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This has so many angles of retard I don't know where to start. Note to everyone, go watch Idiocracy and try to prevent it lmao. (great movie btw not cutting it down)

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No BFG tisk tisk.

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I owned this game. One of those classic IMPOSSIBLE games. F*(king ridiculous lol

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@Saiyan TBH I never got to finish the game either. I had PS+ when I was playing it and I thought for this game I'd use the cloud to save my files....PS+ ran out and no access to the save file smh.
@Deadpool I see what you're saying. If I had the option of GTA5 or Farcry 4/AC Unity I'd pick FC4 lol, but that's because I've played GTA5. Lets just say you have to try it out some day :)

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You're cheap lol. You've never played it but think it's to much "because it's a re-release". Dude I played the hell out of it for PS3 and with the upgrade if you have never played it, it is WELL WORTH IT. I've played 100 games to every Rockstar game that is worth the price (that's every Rockstar game I've played fyi...that's alot of Rockstar games btw).

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Is this another "Microsoft invests in stupid shit" deal. They go all out on what they think is a good idea (CoD timed exclusive map packs). Maybe they should invest in some indie studios.

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Haah was going to say where is Wave Race. Amazing game.

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I agree, but the level of interactivity wouldn't be there without the technology.

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After getting my first Mario

Afer getting a few more

Does anybody think these could be collector items? lol After I get Peach I'm thinking a Rainbow Road course :)

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Fnckin rights there nukkel nutz

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Awesome retro 2d platformer. Kicks ass

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I played the sh1t out of the Just Cause 2 demo

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Same here PJS 1 100%. PJS2 I got stuck at a boss and just couldn't finish it smh. Effen hard is all I remember lol

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What the hell ever happened to the next Getaway game that they had high hopes for BEFORE the PS3 even came out lol. At least we know Guardian still lives.

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I agree. I don't see how there's any problem though. I just don't care. This guy knows what a video game is suppose to be right?

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Are you sh!tting me! That is ridiculous. Isn't it suppose to be THE media center that does it all. Will they be adding that stuff later?

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This is the first I've heard about PS4 not being able to play music (I don't have a PS4 yet). Can you watch video files?

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*come on.

common has a different meaning than what you were intending.

*-* English Police

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I've seen what Microsoft does with their "tech demos/presentation". Will this be any different?

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You're going to be waiting a while for those speeds to be standard there buddy.

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