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Wasn't infinity ward makin a "sci fi" shooter but caused the rift that made them leave and form respawn (and takin the new idea with them... in what would become titan fall years later) http://www.computerandvideo...

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Yup look up http://robinwestenra.blogsp...

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As the usa/cia was caught supplying "terrorists" rebels in syria and caught training and setting up that isis clown and his cronies in turkey with us tax payer money. Dont believe me, look it up. Its not a matter of who did the ukrainian plane, but more importantly who benefits... certainly not russia...


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PS3: 7N73-C2NL-3LC8

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I keep getting the "game is near its.end" music when map.loads. and during the game. and the bf3 issue where select sounds (gun reloading, selecting enemy for "mark") and the dubious 0 health kills...
love it when it.works smoothly
p.o.d when its not, but.I still play cause its still fun

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I use freemake software
so much better in terms of quality and sound
I just click copy (off of fb),
open freemake, click paste url, choose a format and bam!


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called sony for the second time, (first was.during the.first few hours.of.the 29th).
the lady did verify the code.was.NOT activated but it.wouldnt allow it to be redeemed, yet. and she told me, slowly the store will allow me after a few tries, a few hours later.
that was last.night.

as.of 9 o'clock this.morning, no dice.
im not upset just growing inpatient. I get paid tomorrow so.no Big.deal. just wanted.to update everyone. its.stil...

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still. nothing

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no dice for me
still unable to redeem my launch day codes for the 10$ and music unlimited 30 days...

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was told my password (on ps3 and psvita) was wrong
used psvita and "forget password" option to reset password.
worked and tried subaccounts...nothing. they all worked fine.

i did notice my ps3 is more sluggish (mainly netflix and using any gaming online). checked speedtest.net and it pings just fine.
17mbs dl, 9 up...

Hoping to get a notification from Sony about the "WHY" though....

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correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the flash drive have to be fat32?

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made with no party system ?
and recently I can't figure out how to change the difficulty in the campaign

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anyone know when they take the money off.our credit cards... the day it ships? day before.
srry bt thnx

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with some of that ps4 trophy awesomeness *ding*?

I reay liked that vid u put up about the ps4's trophy sound and layout
thnx raj

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agreed @heavy


and this prove (among the other clusterf()&$ deals.with xbone) that Microsoft is full of it when it comes to privacy and consumer rights. to them its profits over people

sony amd nintendo are no exceptions either.

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called it
now we wait til after the fruitless cod multi reveal for the MS mouth pieces to start asking if this SKU u is wanted (it is; id gt my kids one sans kinect)


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that would epic
gna save for when/if it does

another ps3 swan song ala the last.of.us

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more like sick of hearing "brand new game engine" (lie)
evolutionary (propaganda-same ol sish different copy and paste)
I hold no personal preference on any fps, but your candid cod fanboyism is laughable.

I love games. but to deny my opinion as valid is about illogical as your predictable rebuttal. you make no sense. heres a HUG LITTLE FELLA

@oschino well said. both games are awesome and ...

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k I own n love both mw3 n bo2
an app is just stats and "bragging rights" on paper no more.

both cod n battlefield have apps

they are neither fun nor helpful in game/-real time

try again friend


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dare I say it stole,
nay, borrowed the concept.from e3 with Ubisofts the division
and dice's bf4?

still not worth the buy or consideration

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