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Aceman, You know you can just replay mission and do the other two endings right? I mean I love the game and got 100% but I am not looking toward going back and doing it all again.

GTA: Online has worked great for me and my buddies on 360. I had problems getting in day 1 but once I tried over and over and finally passed the tutorial mission we have been playing non-stop with no problems. Currently sitting at level 160 and about 3 Million in the bank. The online is great and a ...

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Or He has been on N4G since 2006 and he is a staff member, Mod, and Site Admin over at TechSpy...

But he probably just boosted I imagine =)

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The Main reason is the Item duping and hacking...Anyone who played D II knows how wide spread and rampant it was. That cheapens the game faster than anything so if I have to pay the always online price so be it. My PC is always hooked up, but obviously with the server issues and not being able to even play a single player offline game you see the MAJOR drawbacks to something that could eventually make the game better than Diablo II. Always Online, Double Edge Sword at it's core.

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Yes Sir, Currently Rocking a "Error 33" BattleNET Servers down for maintenance.

Blizzard says they will be up by 1:30...Hence the Fetal Position, lol

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Koreans Killed Mai Servas!?!

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Is this before or after it, "DOESN'T WORK ON PC's EITHER!?!?"

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"Makes literally Millions off of Diablo III Preorders.

Blizzard Blows money on Hookers and Blow instead of login servers."


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My Pre-Order Money did not reinforce the Servers...This much I know is Fact.

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Let's just pray the Servers are worked out by then...

I'd rather be looting, but here I am commenting on N4G. Thanks Blizzard.

/Resume Fetal Position

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Seriously. It's a Kid's Game? Hard to tell as I am melting down in front of a Pinata murder scene while my Son shakes his head at me in disappointment...Figuring if I can't save my favorite Pinata clearly he is on his own. Dark game for sure.

BTW, Greatest. Blog. Evar. lol

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Having played the first game on the 360 the UI problems were only noticeable in Split-Screen, but being that I am buying Borderlands 2 on the PC this time around I am glad they are paying particular attention to that aspect. Great to have Dev's ACTUALLY listen to and implement feedback like they are.

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Any improvement over the original makes this an instant buy for me. While there were shortcomings in the first game playing it with 3 other friends made me easily overlook them and I loved the game for around 100hrs or so. Can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

So about those free copies Cat..? ;)

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Who's that guy Cat? The brains behind the operation? He sounds awesome...

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I have really enjoyed these eitan. Thank you for taking the time to come to N4G and share this with the community.

Feel bad for the people that were too busy worrying about if the new 360 Disc format was Blu Ray, or whatever other poorly written broken English fanboy crap they were reading instead of this.

This was something interesting to look forward to for me personally. =)

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Damn do I win for spotting that the background was directly ripped from Sim Tower?? Also that the robot looked very Mega Man'ish...

I felt better when I scrolled down and my theories were confirmed. Boo on you for not keeping the Sim Tower background, that was pure win IMO.

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I have to imagine that working on a game like this and seeing it through to the final build has to be the most rewarding and sad moments when it goes gold...Since you know how much work it took to get there, but also had to leave things you probably loved behind to get to the final product. At the end of the day though these guys look at their game with different eyes then the gamers playing it do no doubt.

It does seem like the best ideas always tend to evolve through trial ...

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Well no way I can speak for all the members of N4G, but I will tell you that for me it is a big Hell Ya I would be interested.

I am always a fan of "behind the scene" type stories and I honestly can't recall many IF ANY stories that covered or discussed early designs that had to be left on the cutting room floor.

Plus a lot of gamers around here could use a bit more insight of what REALLY goes into making a game. IMO, Ha Ha.

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Few typo's in this here article but I am going to let it slide. I just hope they are lack of sleep induced and not Martini induced =P

Sounds great about infamous 2, Loved the first one and this one sounds every bit as good...but I have to admit I am a bit skeptical about a "Mission Creator" in a sandbox game. but I both see how it could work and also how it could be a total failure.

Guess we will find out soon enough, I will keeps my hopes in th...

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