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There was an article on the front page earlier sort of explaining the details of what happened between Disney and EA. Apparently Disney gave free reign to EA to monetize the license as they saw fit (the lootboxes and microtransactions). However, due to the backlash in the media and pending an investigation into lootboxes as gambling marketed toward children by a select few groups, Disney threatened to terminate the exclusive deal with EA unless things changed.

Which says ...

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With those character designs? Tech not withstanding, Nintendo would give a hard nope in a heart beat. I mean Blade and Soul character designs make Bayonetta look Disney levels of modest.

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Out of curiosity, why couldn't you write more about the specific games?

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Well I certainly disagree with most all of the authors observations. The game is clever in design only with how well it hides the seams of its production as every little quirk the game possesses is a simply designed method to pad the running length of the title and cut the development cost.

The questions Neir: Automata asks fall flat in the face of insufficient exploration of the themes. It's nothing to ask a question--you have to explore the concept. Many of the gam...

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For the life of me I will never understand the appeal of Nier: Automata and its appearance on any sort of top list. It's like the emperor's new clothes--people are raving about it being amazing and brilliant because they don't want to seem like a fool, when in reality there's nothing to the game at all.

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In terms of a fan-service secret boss from Final Fantasy, I'm not really sure who else they could include. By Nomura's own rule, he only includes characters he himself has worked on. The only reason ViVi was in KH2 was due to a fan vote in Famatsu I believe.

Sephiroth was a Soldier before going mad, and it makes sense he as a combatant would fit into Kingdom Hearts. Who else in Nomura's portfolio could possibly fit the slot? Ultimicia? No, she was barely in...

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Genuinely a poor list. When I read a title like "Worst Male Character Designs.." I expect the author to have some grasp of artistic methods, aesthetics, and knowledge--but here all we get is a few sentences which add up to "dun like the character because they look angsty".

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Thanks to Blizzards' launcher, they know to the number how many of their users are using XP and Vista. Simply by updating the software to check for a specific OS they can do a "Window's 7 or higher" requirement. Chances are a very very small percentage of users will be affected by this change.

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Thank you! I thought I was the only one who felt there was an uncanny similarity.

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As IP holders, Marvel has the power to include the X-men and Fantastic Four franchises into Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite as we speak. Trouble is, to Marvel, this isn't a game for fans--it's a $60 advertisement tie-in for Marvel's cinematic universe. As such, they do not want to include characters from franchises they can not produce films for because to them it would be free advertising for the current film right holders, Fox.

We will see DLC characters, but the...

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The disconnection of skill points and level only tells me one thing--the player level is an arbitrary gating system for the player to lock them out of content until they grind a certain amount. Further I don't feel allowing the player to eventually unlock all skill points solves the creative problem of players being unsure of what skills they want early game. You could easily solve it by allowing the player to refund and reassign up to the first (X) amount of points where is (X) is the...

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A trick question--Konami never really had love or respect for Metal Gear. Even going back to the original game, Konami ported it to the Nintendo without Kojima or his team's involvement leading to a rather poor product with a great deal of shoddy changes. This would set the tone for Konami's attitude toward Kojima and his titles.

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"Ancient Egypt". You might be disappointed, mate. The game is set at 49 B.C.E with Cleopatra just 19 years before the mighty Roman Empire conquers the territory in 30 B.C.E. In fact, she was the last Pharaoh the territory would ever see. Heck the last Pyramid ever constructed was 700 years before these events. So saying you can explore Ancient Egypt in this game is like saying "I can't wait to play a game about the new world" and the game taking place in 1760--kind...

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By definition yes, but I've always found hentai to be the broad umbrella term which includes ecchi.

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Except genre's are not defined by their combat systems. Genre's are and should be defined by the users root desire of interacting with the game in the first place. Final Fantasy is a JRPG--mean what draws you isn't the combat (we have JPRG's which don't use turned based combat such as Star Ocean and Kingdom Hearts) it's the strongly structured narrative and highly defined characters. Final Fantasy XV didn't fail because of it's co...

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I disagree with the implication it's only the battle system which makes a true Final Fantasy. Menu based combat and active combat are simply tools and can honestly be changed to any other as a means to an end. Granted their are advantages and disadvantages to each, but that's another debate entirely.

To suggest a Final Fantasy rests solely in it's combat is to snub all other aspects which make each Final Fantasy great in their own right and as a franchise.

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It seems with this series one of the main draws for the title is the hentai tradition, I guess the closest term English has is "fan service"--only mostly geared to a male audience. If it's the core draw of your title, meaning people buy the game because of the fan service, then altering the game to suit different regions won't be of any benefit. I mean current fans in different regions will be upset the game was changed, and those who were critical before will just further...

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Of course I know what art is--I have a degree in the subject and am well versed in Art History. My issue isn't with people making the games. People will create as they do like any other art--that's not the point.

What I am getting at are those who seek to defend their preferred content by saying "it's just a game" and then contradicting it with "Artist should be aloud to do whatever." To say "it's just a game" is to relegate...

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I do disagree the market being saturated with shooters. Compared to last gen, there are hardly any shooters being released. The trouble is more the market being cornered on shooters. You have Overwatch which has the market locked down on champion based shooters to the point where it's already pushed out other titles Then you have Call of Duty which corners the AAA twitch based shooter market, and then there's Counter Strike for PC e-sports.

The market isn't...

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I'm not really sure you can use Disney as the simile unless there was a bit of soap-boxing on Disney's behalf--say they came out in favor of Communism or something. Still I find the language used interesting here. Disney the harsh, over workers and the poor poor people making the films and behold--the ends justify the means. Interesting to lead into a story about someone you seemingly share views with.

Let's say instead Anita Sarkeesian was making a game--an...

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