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I'm not sure this is a case of the company "snitching" to the American government about names they select. It's either a case of mandated compliance with policy or the free authority of the American Government to check and hold data as it enters/leaves the country. Often servers are kept overseas (such as google) and the U.S government has full authority under the current law to check and hold whatever info they so choose.

Even if this person was someone wis... #19
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I believe the term IGN should be using is "aesthetics" not "graphics". Graphics are computations, shaders, poly-counts, etc. Aesthetics are the overall design and how all elements of design intermingle and enhance each other to create something unique. In games it's not just visual and audio, but mechanical as well.

The games seen in the video have distinct aesthetics--not graphics. The fact IGN can't seem to understand the difference shows n... #6
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I know this is a late reply, but perhaps I can shed some light on this.

It's common practice in Japan to assign whole teams entirely made from fresh out of school designers and programmers to work on big name franchises such as Gundam and Godzilla.

They do this because they know the game will sell on the name alone--meaning the rookie developers can have a high selling game on their resume with their first game.

I wouldn't call it a cas... #2.5.1
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While he can no longer work with the MGS liscense, I feel the next title we will see from him will be in the same vein of stealth.

Many of the big name in Japanese game development when they go independent move toward refining a concept over simply trying something wildly different.

Koji Igarashi director of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is creating Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Hironobu Sakaguchi creator of Final Fantasy produced s... #4.1
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Unfortunately, I'm a purist when it comes to remakes and feel any sort of added content should expand on already existing elements from the original source material--which leaves Genesis out in the cold. Since this is a multi-part remake, it's also easy to speculate there will be entire chunk of game dedicated to him.

Instead, rather than shoe-horning him into the original main plot, I'd rather see the expand upon the world itself and the characters from the or... #4
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I'm not a fan of the idea of Episodes either. Yet I'm not sure Square has a choice financially.

This game in its entirety could take 7-8 years to create, and SquareEnix knows how people respond to games which take that long. (Final Fantasy 15)

The project would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and the time it would take might have even stretch it into the next console cycle. Even once it was done, it would be a huge loss to SquareEnix to sell... #27.2
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There's no way SquareEnix would release a 3 blu-ray disc game for $60. They also know people wouldn't buy a game priced higher than $60.

This is an odd trap of technological demand making the development very expensive, yet not being able to charge more than $60 a pop.

What choice do they have other than splitting things up and selling them? #26.1.1
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In the end it financially makes more sense for them to give this game the Hobbit treatment. Games today are incredibly expensive to make thanks to the demand of high fidelity graphics. It makes more sense financially to sell the game in chunks, and given the level of fidelity I'd say full price $60 chunks.

Like the Hobbit release, you'll most likely see things changed, altered, and added to create 3 act structure "complete" games.

It d... #1.5.1
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I agree with you. The key to good exploration is the idea of the unknown, and it's hard to feel you're discovering something special when there are repetitious dots all over.

I also think it highlights a huge problem of "fluff" we are seeing in open world games. Terribly unenjoyable quests and other activities simply designed to pad out the play time and have the golden selling point of 40+ hours of game play. I do hope Horizon will no fall into the same... #1.5.2
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Again your method of thinking could be taken and applied directly to gaming past. For instance the Atari era which saw the gaming market crash because of shovel-ware and poor design.

Fast forward to the height of the Xbox, GameCube, and PS2 popularity--shovel ware and poor design were again an issue, but because the console audience had, more or less, grown up with gaming so quality was praised while shoddiness was punished.

Now shovel-ware has found a new... #19.1.1
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"You shouldn't take them seriously." I remember a time when people were saying such things about all gaming. Mobile is just another platform, and its real issue is being the newest one.

The majority of those playing on mobile are not normally those who play games, and are not as well educated in gaming culture as console or PC players. The result is an increase of shovel-ware as parents and customers are falling into the same traps parents used to from the 90... #19
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I would say unless you see the Level 5 Logo in an official trailer from Square themselves, I would take info with a grain of salt. I want it to be level 5 as much as the next person, but I'd rather have true confirmation. #17.1.2
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Level 5 is not developing the Ps4 version. A studio named Orca is contributing. At the end of the video above, there is no copyright for Level 5 for Dragon Quest XI. #1.1.14
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Except Dragon Quest XI isn't being developed by Level 5. Look at the end of the video above. There is the copyright at the bottom, and Level-5 isn't present. If there is hard confirmation Level 5 is involved, please share. =) Dragon Quest VIII was one of my favorite games on PS2 and Level 5 did an amazing job, so I would also like them to be involved with this one.

Edit: Seems like a studio known as Orca will be helping develop the title on PS4. #17.1
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I honestly disagree with nearly all of the points listed by IGN.

1. New Localization. This is a given. 20 years ago it was common place to lose things in translation, but these days there's no excuse for a company like SquareEnix to botch it. Strong script? I'd say correctly translating the original game correctly would suffice.

2. Full Voice Cast. I disagree. Part of the charm of the old style JRPG's was you could create the voices by read... #7
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A child could tell this game is going to look the part of a AAA game. The real concerns rest in the stagnant creativity of the developer and the sheer greed of the publisher. The identity of the franchise has been stripped clean to make way for the washed out, over done formula of the modern FPS. The game will be Battlefield 4 painted Star Wars--it will be bare-bones featureless, potentially riddled with bugs, and contain an extensive DLC system which pollutes and segregates the player bas... #1.2.3
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This news is rather upsetting. I have to admit I was not planning on supporting this title due to EA's involvement, but I was hoping for the development of a true Battlefront game for those who have waited for so long. Now it seems what they will be getting is yet another Battlefield 4 re-skin with formulaic methods and riding the legacy for the Battlefront franchise. Oh, and expect an extensive DLC plan and a $120 version similar to Hardline.

The only reason this... #8
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The term "cis" is short for "cisgender" or those who feel their gender matched the sex they were born with i.e the opposite of transgender. "Cis" has nothing to do with homo, or heterosexuality. So do please research and understand a term before just reciting a word you read on tumblr.

Also roughly about 10-14% of the USA population is homosexual. 6-8% is bisexual and there are emerging pan-sexual and asexual demographics as well. Given tho... #4.1.1
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It's rather unfair to label Evolved as "poorly made" given time and cost restrictions of creating a multi-platform AAA title. You're comparing it to two games which are developed from the ground up for a single system with the same time and cost restrictions as those of a game being developed for two.

It's like a situation with two painters: The first painter needs to create two paintings(one in oil one in acrylics) for two different buildings which h... #9.2
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As far as I'm aware, it's 2K that sets the price of the DLC, not the development team in this instance.

It really bothers me when individuals online constantly underestimate the cost and resources required to create AAA quality games. While it is true some publishers do seek to nickle-n-dime, I don't think this is the case with Evolve. According to a development team member, it takes 11 months to make a Monster and integrate it compl... #1.6.2
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