumption
* The GT5 challenge had no brake wear or temperature

David Coulthard:
* Lap One: Built up speed, got the tyres and brakes up to temp. Time 1:23
* Lap Two: 1st flying lap, car almost ready for hot lap. Time 1:18
* Lap Three: 2nd flying lap, car... #6
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Xbox 360 - 2 Discs
PlayStation 3 - 1 Disc
Steam/PC - No Disc #4
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They call this a tournament

The commentators are right behind them, pretty much saying where everyone is.
You could here the clans sometimes over the commentators mics.
Your sitting side by side, plus there is a huge screen.
The commentators missed some of the caps only relising afterwards.
Also Activision could only do $400,000 with sponsors.

Valve did a way better job with Dota 2, commentators that knew what they was talking... #5
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Battlefield 3 Hardcore and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

No Call for Noobies for me!!! #20
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PS3 exclusives?, I only get 2 to 3 games a year on PS3 and 1 game a year on 360.

There is nothing on these consoles plus they're so dated and aged I hate my time on them, returning to the only free platform fills me with joy. #25.1.1
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PC it only does everything?

Over 500 games 3D compatible with over 200 fully functional without teething problems.
Most games can be played in 3D at 1920 by 1080p across 3 monitors that's 5760 by 1080p in 3D!!!

After playing Batman: Arkham Asylum maxed out with 4xAA/16xAF plus PhysX and 3D Vision at 1080p I knew it was a game changer.
The same can be said for Dead Rising 2, Just Cause 2 and Mafia II, these game look insanely better on PC b... #25
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Well Bad Company is a spin off from Battlefield but Medal of Honour is a different series completely and Dice was only involved in the multiplayer coding.

Battlefield 3 for me on PC.

Looking forward to gaming this 2nd Half
getting over 10 games from F1 2011 to Skyrim :) #1.3
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Yep, total steal

Could not find this in a bargain bin with no case for that cheap.

Steam/PC it really only does everything! #3
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