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Finally......?? Troll/Click bait..

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hmmm.. that looked like an xbox controller he was playing with..

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Don't say that(teenage crying voice)

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I'm a fan of the first game and loved it so dearly, i'm kinda bonded to the protagnist, you know Jade, Pey'j and the rest of the gang.. Even that clip, that old clip with Jade doing parkour was awesome and it looked like it was gameplay... I don't mind a prequel if it means a proper sequel is coming as well...

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Phil stated that this system is not the next generation console but more of an upgrade in response to the Ps4 Pro

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You make a good point i have a ps4 pro and a xbox s, and if a multi plat game comes out for both systems, i buy it on the system it's better on... but how many gamers actually fall into that category is a good question.. but when the xbox x drops it'll be the same thing

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I liked the old shaq fu....I didn't think it was that terrible

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Meh.. some leak..

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why would you get down votes for stating facts...smh... whoever the three are that did that should stop playing video forever and walk backwards through rose bushes sprayed with covered in shit... I hate stupid sheeple....

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The statement "it's a dumb one" is also an opinion having no grounding in reality..since it's purely subjective..

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I think what ZaWarudo is saying is that it had lacked certain elements that accompany 3rd person action adventures games these days....but of course it was "a game".., but with all the good they did for it, there was just as much that they didn't...

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psp2/psvita argument aside.. i'll give you an up vote for feeling

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they do that.. and they gonna own the industry.....

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They got effing nothing, i went to their site and saw a bunch a no name/nobody titles that i wouldn't give two squirts of piss about... and yes i'm using hyperbole... i feel i have to say that for all you literal nazis out there.... but i'm tired of nintendo bringing out rehash/redo/remake/hd/ last generation/ all ready played that game on much stronger system sooooo why am i gonna buy your system to play it all over again..( phew)...i'm still buying it though..for the zelda s...

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I said the very same thing awhile ago... hopefully they don't blow their load with the first stroke...lolol

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OMMMGGGG, HYPE... oh, i peed a lil, sorry

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Who the fuck want's toned down ports......

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