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It's called "criticism". It's an important part of viewing art, because it allows us, the viewing public, to create a dialogue and discussion about what might be working or not working under the hood. This video was particularly juicy since it was free from the smoke and mirrors of propaganda advertising. We got to see real, true to product gameplay and it seemed nobody had anything to say about it--and that bothers me. Are my words unpopular? Yep. But I can see why you&#...

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I'll admit the story of their being a height discrepancy came from Balrog himself in an interview when he was asked. You can find it on the Wiki page for the game or googling the article.

Yes Andy goes through the motions of the character, but my criticisms were the actors IRL height and size are irrelevant once they go into the computer. We know Carson did the motion capture for God of Ware Ascension, so I wasn't buying "he couldn't because he was short&q...

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A step back in every way? Really? https://www.youtube.com/wat...

From what I can tell the game was written well, a solid aesthetic, accessible,fast and deep combat system and a solid sense of humor.

The team were ass hats to Devil May Cry fans? How? I mean if there was a hard edge to them surely that's understandable when you're told to revamp a character by your bosses a...

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Makes sense. The original God of War formula has run its course in the gaming market for now, and updating the narrative to a more "The Last of US" seems a given. Thanks to the over-the-shoulder camera, it pretty much forces any combat to be slowed down. You can see the little tricks they've used to save time and money, as most of the game I've seen takes place in an easily rendered and generated natural setting--because architecture takes time and money to produce.

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There are a few possibilities but my mind goes to either a copyright dispute over the music in Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, or they're planning on selling the missing games as DLC later.

I say music because Micheal Jackson worked on the music for Sonic 3, and when the first Sega collection for the Ps3 and Xbox 360 launched he was still alive and probably gave permission. Now that he's gone the current rights holders may have said "No".

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My biggest concern with fighters these days is the catch 22 of early adoption verses waiting. If you get a game at launch to be competitive you'll easily spend $20-$40 extra on DLC characters. If you wait for something like an "ultimate" release, you risk there not being a community there to play the game with, and the established players will easily drive later adopters out thanks to the huge skill gap. I feel this is especially true of niche titles like Dissidia. It's le...

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There's something about giving people compensation in the form of your own creative currency which feels genuinely insincere. An apology should be an act of dignified humility, and that doesn't come across with "here's some money you can do nothing with--other than give right back to us."

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The question would then become "Who does Disney give the license to?" Disney wants tie in products to promote their brand at very little cost to themselves. They want a publisher who will not only pay for full development on a ridiculous time crunch, but pay for all advertising and tie-ins, as well. There are not many publishers who can do this, and all of them are pushing "Live-Services" over traditional gaming experiences. I know there are developers who would knock a...

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The list of characters was data mined early near the game's release. The list was Bardok, Broly, Normal Goku, Normal Vegeta, SSJVegeto, Zamasu, Cooler, and Andriod 17. With the confirmation of Bardok and Broly I think it's fair to say it's just a matter of waiting the whole year till all the characters come out.

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That's just it isn't it? I mean how on earth after the issues with Battlefront 2, Need for Speed, Fifa, UFC and more--how can anyone ever get excited over an EA project ever again? I'm honestly convinced the "delay" of the game was to redo the microtransaction system because there was a good chance it was completely tied to the progression system.

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I don't understand the issue. It was a court order to retrieve information from someone under investigation by the FBI, and a court deemed the search did not violate the 4th amendment. In fact I think Sony has this sort of thing in their TOS stating they HAVE to comply with government agencies in specific cases. Most companies do. This headline is hyperbole, and the article makes it sound like Sony is the only company giving info to authorities. Yes, Sony logs messages..and so does Mi...

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I feel this is a bit of an unfair comment. During the life of the first Destiny game, Bungie had shown signs of getting things right with their content and expansions, according to the community. In spite of a rocky start for the game, they ended reasonably strong coming into Destiny 2. Even though the launch was lack luster the game still reviewed highly, and it was only with the release of the new expansion when things started to snowball. News about Bungie throttling experience, lockin...

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It will be interesting to see if and how they evolve the "one-hit KO" formula from previous iterations such as Boshido and Dive Kick. Not sure about the name, though.

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"Releasing a fighting game without an Arcade Mode or Story Mode..." Correction: Street Fighter V did launch with a Story Mode. This comment implies it launch with neither when only the arcade mode was absent. I don't mind opinions but let's not spread misinformation especially when a simple online search can check most facts.

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"it's so clunky on PS2 that it's not worth playing." Really? Perhaps you could then tell me how the game became such the beloved classic it was on the PS2 if it wasn't even worth playing.

Also: They messed with the controls and flow of this game? Did they not realize you were meant to feel clunky and helpless? You're not Dante from Devil May Cry in a fast paced action extravaganza. You're the Wanderer: a scared,weak and frail kid who must d...

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There is something that's getting to me about the "hero". Rather than build the subject and then render the clothes on top of the form, they decided to build the new model with the pants and the sleeves "stuck" to him most likely to reduce calculations. The problem with this is the Ps4 version the character communicates less movement as the old model's clothes would sway and be blown about to help the character feel more a part of the action and alive. They chos...

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"It's just cosmetic" is not a valid defense of these practice after the issues with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 EA. We can see very clearly in said example gameplay is purposely made more grind heavy to incentivize the purchase of said lootboxes. Activision even filed a patent on a matchmaking formula which put characters without certain items with those who do in order to help entice. In an online game it's incredibly important a player express themselves and they do this t...

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I agree all the games on this list deserve conversation including the absent Breath of the Wilds, but I still feel the headline is used specifically for the reaction sighted in the opening paragraph. The correct title should have been "Glaring issues in 2017's most popular games which need to be discussed."

I do agree with the sentiment even well developed games should be discussed and examined rather than their issues forgiven and ignored.

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Not to be devil's advocate but coming up with a handful of high profile games one can assume are still far away from completion and forming an opinion one way or the other in the form of a paragraph some would hardly call "effort". Honestly, I've seen more effort put into some responses on this website than some of the articles they were commenting on.

Secondly, the only reason to put a "slideshow" style article is to get multiple page refreshes...

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Disagree. Cards from packs can be bought in singles, sold, and traded. "But CCG's..." is not an argument. Cosmetics should be included in the discussion as they possesses far more intrinsic value for players, and given Activision filed a patent revolving around them it shows enough clear evidence they should be part of the discussion. Lootboxes are also a measure of pure greed as proven by EA in a letter to their shareholders stating the removal of the lootbox microtransactio...

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