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There's a difference between evolution and unwanted mutation.

I mean they chose a contemporary city setting for a heavily morphed character--something we haven't seen since Sonic 06. It just looked as they created a city setting as a sandbox to test Mario's movement for a real project and just said "Hey let's go with that." Even the trailer felt like a glorified tech demo with a serious disconnects aesthetically, making Mario feel like he was j...

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So Koei Tecmo taking advantage of the Dark Souls craze, setting Dark Souls game play and dark, grim aesthetic in Sengoku Japan. Please don't be fooled by the "script from Akira Kurosawa." Dynasty Warriors was based on the novels "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," and we all know how well they told the story in those many many games. As for team ninja and story telling--Other M--need I say more?

Koei Tecmo have tried to emulate other styles of gam...

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In other words, they want to make open world games too. They are probably being pushed by Microsoft to create more market friendly and lucrative games. Open world games are what the FPS was last generation--the go-to money maker. Just look at how many games are open world these days, and also look at how many franchises straight up abandoned their traditional structure in order to fit into an open world construct.

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I fear what people fail to understand is they don't simply develop a game and then add a menu for micro-transactions--they develop with micro-transactions in mind. If Nintendo designed their game to include MT's it would be a completely different game. A game were you only get one chance at a level and having to wait for lives to come off a 12 hour cool down before you can play. A game where you can only play a level once before a long cool down. Every design decision focused on h...

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I certainly don't see why not. All the assets exist for the game thanks to the first installment, no conquest mode so no need for excessive cutscenes, script-writing, or dialogue recording, and EA most likely just wants a new Star Wars game out with each new numbered film in the franchise. You know EA's saying "Ship it...or else."

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I'll certainly be interested in seeing what he and his studio come up with. Although his last two projects were both IOS/Android games, I feel he's due for a return to home consoles.

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Really? A game supposedly to have started development years ago, by Ubisoft's own admission, is just getting another teaser? I mean first Ubi confirms it's in production, then tells us we need to by the certain products to help send it into production, then they say it's just now in pre-production and they are just now putting together an updated teaser? I'll come back in 2020 between when it gets its first gameplay trailer and when Ubisoft says they just started work on th...

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While I'm certainly glad they added more authenticity to his aesthetic based on root heritage, we still have a character who is defined completely by the fact he is Native American. It's the same as if a character were defined solely by being black or gay--it's bad character design. This example with Thunder is one small step but hardly a giant leap toward true representation.

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Except the lack of stock was deliberate in order to inflate demand. They did it with the Wii, they did it with their Amiibos, and they did it again with this mini-NES. It's a tried and true strategy and it works. There's no lesson to learn for them other than to keep doing it because each time they do it's more successful than the last time.

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I feel as though Marvel may be keeping the X-men and Fantastic 4 characters hostage until sales start rolling. If sales are high enough they'll introduce newer characters from the new universe, but if they are low then we could possibly see them bring those franchises into the game to spur sales.

Also: No Japanese audio track? I could see them releasing it later as payed DLC. Two dollars to hear your favorite character not sound like a gutted giraffe should do the t...

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"Neir:Automata is going to be the greatest game ever.." And trust me because I sat down and played an incredibly small, focus group tested, PR filtered sample of the game and there for can quite qualify-ably state its superiority again any game ever to have existed.

Please. Stop the Hype-Culture.

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Seems like Capcom is searching for region specific "Call of Duty" or "Assassin's Creed" equivalents. I don't mean game-play wise, I'm talking about franchises they can produce again and again yearly or bi-yearly with high return on sales for EU/NA. I think they know the old popular I.P's they have in storage just won't be able to sustain that kind of output or adapt to such consistent releases too well.

If we do see an old I.P from...

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"Square Enix outsourced development for Final Fantasy 15 to many other people and this worked out in the end." Uhm..No. The game was incomplete--a Frankenstein's monster featuring bits of Nomura's original gutted and project patch-worked together to be called Final Fantasy 15.

They did it to Nomura with VsXIII and they're going to do it again with the Final Fantasy 7 remake. It's quite possible Nomura will be removed completely, and with it the ...

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Is it really a great game or is it the digital equivalent of a Big Mac? The game plays it very safe in terms of design. The combat is over simplified, the game is open world--arguably the flavor of modern triple A games this gen allowing the devs to create a world map and just pepper it with skinner traps to construct a reward system to keep feeding the player bite-sized dopamine, the supporting cast are shallow and add next to nothing in terms of gameplay and the world, and the story, as s...

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Knowing Kojima, this makes sense. Kojima would rather be a hollywood film director than a video game creator. I'm reminded of David Hayter being fired because Kojima specifically wanted hollywood-name power in the role. He's already including a renown director along with a popular series actor in his upcoming project--I'm sure it's no coincidence he chose Sony, a business with a hollywood film connection, to do his latest project.

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I so desperately want this game to avoid the tired pitfalls of most open world games--all the depth and skill of a child's easter-egg hunt. Where they fail to build a living world and simply just give a list of tasks for the player to keep them busy and pad the running length. Go here/Collect That/ Kill This/ Craft a Thing x5 -story mission- Go here/Collect that....It's like a ball of frosting with a small crumb of cake in the center.

I do hope they advance this ...

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It's been confirmed by Destructiod--there will be no micro-transactions in Super Mario Run. There will simply be a buy full game option and a free 3-stage demo with a buy option.

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I...honestly don't see the issue here. Yes I do hate the idea of always online DRM--for consoles and PC. Mobile devices are usually always connected to a 3g/4g network or WiFi. In Nintendo's home region, it's even less of a problem as nearly everyone in the cities who would be playing this game will be online. It's a bit more problematic for the USA as there are still many who have limited data plans to stay connected, but if you had one of those plans would you honestly d...

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I agree. There were elements of story shoehorned in which completely contradict and create major plot holes, the addition of Son's of Liberty mechanics destroyed the balance and tightly tuned fights and stealth of the original--trivializing many intense moments, and the music is a sad substitute for the original's iconic works.

It was like someone went up to the Mona Lisa and felt it would look better if she was giving a definitive, toothy smile and was topless the...

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Is the gameplay of this title any good? I mean when I hear the raves it's usually for the technical prowess or story--but not the gameplay. For all the accolades I would assume there would be some sort of ground breaking gameplay oriented feat--is there? I've never played the game, but I'm hoping to soon.

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