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1. So you're telling me the game is even more like Dark Souls than I originally thought. That doesn't stop things from being tired and cliche. If From Software has finished with the Dark Souls games for the time being it makes sense Namco Bandai would fill the void with something painfully similar.

2. Okay I'll clarify. My frustration at hearing of a "buddy" system is more stemming from the idea the buddy will always be with you, not just an opt...

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"Although Revenants possess supernatural powers, it came at the price of losing the majority of their memory." Oh goodie. Yet another RPG where the main characters have amnesia and have to discover their past and the world around them. Joy.

"When low on blood, a Revenant’s humanity will decay, and since that would result in them turning into a monster called a “Lost,” they must continue to suck up blood." -- So vampires. Though I have the sneaking suspi...

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When steam implemented their identical policy, Steam was a place where you could literally upload anything as a game to be sold to consumers. The place was a toxic pit of the abyss where for every solid game you found there were hundreds of "games" which were asset flips, memes, and MSpaint showcases. Steam needs a 2 hour policy to give some measure of protection in a market place where anyone can post anything.

Xbox Live market p...

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That's because far too many confused quality with length. AAA publishers have far less to lose because they have the resources available to them to create 10 hour plus experiences to trap the buyer into not giving the refund. AAA publisher are also protected via physical distribution as most games are released in digital and physical form by them.

Small developers have advantages? Are you kidding? AAA games have huge budgets, teams of dozens or hundreds, an advertisin...

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I would hope if Sony did implement a service such as this, they would create one which benefited games and developers rather than AAA publishers. People may think a two hour refund policy is very good for consumers--this tune will change a year or so from now when developers are forced to work around it in various intrusive ways which harm the creative process and the games rather than help them.

If Sony does this right they can easily create more good will for develop...

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I do agree with the Chinese Room on this. A game's refund should be based on the percentage played rather than 2 hours. Most modern AAA games today pad themselves so thickly you really don't get into the heart of game play (or even past the tutorial in most cases) until way past the 2 hour mark. There are quite a few issues I personally have with what Microsoft is doing.

One--It introduces a frame work and enforces the idea of a game's value being directly pr...

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5 - No. Just No. I'm tired of 3D models with 2D game play. There's no sodding reason for it. Just look at the last 3D modeled fighters from SNK. KOF 14 models are terrible looking compared to the sprite versions just a game prior. Let's not also forget the Soul Caliber knock-off that was the previous Samurai Spirits game. People are expecting Guilty Gear Xrd models or Namco style models are going to be very upset when they see plastic looking monstrosities which look worse t...

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How else would you define a game with poor camera, poor level design to the point of players constantly having to backtrack with poorly explained padding and unsolvable at the moment puzzles, bad sound design, unlikable characters, humorless jokes, pathetic A.I, and overall unsatisfying gameplay which keeps all the problems of a 90's platformer with zero improvements? Would you honestly call it an average game? A below average game? Or would you cut the patronizing B.S and just call it...

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Wait a second. A single tweet: "Received (game) and (collectors edition) Thank you." Means he's a fan? Do they consider everyone who bought the game a fan? Is everyone who saw the Phantom Menace now a fan of the film? Doesn't even imply he bought it--more like it was sent to him.

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These ports for the Ps4 share not only glitches which have existed since the NA version of the KH2, but all the issues from the Ps3 are present. Combined with new issues caused from the increase to 60fps due to poor coding and no play testing.

A week ago, a patch was released which fixed some 60fps related issues such as the Saix and Vexen fights which were broken. "Quick Run" ability was also fixed. However, numerous issues remain such as a glitch in the Xemna...

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Gameplay holds up extremely well and, if you play them in order of release, gets tighter and more fluid with each iteration save for Chain of Memories.

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The game we all played had zero in common with the various abandoned versions of the game developed previously. The game's single player itself was developed over a two year period (Starting in around 2008-2009) from scratch by Piranha Games using no existing assets from previous attempts. This information can be found in Duke Nuke'm Forever in the extra's section.

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Your older brother and you share a birthday. Your mother stated each of you will be getting a video game. The first present is opened and you discover your brother received the brand new Doom (2016) for the PC. When you rip into the wrapper you discover you have a brand new copy of Daikatana. "No pouting," says your mother, "It was fair. You both got video games, so no complaining."

Now in these sorts of articles all I see are comments from the bi...

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I've had the same thought a few months back while I was watching my friend play League of Legends. Not counting skins, which are expensive in their own right of often $15+, just to unlock all the champions at the time would cost around $900. I never did calculate how long it would take to unlock via in game currency, but I'm sure 2.5 years or 21,900 hours played isn't an unreasonable estimate. LoL is a free to play game but there isn't a single person I know of who plays the...

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I haven't played it but being a Ubisoft game I'm going to assume you play as the reach of a world power sent to foreign lands to kill a lot of people of color with accents. How'd I do?

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Of course it raises questions--it's a trailer. That's what trailers do. It's designed to get you interested and talking about it. It's sewing the seeds of hype culture so when this game does drop consumers themselves are frothing at the mouth, loyal auto-buyers dismissing reasonable criticism with chants of "click bait" and "haters".

"Is Mario's hate sentient?" Of course it is. Much like Mario Sunshine there has to be ...

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-Sigh- I'm aware the developers amalgamated the tropes of the open world genre in an attempt to make the game feel fresh. This is dressing up a trope, however. If you dress up a trope--it's still the same trope. If you put a sexy new outfit on your Ex--it's still your EX and it has all the same tired behaviors of your Ex. It's not "borrowing" at this point--it's formula. Most people are okay with doing the same tired things game after game. I am not. ...

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Capcom has had the habit of trying to make their games as cheaply as possible. To this end, they tend to take existing assets over creating new ones. Most if not all of the returning cast for this title will be models lifted straight from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Even Mega Man X is simply Zero's Mega Man skin from UMVC3.

This worked in the older games like MVC2 because the character designs where the same as the comics and the arcade games people already loved....

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From what I understand, brick and mortar stores such as Amazon, GameStop, Wallmart, etc have a vice grip on companies like Sony forcing them to keep their digital prices competitive with physical copies. Most sales for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are done through these brick and mortar stores, and when you have another company say "Keep your alternate distribution priced the same or we won't stock your product anymore," there's nothing much you can say.

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Heavily airbrushed, photoshopped, professionally photographed using high end equipment with perfect lighting sort of real people, but real people none the less!

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