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"Status coming soon..."


Not sure I'd pay $60, but I would take Burnout 3 HD for $20-30 if it had online play. I say only B3 simply because it improved in almost every way on the previous two games. #4.2.1
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Please enlighten me, where did I swear? #1.1.1
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Thank you. Saves me from having to click the link to view the site for such a pointless article. They could just as easily include the file size above. #1.1
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TL;DR - Slight Mad Studios will looking into the ghosting issue/bug and will fix it because they care about their game.

Can't wait for May 12th! #1
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Honestly, I'd take Burnout 3 in HD at this point. LOVED that game! While I liked the open world of Paradise City, it just felt overwhelming at times. The linear-ness of Burnout 3, along with the mini-games, was perfect. #4
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TL;DR - EG played a build from February and basically slammed the console versions for fps dipping into the 30's in some circumstances. Slightly Mad Studios (the dev) have since gone on record to clarify that EG played a build from February, and in the two months since then, they have fixed the bugs in question and made further we see with every other game out there that nears release. #1
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Considering they haven't reached Beta yet, this is promising. It has potential, not SOF needs to polish and optimize.

EDIT: and based on recent blog posts, PS4 funding seems to have some interested parties, one of which is in the second round of talks. #1.1
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You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, that's for sure. At the end of the day, he's still playing a "game". Force feedback can only convey so much. regardless of how sophisticated the setup is, it's still hard to replicate that fear you get when driving that fast on a narrow track. He simply hit a bump at the wrong angle and stuffed it into a wall.

He was doing pretty damn good up to that point :) #1.1
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Looks more like the video itself is compressed a bit. Even on 1080p, there are certain icons that shouldn't be jaggy in the video but are, leading me to believe there was some sort of issue with video compression/scale. #1.2
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Anytime I see someone involved with a project who had a hand in making Journey...I'm immediately interested. #22
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Any word on which platforms their games are coming to? Android and PS4 would pique my personal interest since that is what I primarily game on these days. #19
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That was only of the few minor faults I had with the Destiny Alpha. If they're going to update/fix that, then I think Bungie has gold on their hands. #1
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Agreed, though I will say that the NHL 15 animations are A LOT better than '14. #1.1
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Microsoft fans are still getting Destiny on BOTH the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Technically Bungie hated on SONY fans for over a's only natural they will try to suck up to Sony fans now. Either way, the game is still coming out on 4 platforms. #2.1
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IMHO Sony should set a price of $1.99 for 1 day, and then go up from there. Renting for "4 hours" is just ridiculous, especially at $3. #54
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If this is coming to the PS4, then I can do remote for me? #11
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Agreed. Cannot wait for the beta later this year. #1.1
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Oh. Em. Gee.

If this is a Dark Cloud sequel....!!!>>!$(%((#@* @*$*%#@*


Seemingly good news :) #1.1
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Actually, as an overall game, I can quickly see this losing steam/fun factor. If you have played a Trials game previously, Fusion doesn't bring enough new content and/or gameplay to the table. And while it only costs $ still costs $20. For an extra $20 you could pick up Assassin's Creed IV, or BF4, or a few other PS4 games, on sale, at various sites.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, especially in the beginning, but the fun wears thin quickly.
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Yeah. I popped in to my local EB Games (Canada) and asked how much i could get for my Slim (120GB). He said $65 + 30% for rewards members. I ended up getting $85 for it in total.

I might have been able to get more online, but this was far less hassle and I got my monies-worth over 4+ years :) Now to save some money so I can buy a few games, instead of the free PS+ ones. #18.2.1
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