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Your the sad sack that brought it. Stop complaining grab ankles, and take it. #27
F-U Canada your just upset you have to pay more for PS4. #10
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Sell out Mother F-ers can suck it. #6
21d ago by SynestheticRoar | View comment | Immature
W@W. Never saw so many fanbots pulling at straws. 2funny. #50
Hell yeah this is suppose to be next gen mother F-ers. #16
That pic is a man. lol. Just kidding. #4
All white would have looked banging. #6
It's the new black. #16
The system is white, but the kinect is still black. Some lollipop will buy it. #13
Selling better than a certain media hype bundle. Sony true balling. #15
Best looking, and playing so far is infamous second son. If you didn't know. Now you know. #27
Infamous bitches. I got the collectors edition it's awesome. Tell your friends. #5
See what I mean. #18.1.1
Loss IQ points reading this nonsense. #18
I truly believe that with this game the next gen has finally started. Looking forward to E3. #6
I have more power in my butt than Microsoft has in their cloud. After a few beers I even have blast processing. LOL. #55
Last gaming hardware. No shit. #25
They should had came clean from the beginning. Hey it's watching you, so what. #17
If it came to PC I would purchase it in a heartbeat. #9
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