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Some great points well said here. I award you a bubble sir.

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No doubt you're right! The word should have been 'produc' rather than 'develop' and has since being updated accordingly. Cheers.

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Hey MCG, thanks for pointing this out!

As an editor I have a lot of trust in this author but looks like he made a couple of crucial factual missteps here.

I've looked into your points, found them to be true and updated the article accordingly.

Cheers! I hereby reward you with a bubble of intelligence

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Didn't expect this response in the comments when I wrote the article. I'm 99% certain Smedley was just referencing Dark Souls because it's currently considered the yardstick for tough games, and he was using it to prove a point that H1Z1 will be difficult.

It's the same as somebody growing a new chilli pepper and saying "Try this, Naga's are for wimps" - nobody REALLY thinks a Naga chilli is for wimps, but it would sure help you make your point a...

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Agreed on both fronts. While it won't effect game design, limbs flying everywhere is pretty much expected from anything zombie. It adds that extra layer of gruesome mortality to the survival.

Also, lots of moral dramas in the zombie genre come from humans enjoying cutting zombies apart and torturing them. When Smedley mentioned playable zombies I imagined a player coming back as a zombie, only for another player to chop off their limbs like Michonne in TWD and use them f...

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I was thinking that as well at first Abriael, but he's been around for a while and had contact with other Ubisoft accounts. @UbiTessa seemed surprised when his account was taken down.

My guess is that either his account was compromised and somebody else was using it, or he was told he could mention PoP and went way too far.

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One of my favourite franchises from the Xbox 360, a great trilogy with a story that holds way more potential than they dared explore. Fingers crossed this takes place during E-Day with a young Fenix, Dom and Cole

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Good spot, he was talking about the combination of behaviours and animations. While the article on the Ubiblog actually groups this all under "animation" because of how it links together, I've tweaked the text accordingly for clarity.

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Be interesting to see how this ports to iOS, can't imagine some of the core controls without analogue sticks and trigger buttons.

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It's hard to put into words how much I want to play this, but I'll try: a lot!!

That was quite easy actually.

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I agree. There's an argument that pricing shouldn't factor into a review, but it definitely should when the play time is so short IMO. I'm not sure whether the fact review units come free helped Ground Zeroes with its scores or not, but as a consumer I'm not happy with the prospect of paying full whack for a demo.

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Signed TLOU goodies? This competition is the stuff dreams are made of!

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Cool write up! I don't agree that the open world is a downside though.

I also wrote a completely in-depth look at Batman: Arkham Knight and discuss the prospects of the story, its writers, and why the open-world and Batmobile are ultimately necassary http://n4g.com/news/1468191...

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He mentions the Harley Quinn one in the video. Says she's not pregnant and it was a false test

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Loved the original!

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I think open world is the natural evolution of some types of games, so maybe the question should be - why would they want to go back?

On the flip side, if a franchise like Rayman went totally open world and it didn't work out, they could totally go back to normal platformer and get away with it

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Good to see MS being proactive!

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This is a duplicate news http://n4g.com/news/1467495...

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I'm way too excited about this. Nothing brings out the fan boy in me like Bats doing his thing

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Interesting. The demand is so incredibly it would be silly for Rockstar to ignore it.

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