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how so?

Gears used ideas of RE4, now RE will use the similar controls to gears. Besides its about the feel of it and gears control scheme worked best. I think epic said awhile go that they got that type of control scheme from COD, but did it in 3rd person. since both games use the L trigger to aim and right to shoot. #8
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can't wait.
definitely looks more badass, well maybe not through this video so much, but from the HD ones for sure. #7
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Guy isn't that bad
in interviews when he sticks to talking about HIS titles. I could care less about him sharing his thoughts on other stuff or criticising other's work.

but i will admit, the guys so far up himself, there isn't a mirror he doesn't like. #11
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Wait and see
Can't say to much, this early....tho the outfit could look better, hopefully the gameplay is fun. #7
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