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True, but you do have to remember what you've seen and heard is carefully selected and filtered content designed to entice your interest and convince you of quality.

It's fun to get excited, and yes I'm looking forward to it, too. It's also okay to be cautious given the pitfalls associated with the developer from previous titles. To those who enjoy the hype I say remember you're seeing and hearing things through a PR filter designed to get you to part...

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A company owns a trademark on their brand name which they, unfortunately, need to defend with these silly lawsuits due to how the laws are written. If they don't defend their IP, then they risk losing legal ground when they really do need to defend it. A lot of these companies know these legal notices for things like this are silly.

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Straight characters in games often times announce, even at great length, phrases which identify them as straight. Why can't other sexualities and transgender characters be represented in the same manner? Seriously. First words out of a male quest giver's mouth "I'm looking for my wife.." Straight guy. No one bats an eyelash. Male quest giver says "I'm looking for my husband." And everyone loses their minds. "How dare he flaunt his sexuality and just...

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I do like what I'm seeing, but I do have a few concerns.

I don't want this game to fall into the common traps of open world games: A tedious crafting system, a map filled with side quests and random tasks which don't re-enforce the story and are just their for padding the game length, "exploration" being short hand for "find sidequests to unlock the whole map for more sidequests". This game is so ripe for avoiding these pitfalls and would b...

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In design, there is a principle called variety. In this case, the creators probably felt the boy with high resolution textures got lost in the highly detailed world inhabited by a texture heavy companion. The child stands out and can easily be spotted at distance during dynamic camera movements when action gets high. You also have to take into account rendering fully a character you don't see super close up very often.

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Or, and stay with me on this one, it's just Link with his hood up. There's not even a hair change. You just are seeing the back of their hair near their ears with the hood up because of the angel. When you wish to make a statement with art you do everything you do with evidence to make it seem on purpose. There just aren't enough differences between the two illustrations to think, "That's definitely a different sex". The fact people are straining to figure it ou...

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Why does my cynicism tell me it will be a free-to-play mobile phone app?

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"You. Yeah you behind the screen. Judging by our tone we aren't really taking this game seriously. But hey, we don't take you seriously either. You got a game. What more do you want? A game that's as least as fun as popping bubble-warp? Pfft. No way. You'll get gameplay that will make you cry like a kickstarter supporter. So buy the game."

I might have paraphrased a bit.

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That's because he's a director who knows silence can be just as powerful as any score if used properly.

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I understand the reasoning for the loot boxes giving random-ish rewards in a game where players are encouraged to switch characters during a match.

Where I think they missed an opportunity was letting people buy the lootboxes for themselves. What I would have liked to have seen was a full "buy what you want" store and lootboxes available for purchase but only as gifts for other, non-grouped players and only one per player.

I mean I have no ...

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It is very normal for games to drop in price--after a time. This isn't a sale or a promotion which when done will see the price go back to $60--this is a full $20 price drop after 3 weeks. There are games which came out a year ago still being sold for $60. I understand why 2K decided to do it--to stay competitive with Overwatch's price point. Overwatch itself will probably get a non-origins edition within a year on consoles at the $40 price point. So 2K is probably trying to stay...

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I am a bit disappointed they decided to go with a 2.5D rather than sprites (which, I believe, was the original idea). Also not a fan of that video they have as a promotion. "....make you cry like an anime fan on prom night." Really? You're just gonna take a pop shot at a community with a rather outdated "awkward social loser" reference? The same community who probably buys and plays video games? Wasn't this company supposed to have been making another game with...

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It's a pitty it doesn't get more buzz. It's a solid and satisfying fighter. Hopefully if it does well SNK Playmore will give the license to a capable studio for a new installment.

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Why didn't anyone tell me they were bringing Last Blade2 to the PS4? O.o It's one of my favorite fighters!

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My introduction to From Software was their Armored Core series--one of the least accessible games anyone could ever play. Could you learn the missions and fights? Sure. But with cheap Op-I AI opponents, having to unlock more parts as you go, and having to marry those parts into a rather intimidating customization system, it was like tossing yourself off a sheer rock face.

Learning patterns, systems, and methods for given tasks is inhe...

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The passion is admirable, but in the end the message these individuals are tossing around is if you don't think or feel as they do, then you don't matter and don't deserve a voice. When I read reviews I tend to read the ones with low/ no score attached just to have a more rounded view of what people didn't enjoy and if I might not enjoy for similar reasons--especially if certain elements of the game are left out of the high rank reviews.

Think gaming as a ...

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The Darksouls series is clever enough to have their difficulty setting baked into the various play-styles. You'll have an easier time as a new player using ranged spells and weapons compared to the slower moving massive ones. Trouble is many players don't really enjoy a ranged play-style, or feel pressured to use "the real weapons" other players are using before learning the game. It's not even a "get good" thing, so much as players imposing social stigma by...

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2. Hanzo
3. Lucio
4. Zarya
5. RoadHog

You'll notice a profound lack of attacker types, well it's because most attacker slots where quick selected before the match, and I'm the type of player who likes to fill holes and switch characters to support the team. =) I'd like to get better with Tracer and Genji, and I want to try Widowmaker at least once.

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Just because this reviewer favors a particular type of game doesn't mean he can't be a fan of others. I've played and enjoyed Loco Roco on the PSP, by close minded logic this means I can't enjoy games like Doom (Original) or God of War--but I enjoyed both of those games as well.

In fact this reviewer's greatest criticism of the game was it wasn't violent enough and played things too safe in terms of it's violence and horror aesthetic. Since the ...

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I think many people are unaware just how rigorous being a high end pro-gamer is. You're made to practice 8-9 hours a day everyday. When you're not practicing you are reviewing matches with your team and coach. On top of this, many teams require their players to be physically active and control their diets (I.E no sweets, energy drinks, or alcohol ) because physically active/healthy people have higher reflexes and can handle mental stress better than those who don't.

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