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Wow, I'm not sure how I missed that.

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I'm sure they won't get caught and if they do I'm sure major corporations would be willing to hire them.

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That 3 seconds shows more than the full in-game footage trailer that was released by Bethesda.

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It's about 2 seconds of leaked footage, unfortunately that's all that's available at this time. It shows how well the game is going to look and play though.

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They're more and more common. They're all over the place now. Don't automatically assume they're extremely geeky because they play games though.

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They said it would be roughly the same size as Oblivion and will also have more area to explore because of the height of the mountains.

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I freeze more often now.

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The malware has been removed. The site is fixed.

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Actually I beat Demon's Souls but figured it wasn't going to be for everyone. It's a lot more challenging than a normal RPG and I loved it because of that. I remember trying to get past the very first stage for about 6 hours; thankfully I finally got past it. I loved Demon's Souls and I'm probably going to pick it up again sometime in the near future.

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To each their own I guess. I've spent 100s of hours on gun game in CSS I'm assuming it will be the same for me in Black Ops. My gf loves to play strip nazi zombies so that's always a plus.

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So he got an email, maybe got a little over excited and made a mistake. This isn't the first time it has happened in the history of beta keys. Also, Wrecked Gamer isn't a half-assed website. Maybe this article wasn't the greatest but that doesn't completely cast aside the other great articles published by them. I've found plenty of great news on that site sometimes before the bigger companies even catch word of it.

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The typos concern me, but you never know.

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The thing is though for the PC users Morrowind can look pretty close to Oblivion graphics wise. I've seen some pretty amazing feats when it comes to Morrowind's graphics.

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Demon's Souls was pretty fun but it didn't have the depth Morrowind did.

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They'll probably send you a letter stating that you owe them a certain amount because of fees. I know a guy that can't leave the country because a business he owed money to went out of business and there's no way he can pay them back.

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This is business. New businesses alter older business models while the older businesses either adapt or fade away. Blockbuster chose not to adapt to the markets and ended up losing in the end. It's sad to hear, especially because jobs will be lost, but it does make way for new business ideas and models.

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Nobody wants a free Closed Beta key?

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Maybe they're going to take their time with the release of Xbox720 unlike what they did with the 360.

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