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Were these the official Blizzard ranks? As I understand it most independent ranking sites merely calculate time played and stats accumulated over time.

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The trailers are doing this game no favors. The music is plain. The gameplay looks stale thanks to the wooden animations and sad archive sound effects. You can't just say I'll be the ultimate ninja without showing me brilliant examples of your nailed down theme-laced gameplay--something else the trailer lacks in showing.

I'll see this game fully executed on release of course, but the trailer is such a poor tasting appetizer I fear it will put off most from ...

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I'm hoping this rumor is true. After V and Verdict day I'm curious if they really shake things up and take the franchise in a new direction.

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As stated a good developer with the right people and the right publisher can see a wonderful game be made. The Duke could never be what he once was and I think exploring that premise with the idea of getting old and being forgotten would be a solid start for me. Gearbox however is not up to this task--never will be up to this task. I'm not worried about the idea of Duke so much as I am it being owned by Gearbox.

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They do have to. Thanks to the way copyright law and trademark law are written out, If Nintendo slack at all in regards to their IP's they actually lose any sort of legal weight when they need to defend it if a situation does come up. Nintendo knows it's dumb, Capcom knows it's dumb, Sega knows it's dumb, Bethesda knows it's dumb-- it's all dumb but they have little choice.

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People seem to forget about a little title called "6 Days in Fallujah"--a game following the events of the men on the ground during one of the bloodiest campaigns in recent history. Upon hearing of the game there was public outcry. "You can't talk about those types of things or tell those types of stories in a video game." There was so much pressure eventually the signed publisher, Konami, pulled all funding for the game.

A majority of people st...

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The app still, apparently, has around 30 million active users. There was inevitably going to be a fall off as people who got it to check the "in thing" out stopped once curiosity was satisfied. The app will eventually settle. Though I do see it further declining after that with several issues failing to be addressed. I'll be interested to see what user base it actually settles at.

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I think Konami dropped the ball. The lead behind MGS is gone, the latest entry unfinished, and serious doubt overshadowing the future of the series. How does Konami prove the series is in good hands, that they haven't missed a step with the beloved franchise? A co-op zombie game with MGS slapped on the title--swing and a miss, Konami.

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If by "not loyal" you mean unwilling to endure a very poorly made and designed game to avoid further loss of time and money--then yes. Loyalty doesn't mean "willing to put up with anything that happens".

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Oh dear. It's laser tag VS paint ball all over again.

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I honestly don't buy the reasons described. Clearing it was an on the spot narrative strung together due to poor time and resource management. Games go "Gold" for physical copies 3 months before games release to get the factories enough time to make product. This means if they were following the old release schedule, they have already started making game discs. This two month delay isn't for offline console users since under the old timeline they had already started printi...

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The article is about the promotion of diversity in the games industry work force.

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I do appreciate your elaborating on cut content from the article. =)

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I understand it's a matter of personal taste but you certainly can't dismiss conflicting opinions and critique with a "FF7 noobs" argument. Saying the story isn't told very well and is a cheap trip of plot convenience is a valid criticism. Saying the characters are all underdeveloped is a valid criticism. Many of the giant set pieces felt out of place as an excuse to shoe-horn in more CGI--a valid criticism. I mean there's a reason why this game prompted the crea...

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Just because someone criticizes something you enjoy doesn't mean they don't know how to play it. I've played the game several times.

The junction system is broken in the sense it's well too easy to trivialize the game with it by making your characters far too powerful far to fast.

The story is a terrible mess, including a possessed former caretaker of every playable character in the game (convenient) being hunted to...

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I'm not sure the word "changes" is entirely accurate. They plan on adding a single feature, free for all death match, so shouldn't it be Doom adding much requested multiplayer feature?

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I'm of the opinion Final Fantasy VIII was one of the weakest in the series.

The story was dribble and incomprehensible at times, the characters of the game were forgettable and underdeveloped, and the junction system was broken. The game is certainly playable and yes people remember it fondly, but the profound weaknesses of its parts destroys it and keeps it from being anything more than a poor to average RPG.

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"...and, yes, the PS4 version of DQ11 will outsell the 3DS version in Japan" I'm pretty sure this is a statistical impossibility at this point. Dragon Quest is a hugely popular series in Japan which is a massively mobile market. The PS4 has only sold about 2.5 million units in Japan compared to the 3DS's 20 million units. Even if everyone who owned a PS4 in Japan picked up the game, it would only take roughly 10-15% of all 3DS owners in the region to match or exceed the...

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I mean if a random person in the street came up to your face and said "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to break into your house and kill you and your family because you said 'XYZ' " Why wouldn't you take that seriously? If this sort of behavior isn't tolerated in person, then why should we tolerate it Online?

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I'm kinda in the same boat as you. The language they use, what little has been shown--you get the feeling EA is going to try and shift Mass Effect into a money-making machine scenario before shutting down BioWare. I have this feeling we are going to see "EA presents Mass Effect: Destiny".

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