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Humanity is already telling stories with better than CG graphics for a long time now--they are called live-action films. Why are they not allowing elements of gameplay tell the story.

Also troubling in the interview are the staggering amount of QTE's he's eluded to. I don't care how well placed they are. They are still doing things like melee based cut-scenes, opening doors, specific powers. Shouldn't we be coming up with methods to engage the player furth... #7
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Unfortunately, you have the advantage on this forum since I am limited in the number of comments I can respond with.

Despite your narrow views, there are people being denied their rights and freedoms because they are homosexual--this is the reality. Why? Because society has a very bleak view of homosexuality due to generation upon generation of social stigma.

In this case, it's apt people are questioning a gaming company's decision to not include ho... #7.7
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Unfortunately, I feel Nintendo's mind set is that of a toy company--that games are not art and incapable of exploring mature topics like homosexuality. Simply making the option available is a huge stigma to them.

They aren't the only ones who feel this way--queue stereotype after stereotype, but I hope gaming does grow up a bit more in the future. #4.3
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There are a few characters in the Persona series who are homosexual and their homosexuality is explored and shown in a very mature light. There is a specific grey haired young man example but I'm blanking on the game and character name.

There is also a transgendered female in the series, and again, it's handled maturely. #3.1.1
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Indeed and don't you think that's strange? That the industry will choose a white male protagonist simply because they feel the others won't be accepted?

I'm agreeing the end decision is theirs, but it would be nice to see to someone extend a hand out and say "yeah, this is okay."

Abosolutely. Tell me when you chose to be heterosexual?

I understand tha... #2.1.6
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I disagree strongly with you. Many people care about the equal representation and appreciation of all races, sexes, and sexualities in games--you are the one that doesn't care.

You use the term "interest group" in a very negative tone--as if to say they just want money, power, and to have everyone pay attention to them. This is an incorrect perspective.

Why don't they make their own games? Absolutely. If the world thinks so poorly of ho... #7.4
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Being homosexual is not a lifestyle choice--it is simply who they are. Why shouldn't homosexuals, as human beings, be able to express themselves as completely in games as heterosexuals?

If Nintendo is giving the option to form relationships in the game, why not simply include the option for same-sex relationships? It certainly wouldn't be difficult to incorporate into the game, and it doesn't exclude heterosexual players or deprive them of anything. #2.1
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The answer you've given is out of context in a very anti-female slanted manner.

Her answer quoted in your post is the result of the statement of the interviewer: "It seems like from a sponsorship standpoint that there would be a lot of opportunities for a female video game team to hit a demographic that currently is being ignored in eSports."

Remember it's okay in current culture for males to play video games and their sex is never brought... #4.1
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"Do you feel like we would see a separate league for females like we do for the WNBA or do you feel like that at some point an all-girl team will emerge? "

"...we've all wanted one and said we should do that...but so many girls are like 'I don't want to play in an all female league..."

Good on these women who do not want an all female league. Segregation of the sexes in competitive gaming means stigmas will continue for these... #5
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It's difficult for a game company to release products in Europe due to widely differentiating censorship laws. Yes, you can watch the show but video games are treated to a different standard than TV or film--for now.

They maybe allow the Europe PC version due to the fact the game will be distributed through Steam with no option for physical copy. Steam requires a bank account or credit card, I believe, two things minors have a tough time acquiring. However, because the... #1.1
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I would agree—if TotalBiscuit was performing critiques on these games. These are not critiques, however, they are reviews. I understand he constantly reiterates they are not reviews calling them “first impressions”, yet I'm sure data exists showing his videos greatly influence the purchasing decisions of his viewers. If you're creating a video directly affecting consumer awareness about a product based exclusively on if the game works technically on the PC and opinion—it is a revi... #3.1
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I understand all the mechanics I've mentioned are favorable as they've all seen success in their respective areas. The issue I have is one of creation. As an artist I enjoy new takes on ideas and experimentation in practice. The selection of the mechanics, to me, is evidence of lack of effort on the developers part. Taking a well established franchise, like Lord of the Rings, and matching it with well established and successful mechanics screams executive decision rather than arti... #2.1.1
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I've mentioned this before, but I do not like when video game companies partner with fast food chains or “junk food” products of any type. Obesity is a serious issue in the first world, especially childhood obesity, and the last thing you need is to team a sit down activity like video games with fast food. You do have to examine the ethics of the practice—all video game makers should. What is profitable isn't always the right decision. #12
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After having a look at the gameplay video, this title borrows heavily from Assassin's Creed and the Batman: Arkham games.

The story of the main character has already been set up as cliché—I was someone then the bad-guys destroyed everything and now I'm out for revenge. For some reason he didn't die but he's a wraith now, which is right up there with the “should have died, but are now all powerful super hero,” motif. The hero is your typical long haire... #2
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I can't speak for Yi-Long, but I can speak for myself.

I enjoy the original language and voices on all of the medium I enjoy. In the case of video games, it has to do with hearing the original audio as the original director had intended. You can hear all the characterizations, passions, and work of the original actors. When you dub a piece, you're hiring a 3rd party to intemperate the original work and imply the original contexts. No mat... #1.1.16
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I'm not sure how fast Xenomorphs actually move but this one seemed a little slow to me. Perhaps it would benefit from more non-human looking movement animations to add more atmosphere. This would even be a good time to show how Xenomorphs investigate, react to stress, even problem solve. Possibly the player even starting to learn how it thinks to help avoid it or use traps etc. So much potential here.

The only thing worrying me as of the gameplay was a part where yo... #13
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Counter argument:

A) Males are the target audience in the industry because it is male dominated. Game makers will make games that appeal to men because, at a time, only men were buying the games. The landscape has thankfully changed into a more diverse area which is very healthy for any industry. The idea of “for men” and “for women” is an archaic idea which has no business in the modern world. Art is not for one sex to enjoy because they were lucky enough to be born with d... #1.3
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You might have overlooked the fact Deep Down is a Japanese developed game. The Japanese market already have very successful models already in place for many of their free to play games. This successful model might not sit well with Western players, however.

If you scroll up to my previous comment you'll get a pretty good idea of what you and other western players might be in store for. #6.1.1
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I haven't been able to trust Capcom for a long while—let alone with a free to play model. Although we don't have details, I have a pretty good idea this game will be similar to other online based free to play games in Japan.

Players will be given an allowance per-day of how many dungeons they can go into. The allowance will either recharge 1 after a few hours or a full reset at a given time. Players will have the option to buy more credits to go into dungeons with... #1.12
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I'm not buying the reasoning here.

Call me cynical, but I fear the reason for the delay was to bolster their Q1 performance for 2014 having already met their fiscal goals for Q4 and 2013. The delay would also ensure a greater saturation rate for the next-gen consoles and optimize profits on those machines. #4
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