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@ stilmatic0121...... Dude, your in denial

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That's exactly right, they didn't want the wiiu version to have a edge no matter how slight it was. I hate their business logic.

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2 360's, regular and slim, played extensively,, no right of death ever... still playing to this day.

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BOOOOO, this is the best they can do for a new system. I appreciate the nod to old school sonic, but those graphics should be better. They could've done more than just rehash the old school version

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They haven't learned from their past mistakes yet. With the development of the Switch, they should've incorporated a strong launch lineup, Zelda alone is not enough. If it were me and i was running it, that new Mario would've been ready to go at launch with Zelda and just to sweeten the deal i would've had a New Metroid at launch as well. This would've probably tripled their sells. But what do i know, i just a humble gamer.

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Yeah, King ding a ling

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I love Zelda, but it can't breathe eternal life into the switch. Nintendo needs to learn from their mistakes. The release schedule for games on the Wii U was atrocious, and the lack of strong third party support because the system was still behind in it's capabilities was another nail in the coffin, Sony and Microsoft are only competing against each other. They can't rely on Zelda/Mario/pokemon rehashes. They need some f$%king Tang!!!

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Nah, even by 64 standards...this is a hot mess

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should've been a day one release with a $20 price tag... Why the hell is it releasing in May? How long has Capcom known about the release of the switch? This doesn't bode well for Nintendo...smh

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The new modes are shite

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They don't need to reinvent the wheel, just bring it closer into focus.

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No disrespect to Nolan North, but I've always thought drake looks like Nathan Fillion, Hell they even have the same quirky mannerisms.

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No its not.

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They are f$%^king clown shoes.

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I'm not buying, and its definitely based on the reviews. Though i know my 60 dollars plus tax won't matter in the grand scheme of things. But this is just piss poor for a next gen title that they had ample time to work on. They should have released a beta first, to gauge the reaction and then tweak from there. Its too late to go back and change some of the problems i heard about.#Fail

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Whoa, whoa, it looks good, but it's not the best ninja game.

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He's alright but he's not the greatest.That title belongs to Hayabusa.

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that is not a tease.

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