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Seriously 2 down votes, metal gear survive is the biggest pile of hot steaming feces this year.... You effing clown shoes must work for Konami.... I thought this game was a joke

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Click bait bro, purely click bait, I don't even have to read the article

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i didn't really see what was so great about this game when it was building up towards release. Sucks that it gonna flop.. MS really needed a win with the xbox1x...

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Not sure why i should be hyped about this... I'm not saying that its's not going to be good, i personally haven't seen anything that makes me say" this is the game i'm looking forward to".... Anyone ?

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you work for them, no where in this solar system is yakuza better than GOW

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a lot of hype for this game.. but whats the draw? What's the thing about this game that's gonna make me shell out $59 plus tax

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Really, the reviews for it weren't that good... i was a bit skeptical about getting it...

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Damn that's some list, how will xbox compete 🤔🤔🤔

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But it says rpg.. Idk... Guess I had some pre conceived notions.... Oh I see it now.... Game play Ala Hellblade

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I was gonna say the same thing, wasn't this games production budget extremely high... Story was good..I had some gripes with weak A.I.,, lackluster combat, and it was extremely linear to be so beautiful...wanted to explore a little bit...hope they do apart two... This game could've been a great action/survival horror game...oh well

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where was the game play

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Effing gorgeous

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Metal Gear Survive.... won't survive with microtrans

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you wish

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More than what the first one cost

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One can dream

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Doesn't look bad, more of a demo though... Shouldn't be called Contra

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i thought the same thing when i looked at the video, his dash move is similar to noctis

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Capcom sure is getting there money, but I want guy,old man gin,Yun and yang

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