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I played Duke Nekum Forever amd enjoyed it, was it the best, Hek no but it was playable and fun, idk why all the hate. I can't wait for a new Duke game... and yes I play 3d and even the original 2d games #6
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I'm a boy and I dont, i think woman are treated in the way the story needs them to be, it's a fu**ING story not real life, get over it. #3
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I just bought a used Xbox-One and 5 used games, did not give 1 cent to Microsoft (that makes me happy) and I already feel it was a bad idea, it took 2 hours just to start the thing up, every game I put in I have to wait forever for it to download, I tried looking at the store, it crashed, tried downloading apps it crashed, of the 5 exclusive games I got (Dead Ring 3/Screamride/sunset overdrive/project spark/killer instinct) the most fun I have had so far is Project Spark and after the tutoria... #35
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Gaming in the past was way better then it is now, as far as I'm concerned online destroyed gaming. Sitting next to a real friend or sibling and watching them play single player or playing it yourself or even playing multiplayer on splitsceen was always more fun then online, listening to rude uneducated children insulting you does not make gaming fun. #8
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What stupid morons thought that in the first place? Games are nothing more then fun cool stories, woman in games are hot and appealing because NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH AN UGLY WOMAN, it really is just that simple. #7
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It's stupid to think that Link is incapable of talking even if they make a show, there is nothing wrong with allowing him to talk. Telling the stories of the other characters is a good Idea but leaving link out is asinine. What it really comes down to is how well it is written, I am hopeful but we shall see.

An example of a mute character talking would be Jak from Jak and Daxter, he was a mute in the first game, it was a great fun game but in Jak 2 he talks, it did not ru... #14.1
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I tried to get them all and just could not do it:(
but I had fun #2
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it was one of my most anticipated games, pissed me ff it never came out #2
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I am sorry but this is so lame, it looks terrible, a vr headset is a million times cooler then this #9
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that sucked big time, horrible commercial and if u knew nothing about the game that would not sell it to you... and "get rich and die" is very annoying, not funny, and a really stupid saying, very disappointed #7
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I agree, Lilly looked interesting, fun, great art style, Let it Die, looks meh, and iI own and have enjoyed all of Suda 51's games, I am beyond disappointed:(

I agree with Baka 100% should have said we canceled Lilly and then showed Lit it Die #7
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out of the 21 years Sony has been doing E3 they have only had a bad show 3 to 5 times, they will do great as always, Microsoft will over hype and un-impress as always,and Nintendo will do what they always do show the same series over and over again and only Nintendo fans will care. #30
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Anyone who believe this list is real is retarded. #109
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He just got $2billion you think he gives a crap about anyone else, smart dude if you ask me, now he can go buy an island and do whatever he wants for the rest of his life #20
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I agree, so much forced hype for this game it's not even funny, not saying it's not fun or good but damn is Microsoft just trying to hard #12.1
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^Finally an Intelligent person in the internet^ I agree with you dude #8
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I dont know if its just me but I am not impressed by this, it just looks to fake to me, like the care is made out of putty, maybe I am wrong but that's how I feel about it. #2
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Blow is an Idiot, there have been numerous study's saying otherwise, so he can go Blow it out his you know what #15
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Just so you guys know people from Belarus are not Russian, they are Belorussian, completely different country, with a different past and different culture. NO surprise that Nintendo is not doing great there when I was there I did not see anything video game related, but I could have just been in an area where its not very big. IDK #10
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Tittle is so funny, HAHAHAHAHAHA #26
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