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Looks cool.. very skullgirlesque. Looking forward to the final

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Please ask whoever is representing namco bandai if they're release jojo bizarre all star battle state side

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Was it really that good? I spend an even amount of time with different genres, I am a gamer. My problems is that it didn't look like a solid 3rd person action adventure. This may be attributed to some of the biased reviews, but they made great point backed up by video footage. I may get it after i've played last of us like 30 times.

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F#$K You BioB#$ch, you shouldn't be allowed to review anything but bat sh$%

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Epic, just like the first one.

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MS is getting killed right now as it stands. With a weak sysytem on the horizon, no real exclusive, and cod can't save the system as it is. Ps4 is more powerful than the Xbox none and a lot of ips will be multiplat, i'm no longer sold on empty promises. I predict e3 being a substandard showing by MS. What could they possibly have that's gonna make this Sh#t storm of a pr disaster go away

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6 hours and counting before the demo goes live

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why early 2014 for yaiba, should be coming out this year, it better be stellar with this long of a wait.

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@Limit760 since when has something being illegal stopped those who do illegal sh#$, what planet are you living on

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HAHAHA, this xbox 1 stuff is so funny, showed too much, they didn't show sH!t,

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That's not accurate NYC_non gamer, if the internet, which everybody is on is the minority.. then who is the majority mate?

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Sony could throw a squirt of piss and destroy Ms, xbox 1 is the 1 most unpopular topic now. Ms has the most to worry about... how to win back gamers

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Their not going to be and Sony doesn't have anything to worry about at this point.

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Justify what, i work, i have my own f$%king money, If you got a problem their's the door.

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Wow we really, who gives a F#C% its block buster, When best buy, game stop, walmart, Game , or any other place thats known to actually sell video games systems reports this well... still who gives a [email protected] its the xbox1,

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F$%k what you heard God Hand was insane, especially if your an anime fan, check it out. Beyond good and evil was good, hell i downloaded it on the P3 still a winner. Don't know about those other ones.

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The list is bullspit, i own a wii u and i don't care about most of these games, windwaker hd, well it better be a complete overhaul that truly takes advantage of the wii u's supposed capabilities. Where is the New Zelda, new mario, new smash bros, new mario kart, or bayonetta 2, or any other game that isn't geared towards a [email protected]#$ing 5 year old, phinea and ferb, you gotta be fu#$ing kidding me. I'm startintg to hate nintendo for being so stupid when it comes to marketing.

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The twitter account is a misdirection, by saying its twitter, they'll be looking there instead of where the real leak is coming from. At least thats how i would do it.

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@ Gildarts how much did they pay?

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@Gildarts, how much did they pay you to join their pr team? News flash, your in the one percent of flesh bags who thinks that way about Microscrew.

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