How about you shut the hell up and let me play the games I enjoy, not the ones you like.


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"actually if you look closely"

After all those flips you would think you wouldn't have to look closely lol.

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Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell Conviction
Alan Wake
Metro 2023
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach
Fable 3
Monday Night Combat
Perfect Dark
Dead Rising 2 Case Zero
Plants Vs Zombies
XBL Rewards Program

I been using my 360 all year, no complaints from me.

2011 is off to a decent start with games like:

Gears of ...

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Kinect sold over 2.5million so far, which comes with Kinect Adventures, not a shooter. You're fact is an opinion. Forza sells, Fable sells, Assassins Creed sells, etc. Plenty of none shooters sell well on Xbox, you're just a fool.

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Which is why RDR is my GOTY :) Mass Effect 2 was my other choice, but after playing Undead Nightmares, RDR took the cake.

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Mass Effect 2 and RDR are probably the 2 best games I've played all year. PS3 only users are in for a real treat come January. I don't think MMA or Bioshock 2 should have made the top list, there were too many better games this year to have those in the top 10.

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You act like crashes don't happen by accident.

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"Zelnick said "annualizing" games threatens their quality and risks burning out consumers."

Which is why I respect Rockstar and their games. Red Dead Redemption was pretty buggy, but not in a bad way that it hurt the quality of the game. It was more or less, funny glitches like horses flying through the air, rather than game breaking bugs. Rockstar takes their time with their products which is why their games are always very high quality, not short, and ha...

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Didn't score that much better.

Fable 3 Meta - 80
Gran Turismo 5 Meta - 85

Bigger hype leads to bigger disappointment. The hype for GT5 was more than all the Fable games put together, hence the biggest disappointment this year. To much hype for its own good.

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The real numbers are already out. 4.1 Million shipped, Sony said themselves they don't release sold numbers, only shipped.

"A Sony representative has clarified to Kotaku that the 4.1 million represents units sold to retail outlets from Sony"

"While we don't disclose our ...

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TBH your list is pretty horrible. Sports Champions really? It may be a game to play, but if I was about to die, that would be the last game I'd want to play lol.

+bubbles for thesithfreak, he's the only person to put down Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past. I'm honestly surprised it's not on more people's list.

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Try this.

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I agree with Loveable, I just picked up the Undead Nightmare Collection since I traded RDR awhile back, and I have to say it's pretty awesome. Took me around 7 hours to finish the story, and now working on 100%. It's kind of sad that Rockstar's DLC last longer than most SP games these days.

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Both are twin stick shooters, both involve Zombies. Put two and two together slick.

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This happened when the Fable 3 DLC was first put on the marketplace. It's not 53 million either, it's $53,687,091 :)

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Rockstar's games never come out when they say they do this far ahead. RDR was suppose to come out at the end of April. Mid April came and bam, pushed back until May. Whenever it does come out though, one good thing about Rockstar's games is I know I'll be getting my moneys worth, and then some.

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Who cares about Scientist?

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"Andy Tudor: Shift 1 was the only Need for Speed game out that particular year."

And that's a bad thing? We don't need 2-3 different NFS games a year. Might as well turn NFS into Guitar Hero......and the way they're going it's looking like that.

EDIT: @lokiroo420 - Well I rented Shift and I enjoyed it, but it was nothing special. I miss NFS Underground. Those games on PS2 were amazing.

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I think you're missing their point when they said,

"But this is a production that feels increasingly aged in the face of modern game design"

Their not saying the game should be like every other game, they're saying it feels aged because it's the same GT it was back on PS2 and even PS1. Kind of how the COD reviews were, its a good game, but it's the same old COD. Same concept, different game. The series is over 10 years old after all....

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You do realize Microsoft has had this for well over a year now right? This announcement is for EVERYONE including free users. Before it was by invitation only.

If anything Sony copied Microsoft with this one.

Oh and FYI, Sony wasn't the first to make HD Remakes either lol.

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It was an indie game on XBL a LONG time ago, it was actually one of the most downloaded to. Pretty fun and challenging game if you ask me.

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