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Hope more game developers do this. Including older titles with newer releases.

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Can't complain about that news. :)

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Yes. What you saw in the video is from KSR Preseason. You can download and play it on day one. No charge.

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You could, but then you wouldn't get the PS+ discount on the full game because the account being used to purchase wouldn't have PS+ on it.

Someone who only uses PS+ for the freebies wouldn't be impacted, but a gamer who is in it for both the freebies and the sales is who would run into this. And you'd think that Sony would want to cater to those who are spending the most.

I doubt this is anything nefarious, it's probably just an oversigh...

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This is a North American thing. NA PSN and EU PSN stores are completely separate. Doesn't matter if it is deals or mistakes. ;)

To get in on this you need a NA PSN account.

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If you are on the PC you need to use Media Go to access the store, like it says in the linked story. If you try to access the store from the PS3 or from the SEN web store you will not be able to get them.

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The promotion was initially announced as being exclusive to the Vita store. That's why the free games cannot be "purchased" on either the PS3 store or the web store.

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It doesn't matter what you cover as a journalist. If you're part of the story, you either don't cover it or you fully disclose. Otherwise, why even bother having game journalists? Why not just get all your gaming news straight from corporate PR departments?

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PS mini is a different game. That one came out in Aug of last year.

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Yeah, the console versionswere nothing to write home about. Still, somewhat odd that the publisher would announce it and then have the franchise head come out and say it never existed. Why even bother announcing in the first place?

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Agreed. Too many "exclusive" pre-order offerings and not enough planning. If you read the official forums there are even people complaining about the DLC being corrupt after downloading and crashing the game. :(

Sucks to see what looks like a good game plagued by a poorly organized launch.

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Wording is way too vague. Bascially allows EA to deem just about anything a violation.

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Yeah, goof with the back end settings. Doh. Should be viewable with no issues.

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Looks like GameStop has pulled all copies and is now offering refunds to prior purchasers.

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Personally I wonder how GameStop stores are going to handle all the people either demanding a refund since they didn't get the whole product or doing a credit card chargeback if GS refuses to refund.

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I'm playing through it a second time (third time through the Detroit Hub) and still finding new areas/things that I didn't see when I did the review run.

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Did not expect this one to be as much fun as it is.

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I had assumed this was going to be one of those "token only" things. I suppose we'll find out soon enough when the Gears 3 review events start up later this month.

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Free is always good. :)

Glad it's not a pre-order exclusive somewhere.

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Gameloft usually takes an idea and makes their own version of it. This looks like a straight up copy, art assets and all.

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