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They are f$%^king clown shoes.

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I'm not buying, and its definitely based on the reviews. Though i know my 60 dollars plus tax won't matter in the grand scheme of things. But this is just piss poor for a next gen title that they had ample time to work on. They should have released a beta first, to gauge the reaction and then tweak from there. Its too late to go back and change some of the problems i heard about.#Fail

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Whoa, whoa, it looks good, but it's not the best ninja game.

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He's alright but he's not the greatest.That title belongs to Hayabusa.

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that is not a tease.

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I agree with you if its true. Bring on the proof. I wanna see a frame by frame rundown of this alleged theft. But, i do agree. It is illegal if this is true.

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Ridiculous, just because shadow of mordor has some stealth elements. How many other games have these same elements. The whole rip-off thing is utterly stupid. I love the assassins creed franchise and i also watched the gameplay for shadows...some similarities but not enough to warrant this rip off nonsense.

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it's needed

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Looks cool.. very skullgirlesque. Looking forward to the final

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Please ask whoever is representing namco bandai if they're release jojo bizarre all star battle state side

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Was it really that good? I spend an even amount of time with different genres, I am a gamer. My problems is that it didn't look like a solid 3rd person action adventure. This may be attributed to some of the biased reviews, but they made great point backed up by video footage. I may get it after i've played last of us like 30 times.

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F#$K You BioB#$ch, you shouldn't be allowed to review anything but bat sh$%

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Epic, just like the first one.

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MS is getting killed right now as it stands. With a weak sysytem on the horizon, no real exclusive, and cod can't save the system as it is. Ps4 is more powerful than the Xbox none and a lot of ips will be multiplat, i'm no longer sold on empty promises. I predict e3 being a substandard showing by MS. What could they possibly have that's gonna make this Sh#t storm of a pr disaster go away

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6 hours and counting before the demo goes live

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why early 2014 for yaiba, should be coming out this year, it better be stellar with this long of a wait.

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@Limit760 since when has something being illegal stopped those who do illegal sh#$, what planet are you living on

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HAHAHA, this xbox 1 stuff is so funny, showed too much, they didn't show sH!t,

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