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When the **** are people going to learn that you can't police morality. It didn't work in the 1920's with Prohibition, It's not working with the War on Drugs currently and it's going to fail with the proposed pornography bans of the present and future.

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Not usually; sexual assault and rape are typically happen because the perpetrator wishes to be violent, not because he's horny. Though the latter does happen.

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You know what, I didn't think they had the balls to do it. But then they went and did it.
A "triple a", big budget, multiplayer shootter set in WW1...what a time to be alive.

You know what, good. I'm getting really sick of all the modern military and ultra sci-fi stuff. I'm really hoping that this turns out to be a huge success for DICE because that'll encourage other companies to do different things and try different eras of history....

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Love this game, tried it on a whim and it's quickly become an obsession.

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Oh for Pete's sake, this couldn't be more blatantly a joke if it was just labeled as such.

For gods sake, the goals either say, "All you'll get is my thanks" and "We both know I can't garuntee anything".

If anything it's a satire of other woefully unprepared kick-starters.

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I can't tell if trying to be satirical and failing or if you're legitimately sexist.

Either way, this comment sucks.

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Actually, no it's not, for me anyway, and for most people it looks like.

I know this might blow your mind, but we didn't use to have to pay for online either...

The last few years have seriously eroded what used to be an amazing online service from something that was a must have because it offered amazing value to something that's must have because you can't play without it...

But oh well, I shouldn't complain...I should...

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Savage, absolutely savage.

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I remember a time when I actually used to look forward to the beginning of a new month....the last year or so has soured my outlook significantly.

I get that Zombi is a AAA title...but it's mediocre at best and shovelware at worst, if it had been Dying Light I might've been enthused...but it's difficult to get excited to play a 3 year old WiiU port.

Even the Indies released recently haven't been very good, with the only real standouts being...

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As much as I love Duke and his cheesy one liners...I don't think the world really needs him any more, his character was firmly a thing of the 90's and he hasn't aged well.

The only way the character could really work these days is if they made him a parody of himself, which could be good for a laugh, but I don't think it could carry a whole game.

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I can't understand why, Dark Souls was an improvement on Demons Souls in almost every way.

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Ehhhh, I wouldn't say DS2's ending is that terrible, it doesn't live up to the original, but then again what could?

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Dude, that's the shoddiest argument I've ever seen.

The same types of articles have been written about.

The Internet
US Military Prevalence
Comic Books
Personal Computers
Videogames in general...

All of which were proven right in the long run.

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What a time to be alive...

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Those guys have curved swords....CURVED SWORDS!!!

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Real talk, this was a great review. In depth and unbiased.

I wasn't really planning on picking up this title, but if I saw it on a shelf for cheap I might play it on a lark. There's worse things in the world than a little titillation every now and again.

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This issue is a little more complex than it appears on the surface. Take Two needs to prove that the likeness used in game doesn't belong to Lohan, and if they cannot do that, they need to substantiate that the character in the game represents a transformative use of Lohan's likeness in order to receive First Amendment protection.

I think they'll be able to do this, but it's not going to be an open and shut case.

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For real, that beatdown was just epic.

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I had the same dream! It was awful, Donald Trump ran for President...and people were voting for him!

In all seriousness, how the hell did this get approved?

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