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Enjoying something and telling others it's great does not by any definition make you angry. Being annoyed or offended by a random person on a forum or comment section does not by any definition make you angry. Telling someone they're stupid is fact or opinion not necessarily emotion. I insert my opinion all the time, I'm either correct or I'm not but I'm not angry. Saying "PlayStation has no games" is an opinion not a fact, so therefore me saying, "yes, it d...

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Looks nice, horrible angle. It needs to be moved up at least a little so you can see what's coming up ahead of you

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When did people become such little crybaby prudes? No one in the world has gone through life without hearing or seeing a racist or dirty joke, at, home, work, tv, or public but now somehow it's the worst thing in the world. Some of you should try working in a jail if any of this crap offends you. GROW UP!

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Grow up, lean how the real world works, please

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That's what I was going to say. We have people running around all over with real mental disorders (transsexual, gay, gender confussion, identity confussion, and more) and they say this, lol, to funny

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LAME! Every other game had it, no big loss or anything, just tired of the little cry babies making all things taboo...I do like violence, i'm sure that will be the next thing they remove and we can all enjoy a nice walking simulator with quick-time events to make Kratos hug the monsters until they pop into rainbows and pretty sprinkles. Yes this is (mostly) a joke.
I agree "new" Kratos is a different man but as unnecessary as monster boobs are, they will be missed,lol

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I dont know why no one here is smart enough to understand that you can not sue a minor of breach of contract (or for much of anything really) unless a court agree to treat them as an adult (whitch will not happen in this case) so norhing will come of this but a loss to epic

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Nu you are correct, these idiots down below don't know sh!t, it take less then a minute to look it up on google.

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What I do is watch the conference on big screen and have EZA on my phone or IPad with earphone, I can hear them if I want, it works well I think:)

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Its not diversity the upsets me, its forced diversity, nowadays its not "lets write a great story" its "how many different races do we have to put in are story so we can be politically correct and not offed someone" and that's just asinine. People should be allowed to write whatever they want and if some crybaby doesn't like it they can ignore it not parade around, scream, and fight like a 2 year old because there poor feelings were hurt. No one cares about your fe...

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I never once in my life played a game and though, "gee I hope there's a white male like me in this game", diversity is dumb liberal BS created to cater to the the low self esteem mental cases

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I was in Bestbuy yesterday and they had 6 or 7 switches on the shelf and i live in a very busy area so they aren't that hard to find

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Doubtfully, maybe at the end of 2017 but that will only be because of scorpio, depending on its price.

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There was nothing wrong with the first game, loved every second of it

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Awesome love this game

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It could easily come out in 2017, they already have the tech, characters, and I'm sure they already have most of the sets done so all that's left is motion capture and polish. Motion capture might take some time but I can see this easily coming out in Oct or Nov 2017

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Played it, did 2 races, explored the cars, did not get sick or disoriented in anyway. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but this sounds like bull to me that everyone got sick

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I understand tracking issues but when your playing it in the brightest room I have ever seen then of course your going to have tracking issues. Also your not supposed to move all around your living room when using PSVR, its a sit/stand/lean system not a walk all around this massive VR world. Other then that, great video

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I didn't read it, thanks for the info

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