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"...IT BEGINS!!!"


Yes, that's why their stock fell six percent after the quarterly report. #9.2.2
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Nintendo are currently losing money as well.... #9.2
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No other company demands ad revenue from let's players and other youtubers using their games. EA as crappy a company as they are actually gives BONUSES to popular youtubers who play their games on their channels.

Nintendo is basically asking people to pay THEM for free advertising, and sorry Papa Nintendo, but I won't abide by that. #8.1
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Even if I don't like PewDiePie as a youtuber, he's unequivocally 100% in the right here. Nintendo is crazy demanding payment for permission to use footage of their games.

This is the beginning of a very slippery slope, what if all media outlets demand payment to use their products in any review facet. Columbia could start demanding that any site reviewing one of it's new movies hand over 30% of it's ad revenue. J.K. Rowling could start demanding that all Harr... #7.2
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Xur's selection is a real let down this week, what a shame. :( #9
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Please...we all know Z is the real superior one here.

Z Master Race. #8.1.1
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Oh grow up... #8.1.1
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....is that a Suicune and a Gardevoir on the select screen?

...interesting choices for fighters... #6
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I wish he would start selling Engrams and Heavy Ammo Synthesis again...I'm beginning to run low. lol.

I actually got Hardlight out of the raid last night...so very pumped! :D #8.2
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You're not looking at The Last Words most important feature...the fact that it's full auto and has the highest rate of fire of any hand-cannon, not to mention the best hip-fire.

It may have slightly worse impact, but it absolutely skullf**ks The Devil You Don't in DPS. Not to mention the fact that it's unique upgrade makes it absolutely devastating when fired from the hip. #7.1.2
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I don't think you've ever used The Last Word...it's amazing. #7.1
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Which mechanic are you referring too? Weapons rapidly degrading and jamming after 20 minutes of use? Having to stop every 30 minutes to pop a Malaria Pill? Searching high and low with a little green light leading you to diamonds? Broken stealth that didn't even work correctly because the second an enemy had ANY general sense of where you were they could instantly hone in on you?

The only thing I can remember being cool about Far Cry 2 (apart from the setting, which was a... #5.1
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Somebody, ANYBODY!!!

Add some dialogue for the cops to this so we can start a new meme. #6
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Starfire Protocol, YES!

Dragons Breath, DOUBLE YES!!!

Thanks Xur. #5
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If Chris-Chan is your "freedom fighter" you may want to look at your life and reevaluate your priorities. #17.1
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I'm going to take this with a huge grain of salt. I've never seen this website before, there's no author (guest author), and there's little in the way of evidence to back up this claim.

If true, cool. #10
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If American History X can have a scene of a man being curb-stomped to death, the video-games should be held to the same artistic standards.

I don't approve of this game one red cent, I find it disturbing, juvenile and exploitative, but just because I feel that way doesn't mean I get to decide if it gets released. Technically speaking there's nothing illegal about the game...and so long as it's kept out of the hands of children (which it likely will be...unless... #28
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Those raindrop animations tho...

Yeah, this is just plain bad; It's gonna take some serious fine tuning before this thing is even remotely good. #6.3
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Ruskies untrustworthy? Surely you can't be serious... #5.1.2
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"Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin. #3.1
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