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"...IT BEGINS!!!"


Jesus, that's Highway Robbery, I sold mime to Bookoff for $40 cash. #5.1.2
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That 11 hours is likely to be the extent of playing through a $60 game once.

That 20 hours is the result of playing Ground Zeroes likely over 10 times.

Do you see the problem? -_- #11.1
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You're making a very serious accusation that has no basis in evidence.

The tired argument of "You didn't get 100%" falls utterly flat. LOTS of people don't get to 100% in lots of games, an overwhleming majority in fact.

If the brunt of your game, the story, the stuff that people wanted to see, can be completed in such a short amount of time, there's no excuse, quit trying to defend this, it's asinine. #6.1.3
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That bites, big time.

Marty is one of if not THE most talented sound engineer in gaming. Not to mention is composing prowess, hell I'd rank him alongside composing greats like Hans Zimmer and perhaps even the legendary John Williams.

I'd like to know more about what's going on, if he was really fired without due cause then Bungie has lost a tremendous amount of respect from me and I imagine others in the community, not to mention easily one of the... #21
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Either that or do what Xbox does and just charge you $10, that alone would stop people from doing it TOO often. (I had a buddy on XBL that changed his name with the damn seasons -_-) #1.3.2
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Let's not mince words here, you ARE a Sony Fanboy Prince.

At least here on N4G you're in good company. #7.1.1
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and your proof of this is....where exactly? #10.1.1
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Basically rubberbanding is horriffic in all games of Conquest, at least on the PS4, sometimes that match will start out alright but towards the middle suddenly it becomes a version of the god damn Benny Hill Show.

Carrier Assault is even worse IMO, because it starts out with bad rubber banding and gets even worse as the game progresses, it's borderline unplayable.

I love Battlefield and all, but I've basically been forced to play game-modes like Rus... #6.1.2
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I disagree that Titanfall is not a full game, lot's of games are online only and we don't give them flack for it.

However, I still think Titanfall has a lot of potential for a single-player experience. Just think about it, get a huuuggggeeee map, make it so you have to break through an entire army of grunts and specters. Hell you could even get a Dark Souls game going and intoduce a game mode where an enemy pilot invades the campaign of another player to try and hind... #6.3
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"....Is that Babou?! Lana....LANA.....LAAAAANNNNAAA AAA! HE REMEMBERS ME!!!" #3.1.3
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Sold my copy of TLoU shortly after I finished it for a cool $50, I knew this was going to happen, I knew there was no way Sony was going to take a gem like TLoU and leave it on the PS3 with the PS4 so dang close to launch.

Once again that crystal ball I stole from that old gypsy woman is paying dividends. Even with the horrible debilitating curse that came along with it.

Guess this'll be the next PS4 game to add to my library, I'm a sucker for Naught... #49
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Nigeria hasn't got **** on Kenya in the runner department. #7.1
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What is a god to a non-believer. #6.3
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Greninja's Final Smash looks like it's going to be that shinobi looking cutscene towards the end of the trailer. #8.1
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A much needed nerf to the MLGS, which was an overpowered weapon no matter how you looked at it. I think just removing it's buffing ability would have been enough, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see how slow they've made the swing speed (if it's dark souls 1 level speed then it's too slow) #11
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One thing I noticed about a lot of the footage was that there's considerably less grunts and spectres running around, like a LOT less.

Kind of a double edged sword, some people will welcome less bots because games like Attrition will become more Pilot v. Pilot and less Pilot v. Bots, but at the same time it'll make some of those maps feel awful empty.

I dunno, I might pick it up eventually, it'd give me an excuse to buy live again I guess... #20
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I did exactly that, I borrowed it from a buddy with considerably more disposable income, and what was there was great, I loved it; 10/10.

What wasn't there however made me want to bash my head into the wall... #8.1
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You can play ANY game multiple times to get more out of it, that's not a good counter-point.

The fact of the matter is that MGS:GZ is not worth the price of admission, especially when it launched. The fact that I, a relatively scrubby metal gear player managed to beat the whole damn thing in under an hour is inexcusable. Certain veterans of the series have beat it in half an hour and speed runners have completed it in 4 freaking minutes!!!

What I did play... #1.1.3
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I don't know what this guy is smoking, Clerics are without a doubt some of the most powerful builds in the game.

You can lightning spear just about any boss to death and they get amazing weapons later in the game (Defender's Greatsword anybody?) #2
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Both have things they did well, but what puts Dark Souls over Demons Souls was the vastly improved PVP.

Dark Souls 2 by comparison has lousy PVP. Thankfully I don't think it's unsavable, it's in dire need of rebalancing and tweaking.

Also, Soul Memory is a load of crap, what the hell were you thinking From Software? #1.3
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