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Doubtfully, maybe at the end of 2017 but that will only be because of scorpio, depending on its price.

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There was nothing wrong with the first game, loved every second of it

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Awesome love this game

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It could easily come out in 2017, they already have the tech, characters, and I'm sure they already have most of the sets done so all that's left is motion capture and polish. Motion capture might take some time but I can see this easily coming out in Oct or Nov 2017

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Played it, did 2 races, explored the cars, did not get sick or disoriented in anyway. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but this sounds like bull to me that everyone got sick

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I understand tracking issues but when your playing it in the brightest room I have ever seen then of course your going to have tracking issues. Also your not supposed to move all around your living room when using PSVR, its a sit/stand/lean system not a walk all around this massive VR world. Other then that, great video

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I didn't read it, thanks for the info

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So a team of hundreds criticize a team of 14, what asshats

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Who cares it will be censored now because of a crybaby SJW idiot

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And SJW prevent me from buying Tekken 7 if they are willing to edit the game for an idiots opinion.

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Ha ha ha ha ha, i love a good joke

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no buy for me now

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What absolute trash, i never complain about free stuff but this time it really is, trash!

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brettAwesome, No some of them came from the movie "They Live"

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I see nothing wrong with episodic games and frankly cant understand the hate for them. I think it will be fun to explore the large open areas and discover secrets and new ways to kill people and by the time your getting bored of Paris (or wherever) it will be a new month and you get an entire new city (or part of the word) to explore and enjoy. Its like actually being an assassin getting contracts on your PS4 and then planning them out. Also it makes it an easy game to just drop in and out of...

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Uh no, that's stupid

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Could be cool if the characters are good quality. I agree with Martin, should be more adult oriented.

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wtf, I love orange, looks fine to me and i think the controller looks cool.

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The wait is killing me, I check everyday for news, so glad to get something

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