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I'm honestly thrilled, and a bit surprised, this collection is getting the support it needs. I guess this is the power of having a collective voice and stating to a publisher we'd like better than shoddy work.

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I disagree to a point. The first God of War was brilliant. The characterization of Kratos, his look, his fighting style, his antimations--all characterization through gameplay. The story was also classic Greek tragedy--a man of power brought low by his action and being reduced to passionate but impotent remorse.

God of War 2 is when the series takes a bad turn in narrative. As fun as the game is to play the character of Kratos is reduced to a petulant child abusing hi...

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"and the offering will be compared to xbox offering"

With no less than 3 front page posts on that very topic which everyone will forget about in a week--continuing the cycle of pointless.

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It is funny how the same decision was made for the recent Captain America films. There is no Nazi iconography in those films--and nobody seemed to care. The film makers then did it for the same reasons these game makers are doing it now. In fact the only people who seemed to care about the film were those who seemed pretty inclined to have the symbol already tattooed on them someplace.

It's not even like they wanted the symbol in there and someone made them remove it...

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The ancient symbol's name you're referring to is the "Heart of Buddha". However it isn't about where the symbol came from or what it was originally used for but what sort of power in the public mind it has today. If you walked down the street and showed the symbol to people, they would say "It's a swastika the symbol of Nazi Germany." Heck, when we say Hitler do we think about a struggling artist in Austria? Or do we think the Nazi war machine, WWII, ...

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The fighters you mentioned have fast paced combat yes but, again, both game's combat serve their intended characters. Devil May Cry's combat serves Dante, who is a cocky nearly flamboyantly over the top acrobat. Bayonetta is a similar situation since both titles were created by Hideki Kamiya. Even then Bayonetta's combat manages to be different, including a lot of the character's witch craft and personality--even her sass as she shoots and wal...

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Right? A rose by any other name and all that. Call it what you want he still forcefully imposes his will and control over another sentient creature without their consent by merging his entire person with them.


You know Mario is a bit twisted in this game.

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The more I learn of this title, the more I'm disappointed with it. The new leveling system, the weapon drops, the unfocused gameplay of "choose stealth or combat"--it all just feels like they're playing catch up with ZeldaL Breath of the Wilds and Horizon: Zero Dawn. What little identity Assassin's creed has had is now completely gone to deliver a cocktail of other ideas without recognizing what made those ideas work in the first place in their respective games.

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First of all, classifying a genre of game based on region is a rather silly idea considering the RPG is the only "genre" we do that for. Do we say "western-platformer" ? "J-Third-person-action&qu ot;? No. Why do it here?

For your other reasoning why do we call Mass Affect an RPG when its combat is a third-person shooter? Why do we still call Call of Duty an FPS even though it has a leveling system? Why do we call Fallout 3 an RPG even though you s...

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If you look beyond just what the games were simply by their mechanics, you'll find these changes to God of War make perfect sense thanks to the rework of Kratos as a character.

The combat of the original games were designed specifically to communicate the character of Kratos to the player--a ball of uncontrollable rage bordering on insanity. Everything from the characters look to his combat was design to re-enforce this idea.

Now the character is ...

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Ugh my internet couldn't compete with those of the Japanese players. Combine the break-neck speed of AC4 with the fiber optics of Japanese internet plus I-frames against those who lag--it was completely one sided in their favor.

Last Raven was my personal favorite so I'm hoping for a return in that direction.

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The game is a turn-based rpg, not a JRPG. A single mechanic does not a JRPG make. What makes a JRPG a JRPG are the heavily established characters and their complete and total exploration along with their interpersonal relationships with each other. Valkyria Chronicles is a JRPG due to the establishment of central characters and their personal relationships and dynamics. XCOM2 is an RPG. It focuses more on the world rather than any established characters. This is the reason it's argue...

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I understand they're working on a new Armored Core. Hopefully we'll see a new direction for the series. I wasn't a huge fan of V and while 4 and 4answer was an interesting direction, I'd personally l like to see a return to the roots while still innovating in different ways.

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That's a gross oversimplification of the story. Yes, in the first game he was fooled into killing his own family, but after the events of the first game he immediately started abusing his power and was punished by Zeus for it. That's when he starts acting like a spoiled, petulant child. God of War 3 was a flat caricature of what we knew in God of War 1. The down right awful way he was written had him coming off as an absolute git with no redeeming qualities.


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That's like saying strawberry is better than chocolate as a flavor. I mean it really doesn't say much other than your personal preference. Why is it better? How is it better? How about an examination and conversation of the merits and weakness of the title--what does it do differently what does it do the same? How do those differences translate to the player and their experience? How do the altered mechanics undermine or enhance the efforts of the theme and play style? Nope. Sill...

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Bandai-Namco's new fighter--which is being developed by Arc System Works the same studio behind Blaze Blue and Guilty Gear. The article reads as though it's Namco's team developing the game which just isn't true.

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Oh hello Mr.Elephant who is in the room. What's your name? "Dark Souls". Of course it is~

Though it does pose an interesting question: When does a game stop being simply inspired by another title and start becoming a clone or flat rip off?

I'm personally seeing a lot of poor visual choices in the game which don't harmonize with the premise of a "world without sunlight"--even if there is a central light emanating from...

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You can't serioursly be suggesting to me if you put the Japanese version of the show and the Funamation dub side by side you'd say "Yeah they totally nailed it." Given the Japanese dub was acted with the weight and earnestness of an adult show while the English dub is purposefully localized and performed for children.

You can't possibly be suggesting the DBZ dub can even stand next to genuinely solid English dubs like Witch Hunter Robin, Rouroni Kensh...

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Maybe that's not the best idea. I mean I've overheard people in the store asking if they can get Halo on Playstation, or if they can play their PS4 games in their PS3's etc. The masses at large aren't as smart as you think they are.

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This really says it better than I can:

The character from God of War 3 is not the same one in God of War 4. Kratos from God of War 3 solves his issues with senseless violence and only violence in a story better reserved for a direct to DVD Disney film. And his "Sacrifice" comes off as a quick plot convienient way to make Kratos not the bad guy. Heck they eve...

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