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Who cares it will be censored now because of a crybaby SJW idiot

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And SJW prevent me from buying Tekken 7 if they are willing to edit the game for an idiots opinion.

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Ha ha ha ha ha, i love a good joke

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no buy for me now

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What absolute trash, i never complain about free stuff but this time it really is, trash!

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brettAwesome, No some of them came from the movie "They Live"

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I see nothing wrong with episodic games and frankly cant understand the hate for them. I think it will be fun to explore the large open areas and discover secrets and new ways to kill people and by the time your getting bored of Paris (or wherever) it will be a new month and you get an entire new city (or part of the word) to explore and enjoy. Its like actually being an assassin getting contracts on your PS4 and then planning them out. Also it makes it an easy game to just drop in and out of...

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Uh no, that's stupid

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Could be cool if the characters are good quality. I agree with Martin, should be more adult oriented.

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wtf, I love orange, looks fine to me and i think the controller looks cool.

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The wait is killing me, I check everyday for news, so glad to get something

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I hope so, i love disaster report

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Thanks Peter Moore for understanding how stupid EA is.

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Just for that stupid assumption i will be buying my copy used if I get it at all.

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One employee at Naughty Dog does not represent the entire company. Every building in Red Faction was Destructible and it was based on actual physics and all that crap. I'm not saying what there showing is fake or not possible but all we have seen is a video, i want to see it running live, with people playing. From what I have seen, read, heard, and personally know about computers, what they are saying just seems to good to be true.

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No dumb ass it was a video. I dident see anyone on stage with a controller.

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Microsoft have proven nothing, they showed a video at Gamescon, that's it, we know nothing yet, and the destruct ability in the video was nothing so great it has not been done or seen before. Red Faction did it last gen.

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I played Duke Nekum Forever amd enjoyed it, was it the best, Hek no but it was playable and fun, idk why all the hate. I can't wait for a new Duke game... and yes I play 3d and even the original 2d games

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I'm a boy and I dont, i think woman are treated in the way the story needs them to be, it's a fu**ING story not real life, get over it.

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